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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Quick Pick: Tesco Skin Wisdom Day Spa Wash & Scrub

I picked this sleek blue tube up at the same time as I acquired my cinnamon and fig bath and shower gel from the same range.  I do love a body wash with scrubby bits included - I'm a lazy girl at heart and anything which does two things at once (and does them both well, mind) gets my vote.

This is supposedly scented with vanilla and neroli, but when I first used it, I was totally surprised by the scent.  It's not overpoweringly vanilla-y, not synthetic at all, but subtle, light and fresh - the opposite of what I thought it would be.  The scent doesn't linger on the skin, and is only barely detectable in the foam.

I use this alongside a bath puff, which gives me double exfoliation, from both the bath puff and the scrubby bits in this wash.  There isn't a particularly high concentration of scrubby bits included in the wash - enough to give you a little abrasion, but don't expect anything near the experience you'd get from a proper scrub.  That said, it's gentle enough to use every day, and leaves the skin feeling clean, soft, and thoroughly refreshed.

I will definitely repurchase this product - at just £3.99, it's a lovely shower gel with an added scrubby bonus. Works for me.  Find it exclusively at Tesco.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Review: Skin Wisdom Warm Cinnamon & Fig Heavenly Shower & Bath Gel

I get through rather a lot of bath and shower gel - mostly because I love a bath with mountains of bubbles.  I picked up this bottle of Skin Wisdom Day Spa bath and shower gel on a recent trip to Tesco.  Part of a new Day Spa range from the popular Skin Wisdom line, I was drawn to the rich purple/blue bottle and the appeal of cinnamon and fig as a scent.

Admittedly, this might be more of a winter scent than a summer one - it's warm, comforting, and perfect for adding to hot, bone-warming, skin-tingling baths and showers.  The scent is initially quite strong as it's poured into the bath, but it does dissipate rather quickly, leaving the bathroom slightly scented but in no way overpoweringly so.  As a shower gel, it retains the scent as you wash, but doesn't linger on the skin.

Whilst it is indeed a good shower gel, I think it's real strength is as a bubble bath.  A decent squirt produces masses and masses of bubbles, and also makes the bath water super silky.  The bubbles last very well, and my skin feels both clean and soft when I emerge.

At just £4 a bottle, this shower and bath gel is a reasonably priced treat that you can pick up along with your groceries - I'll definitely be trying more from the range.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Diego Dalla Palma Snow White and the Huntsman palette

A move tie-in palette? A movie tie-in palette featuring fairytales? It's a proven formula, and it's one that Diego Dalla Palma has embraced with this Snow White and the Huntsmen palette, out now at Tesco costing £25.

OK, it's not as ornate or mushroom-laden as Urban Decay's Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows, but they're there, kind of (on the press release). And given that I love all kinds of fungi (yes really), I was instantly off on a good foot with this palette after seeing this artwork on the printed mailer accompanying it:

The film-of-the-palette is a fantasy-epic in which Snow White (Kristen Stewart) puts the Wicked Queen (Charlize Theron)'s nose out of joint by threatening to surpass her beauty. The White Queen sends a huntsman to track her down, but Stewart won't go down without a fight, and... you can probably guess the rest. The film celebrates Universal Films' 100th birthday, hence the timeless fairytale theme. It's also made by the producers of the Alice In Wonderland movie that spawned the Urban Decay palette, interestingly enough.

Colourwise, the palette provides everything needed for a warm neutral eye with a bright red lip - definitely a Snow White sort of look. There are 6 shadows - 3 mattes and 3 shimmers, running from bone to chocolate left to right across the palette. There's also a black eye kohl pencil and a bright red lipstick.

L-R Snow, Shield, Mirror Mirror

L-R Fairest, Destiny, Battleground

They're moderately pigmented and quite smooth to blend. There's no "wow" shade, although Mirror Mirror looks stunning when built up into a smokey eye. The shades are really beginner-friendly, so this would be a good palette for someone starting out with eye makeup who wanted a few basic colours to use as a sandbox.

