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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow in Metallic Dusty Rose

My recent mini-Sephora spree had to include one of these Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish eyeshadows - I've been keeping half an eye on them since they launched, wondering if there was a space in my life for a super metallic eyeshadow, given that I rarely venture anywhere flashier than the pub of an evening.  My first choice colour, a lovely taupey lilac, wasn't available, so I snapped up Metallic Dusty Rose, which is a very silvery pink.

The little cardboard box contains three items - the eyeshadow itself, a tiny vial of liquid, and a mixing tray.  The liquid and the tray help you to mix the eyeshadow into a super-metallic liquid, which you then paint upon your lids.  You can also use the shadow dry, which gives a more sparkly, less metallic effect.

The texture of the eyeshadow itself is weird.  It's not really a solid, nor is it a powder, nor is it a cream.  It's almost like a ton of metallic flakes held together by a teeny tiny amount of jelly.  Pressing your finger onto the surface does cause it to give a little, and a swipe will get you a fingertip covered with little sparkly flakes of shadow.

Left - dry swatch; right - wet swatch
Natural ambient light

Left - dry swatch; right - wet swatch
Direct sunlight
The effects are stunning, provided you're up for a statement eye, and it's hard to describe just how beautifully this product catches the light - I've put a moving swatch on Instagram to help show how it looks in real life.  I've been really enjoying applying a bit of this colour dry on top of taupe eyeshadow for a neutral but sparkling look - I've yet to wear the full on metallic look in anything stronger than a flick of liner.  For applying dry, I'd recommend using a finger, and dabbing very carefully across the lid - it can be hard to get even application otherwise.  Applying wet is best left to a synthetic brush for ultimate smoothness.

I paid $32 for mine at Sephora - whereas over here, the Stila website is selling them for a staggering £33.50.  That's a pretty insane price differential - even adding tax to the US price doesn't bring it anywhere near the UK price.  If you fancy one of these, ask someone to bring you one home from the US rather than indulging here.

Disclosure: Purchased by me in a surprisingly restrained Sephora haul whilst in Seattle.

This post originated at If you're reading it elsewhere, it's been stolen, violating my copyright.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Stila Ruby Grapefruit Lip Glaze

Stila's trademark Lip Glazes are a thing of legend - soft, plush on the lips, super shiny, and with that lovely milky quality.  This one, Ruby Grapefruit, has previously only been available in special edition sets, but is shortly going to be launching alone for a mere £15 - and in Marks and Spencer, no less!  The brand is coming to M&S' ever growing Your Beauty section, bringing with it some super cute exclusive palettes alongside the usual lineup of Convertible Colours and Smudge Pots.  Find Stila in store from April.

Disclosure: PR sample

This post originated at If you're reading it elsewhere, it's been stolen, violating my copyright.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Review: Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer

Stila's Stay All Day foundation promises a flawless finish which lasts (unsurprisingly) all day.  It's a similar proposition to that offered by Estee Lauder's cult favourite, Double Wear foundation, but with this Stila version you get not only a medium-buildable coverage foundation, but also a matching high coverage concealer.

The concealer nestles in a cap which fits over the top of the foundation bottle, making both products portable both separately and together.  The cap also contains a little mirror - not big enough for a full-face foundation application, but certainly big enough to dab concealer under the eyes or onto blemishes.  You also get a foundation brush in the box: it's got a small handle, and the bristles are flexible yet still reasonably firm.  Stila recommend applying foundation using quick, feathery strokes using this brush, but I've found I prefer the finish I get using my fingers - more natural, less heavy.

The absolute strangest thing about the foundation is that the lid contains this oversized scoop thing.  It does help you to get the foundation out of the bottle, but I'm not quite sure why it's so large - it's surely not a measurement device, as the amount of foundation it scoops out of the bottle would be enough to do many, many faces (unless you like the Polyfilla look, that is).

For a long-wearing product, I was surprised at the luminosity in the finish.  It's also pretty natural looking, for something with a thick texture and a medium finish.  As for the longevity, it does indeed last the whole day - I typically apply my makeup at 6.30AM and remove it at 10PM, and my complexion still looks even and fresh.  Impressive stuff.

Find Stila's Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer at BeautyBay, where it costs £29.50 - expensive indeed, but you are getting two products in one, and there's a decent amount of foundation in the bottle.

Disclosure: PR sample

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Review & Swatches: Stila Set & Illuminate Baked Powder Trio

This cute little compact is a new release from Stila for summer 2012.  Set & Illuminate Baked Powder Trio contains "illuminating and light refracting powders" beneath a plastic grinder that helps to dispense fresh powder on demand.

This is a seriously weighty compact - perhaps a little too weighty to be carried around in a handbag every day.  Inside the sleek black packaging, you'll find a reasonably large mirror as well as the powder and grinding mechanism.

There are three shades included - a pale pink to add warmth, champagne for highlighting, and Kitten - Stila's ever popular brightening shade - to add radiance and illumination.

Many illuminating products give a glitterball effect, instead of a soft, barely noticeable glow.  This powder, thankfully, isn't glittery at all - the effect is very subtle, brightening and glowy but in no way sparkly.  The swatch above was pretty heavy and had to be photographed in bright sunlight to even be a little bit visible, so there's very little risk of ending up looking too sparkly with this stuff.

At £24, Set & Illuminate isn't cheap, but nor is it your average radiance product.  If you've looking for a setting powder which gives a genuinely subtle glowy effect, this is well worth a try.  Find it at Stila counters and concessions, and online via their new webstore.