The shadows are presented in generously-sized pans sunk into the palette's cardboard fascia. There are no pull-out drawers or hidden compartments. The lipstick and eye pencil sit in wells in the cardboard. Thanks to the palette's thoughtful designer, there's a red ribbon to pull which lifts the lipstick out of the well, and a half-inch of free play in the eye pencil well, enough room to get a fingertip in for leverage.

I wonder what kind of people design makeup palettes. Wouldn't that be a great job?

The lipstick itself is a semi-translucent cool red that's definitely not a beginner-friendly shade. As you can see in the swatch above, the colour is buildable, but even a single light swipe creates what might be called a "statement lip". The texture is waxy and quite stiff - you'd definitely need a balm underneath it, although being quite "sticky" means it wears well and doesn't slide off the centre of the lips easily.

The lipstick packaging is gorgeous - the mid-weight white tube is slightly flared at either end, and the interior casing is matte black, creating a lovely contrast with the red bullet and shiny white outer. The twist-up movement is smooth and feels well-constructed.

The kohl pencil doesn't stand out a mile from any others I've tried. It's a matte black, applies smoothly and would be soft and pigmented enough for waterline use. It's not waterproof though, so would need re-touching during the day/night. Diego Dalla Palma does make a waterproof eye pencil, so if you found yourself loving the brand and the palette, you could easily trade it for the waterproof version (£14).

Here's a quick FOTD using colours from the palette:

Finally, here are the two lead actresses as they appear in their roles.

It would be perfect if there were a second palette reflecting Charlize Theron's character - blues and iridescent shimmers and things. Maybe with a mascara instead of the lipstick.

The £ for £ value is staggering - a full size Diego Dalla Palma lipstick alone retails at £14, and Tesco estimates the full value of this palette at £105 - so for £25, it's an excellent way to "meet the brand".

The film is out on 1 June. I won't be going - Kristen Stewart drives me nuts. I'd much prefer the stunning Charlize Theron to win out.

Snow White and the Huntsmen palette by Diego Dalla Palma, £25 at Tesco Direct

Disclosure - PR sample

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Lip of the Day: Diego Dalla Palma Classic Lipstick in #2 Rosetta

Diego Dalla Palma is a new kid on the makeup block in the UK, despite being a well established brand with a great professional reputation in Italy.   Their prices are in line with high end department store ranges such as MAC, with a lipstick costing £14.  Strangely, the brand has launched initially into Tesco, as part of their new beauty hall offering, which promises a more department store like experience inside Tesco stores.  It's also available as part of Tesco Direct, meaning that you can order the products in to your local store (and hide them amongst the carrots on the way home).

Anyway, on to the Classic Lipstick.  The texture is pretty classic - it's a heavy, almost waxy lipstick which carries full opacity pigment.  It stays put on the lips for quite a while, but like many heavy textured lipsticks, it does dry the lips out a little during the wear time.  This colour is a pretty pink, which will appeal to many - although for me, it's a little frostier than I'd usually wear.  The whitish flash in the colour looks awful alongside shiny or shimmery eyeshadows and blushes, but worn with mattes, I can just about take it.  I'd be curious to try one of the more cream finish shades - I tried on a beautiful ruby red at the launch party for the brand, which worked perfectly with the heavy opaque formula.

Diego Dalla Palma Classic lipsticks are £14, and are available via Tesco Direct, or in their beauty hall, if you're fortunate enough to have one nearby.

Disclosure: PR sample

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

First Glimpse: VIVO Cosmetics

If you've taken a stroll down the makeup aisle at your local Tesco lately, you might have spotted the Vivo range sitting unobtrusively in a corner.  Designed by the budget beauty brains behind MUA Cosmetics at Superdrug, Vivo is positioning itself as a sort of reasonably priced MAC.  Not sure how a small, supermarket only brand can really try to align itself to an established brand like MAC, but hey... let's take a look at two of the products.

First up - single eyeshadow in Aqua Marine.  I like the big, flat pan, and I particularly like the embossing, which adds a little bit of detail which goes a long way to stop it from looking overly cheap.  The price point for this product is a staggering £1.50.  Swatched, you can see that there is indeed a decent amount of pigment to be had - and you can also see that much like other cheaper shadows, the pigmentation and finish are achieved with a slightly oily base.  This can make the shadow a bit difficult to apply smoothly - but seriously, if you're going to spend £1.50 on an eyeshadow, you can't expect pigmentation, a pretty finish, and a texture that applies itself.  

I've saved the better product for last, here - this is the Baked Bronze in Sun Kiss (shade 1).  It's a very softly milled, fine powder which swirls easily onto a brush, and doesn't scatter powder all over the place like some baked products can do.  I'm usually fairly terrified of bronzers, being super pale and scared of being orange, but I found that applied with a light hand, this bronzer gives a light glow and a touch of definition without the tangerine factor.  I also like the finish - it's got a tiny amount of sheen to it, but it's much more of a natural glow, making it a very good compromise between matte and sparkly.  At just £5, this is a bit of a bargain bronzer - and it makes me want to peruse the equally pretty looking Baked Blush range next time I go down to Tesco for my weekly shop.

Thus far, I've been impressed with what I've seen of the VIVO range - you get entirely decent pigmentation and a good selection of shades for just a few pounds, and the range doesn't feel super cheap - just functional. Definitely worth considering if you're looking for an easily accessible budget treat.  VIVO Cosmetics are available exclusively at Tesco now.  What do you think?  Spotted these in your local store?  Let us know in the comments!

Disclosure: PR samples

Monday, 20 September 2010

NOTD - Barbara Daly at Tesco Aqua Shimmer

Disclosure - PR sample

Try as I might, I can't capture the stunning indigo-blue-teal duochrome of this polish. It's basically a lot of green-blue shimmer in a dark blue base, with some very subtle blue glitter. It's absolutely lovely. Far nicer than these pictures suggest, as the teal iridescence is much more prominent and eye-catching.

These pictures were taken after 4 days of wear. Apart from the usual tip-shrinkage which is a side effect of my Seche Vite topcoat, the finish is in mint condition. Huge thumbs up there! It applies fairly smoothly and was opaque in 3 coats - not stunning coverage but definitely acceptable, especially for a tiny £3 per 7ml.

Aqua Shimmer is part of the A/W collection from Barbara Daly Makeup. Here's a picture of it with a couple of others from the collection. It's mostly reds and wine shades, with the Aqua Shimmer providing a distinctive off-set. The collection was released on 1st of September, so it's hopefully in Tesco near you now!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Review: Barbara Daly Stay Pout Long Lasting Lipstick

Disclosure: These were PR samples

Barbara Daly at Tesco is one of those makeup ranges which contain a number of products which are cult favourites.  The Goodbye Yellow basecoat has a reputation much bigger than it's tiny price, and I've recently been enjoying some of the new autumnal nail colours.  These new lipsticks, Stay Pout, are long lasting, highly pigmented lipsticks with a satiny finish - and their name is a pun, which makes them doubly as excellent in my mind.

Left to right: Perfect, Diva, In the Pink, Autumn

I really like this type of lipstick - the non-tapered, slanted stick looks sleek, and the large surface area at the tip makes applying a layer of lipstick a breeze.  The formula is relatively creamy, applying smoothly to the lips,  although you'll need two passes to get a fully opaque application.  The four shades all look like they'd work on many skin tones - none of them contain any tricky undertones, in my opinion.

My favourite is probably Perfect, as it's a wearable yet still noticeable nude colour, with a pinkish tinge that prevents the dead-lip look that some nudes can bring.  Autumn is a fairly safe way to try out the brown lip trend that we're all supposed to be sporting this autumn / winter - it's a bronzed, not too scary brown with a touch of pink.

Top row, left to right: Perfect, Autumn
Bottom row, left to right: In the Pink, Diva

As you can see, the finish is creamy, with a pretty sheen.  Whilst the lipsticks go on smoothly, they dry down within a couple of minutes - I'm guessing this drying down is what makes them long lasting - and eventually, after three hours or so, they become quite dry and uncomfortable on the lips.  Applying a little balm underneath helps to keep them more moist, but reduces the long lasting properties a little too.  

For the price - just £5 - these are pretty good lipsticks, with a selection of wearable, pigmented colours, and a pretty finish.  Just don't expect them to last the whole day - reapplying after three or four hours is probably necessary to maintain that smooth finish.  

If you'd like to grab one (or more!) of these for yourself, you'll find them at Tesco stores now, where they will cost you a very reasonable £5 each.  What do you think?  Could you see yourself picking one of these up with the milk?

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

NOTD: Barbara Daly Plum Pudding

Disclosure: Provided as a PR sample

Barbara Daly's Make Up range for Tesco is often a goldmine of great basics which perform well and are very reasonably priced.  The nail polishes are no exception; gorgeous colours, pretty good wear, and a very nice formula.

This shade is part of the limited edition autumn collection, and in normal lighting it's a fairly average deep purple colour, just a few shades darker than a proper Cadbury's Dairy Milk wrapper purple.  Application was easy - the polish is fairly thin and doesn't drag.  I had a few issues with chipping if I didn't use a good topcoat, though, so be warned.

With a flash, you can see what makes this unassuming polish so beautiful: when the light hits it, the low level sparkle really shows up.  It has a pretty glow with mid blue, purple and a touch of red running through it.  Gorgeous.  This is three coats, although I could have skipped the third, as two coats is near enough fully opaque for the non-fussy.

I've worn this three times since being given it as a PR sample two weeks ago, which is saying something, I think!

Available now at Tesco stores, this little gem will set you back £3 for 7ml - a very reasonable price to pay.  I might go grab a backup, as I think I'll be wearing this shade rather a lot this autumn and winter.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Review: Barbara Daly Make-Up Souffle Blush

Continuing my habit of picking up little beauty buys at Tesco, here we have a Barbara Daly for Tesco souffle blush in Rose.

I'll be honest; I've never really understood the whole mousse/souffle makeup texture thing. I didn't buy into the revolutionary Maybelline Dream Mousse foundation thing, partially because they never quite went pale enough for my skin. But I digress. The reason I chose to try this souffle textured blush is mostly because I'm starting to feel like I repeatedly buy the same stuff over and over again, and I wanted to try something different.

I'm quite glad I did, in this case. The souffle texture translates into a little pot of what is essentially a very light and airy cream blush which is incredibly blendable. A couple of dabs applied to the cheeks and patted in gives a very natural and subtle flush, and once it's blended in, you can't feel it sitting on the skin. This is fabulous in my book; I hate cream blushers that leave a greasy residue. This stuff is also easily layerable, and with no sparkle or shimmer in the finish, it's ideal for a natural look, or for when you are wearing a lot of glitter on your eyes.

The only downside, I think, is the size of the pot. On the right, we have the little tiny souffle blush pot sat next to a Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner pot. And it's seriously tiny for a cheek product. Given that the product costs £5, on the surface you're not getting a great deal here, for a high street brand. However, as you need so little of the stuff to get a pretty flush, it should last a long time.

If you'd like to try it for yourself, you can get it at Tesco for around £5 (and they're doing 3 for 2 across a wide range of cosmetics at the moment, so even better).

Monday, 30 November 2009

Review: Tesco Vintage Rose Bath Salts

Despite being a bit of a bathing fantatic (I rarely take showers if I can avoid them - baths are much nicer), I've never used bath salts. I'm not quite sure why. Possibly because I associate them with lavendar scents and old ladies.

While purchasing many boring things at Tesco the other day, I was having a bit of a nose around the bath products section, and happened upon this lovely glass jar full of bath salts and rose petals. It being a mere £3.69 for 500g, I decided to take the plunge. When poured into a running bath, these salts produce an absolutely lovely rose based scent. It's not overly heavy or sweet, nor is it too floral. It actually smells like a rose in bloom, rather than a chemical approximation that goes too far.

Although I didn't notice any benefit to my skin, I did emerge totally relaxed. Not only do you get the lovely scent, but you also get the experience of bathing with rose petals, which is quite luxurious - although unfortunately, this doesn't turn you into Mena Suvari in American Beauty. Just don't do what I did and see a rose petal stuck to your knee, and immediately assume that you've accidentally cut yourself somehow and have a small panic.

All in all, this is a lovely product for a bath experience - no particular effect on the skin, but very relaxing. A good buy for anyone who likes a good long soak, it's available at larger Tesco stores for £3.69 for 500g - and the pretty packaging (which doesn't have Tesco written on it in big letters) would make this an ideal stocking stuffer.
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