Disclosure: PR sample

Friday, 27 July 2012

Quick Pick: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Aria

One of Stila's latest releases is a range of long lasting liquid lipsticks (four-alliterative-word-combo!) which promise incredible pigmentation which lasts literally all day.  Packaged in a heavy tube and applied with a doe-foot applicator, this stuff really is intensely pigmented - it goes on absolutely opaque in one stroke, for a super-strong shot of colour.  Be very, very wary if you're not a fan of the statement lip.

Aria is one of the more autumnal/wintery shades - it's a deep, rich plum tone which looks very, very vampy indeed.  It applies with a slight sheen, and dries down to an opaque matte finish which is surprisingly budgeproof - a fingertip run across the lips comes back with very little transfer at all.

With a colour this strong and rich, I was very careful to make the application as precise as possible around my lipline, to keep it really crisp.  The applicator makes it relatively easy to do, but I also used a cotton bud dipped in cleansing oil to smooth the edges out to get this precise finish.

Amazingly, the colour stuck fast to my lips from 7AM when it was applied until 10PM when I finally got home and removed it with oil cleanser.  Granted, it started giving up the ghost at around 6PM, but that's fine by me - eleven hours near perfect wear is pretty damn impressive in my book.

All in all I'm really impressed with this stuff - and I'll definitely be buying more.  The rich, matte texture is a little drying, and lips must be in great condition before application, but otherwise it's comfortable to wear and lasts, as promised, all day.

Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks are on sale in August, and will cost £15 each.  The shade range runs from bright red to deep plum, with a couple of more neutral shades in between.  

Disclosure: PR sample

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Review & Swatches: Stila In The Light Palette

Stila have released three new palettes this season - In The Garden, In The Moment, and In The Light.  They contain rich jewel tones, smoky shades, and wearable neutrals respectively.  In The Light definitely ticks all the wearability boxes, but not in a boring or one-dimensional way.

Encased in champagne cardboard, In The Light contains ten eyeshadows and a chocolate brown smudgestick eyeliner.  The packaging bears a quote from the brand's spokeperson, Sarah Lucero, and while it's certainly pretty and visually appealing, it's also a little bit flimsy - the light cardboard casing wouldn't survive being transported in a busy makeup bag.

Top row, left to right: Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset, Sandstone
Bottom row, left to right: Bubbly, Guilded Gold, Luster, Night Sky, Ebony

The shades generally lean towards the ultimately wearable brown spectrum, although Night Sky, a blueish grey, is a nice addition that's not, well, brown.  There's a good selection of tones available, and a variety of finishes - four matte shades, three metallics, and three slightly sparkly satin shades.

Left to right: Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset, Sandstone

Left to right: Ebony, Bubbly, Guilded Gold, Luster, Night Sky

Unsurprisingly, the metallic shades are the most highly pigmented - they glide onto the skin, imparting a beautiful shimmering shot of colour.  The satin shades apply much more sheerly, which I think is actually quite appropriate given the shades involved - Luster and Night Sky would certainly be more difficult to apply subtly if they were any heavier on the pigment.  The matte shades are all soft and creamily blendable, although Bare is such a close match to my skintone that it's hard to see it in the swatches!

Overall, this is a nice little palette containing some very wearable shades which makes for easy application in the morning if your brain hasn't quite kicked in yet (mine rarely does).  The shadows are reasonably buttery, the included eyeliner long-lasting if a little stiff to apply, and at £25, you're getting a reasonable amount of product for your money.  The only let down for me is the packaging - I would far rather something a little more durable.

If this palette tickles your fancy, you'll find it at the Stila website, where it will cost you £25.

Disclosure: PR sample

Friday, 13 January 2012

Stila Lipgloss Amnesty: Free Kitten Lip Glaze!

In celebration of the new Stila counter at Harvey Nichols London, Stila are having a lipgloss amnesty.  You know the drill by now; this amnesty idea has become a popular one for brands looking to entice customers by offering them free products in exchange for old ones.  Simply take a lipgloss down to the Stila counter from 10am on January 19th, and you'll be able to exchange it for a brand spanking new one in the classic Kitten shade, worth £15.  I'll see you down there!

Northern ladies can check the Harvey Nichols Manchester website, as the deal (and a shiny new Stila counter) will be making it's way there soon.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Quick Pick: Stila Limited Edition Beach Girl Palettes

This kind of cute little limited edition palette really gets me excited - not least because inside each beach themed cardboard booklet, you'll find four shadows and two cheek products for an extremely reasonable £10.  This is going to be an image heavy post.... so if you'd like a take a peek inside these little beauties, read on after the jump!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Lip of the Day: Stila Lip Glaze in Grapefruit

Can you believe I've never tried a Stila Lip Glaze before?  This Grapefruit shade is my very first... and I've got to say I'm pretty impressed.  I'm not really a lipgloss person, preferring the texture and finish of lipstick, but I find this one rather wearable - it's not sticky, not overly slippy, and it lasts longer than half an hour on the lip.  Which bodes well.  

Grapefruit is a soft neutral pink with that milky quality Stila Lip Glazes are famous for.  It's not too light or too bright, and goes exceptionally well with a stronger eye look.  Reasonably pigmented too - my lips are annoyingly blue tinged, and luckily this cancels that blueness out effectively.  

I quite like the built-in brush packaging, although I do find that they dry out in between uses (particularly if you have a large lip product collection... ahem).  In fact, I find myself quite liking pretty much everything about Stila's Lip Glaze - and I suspect I'll be investigating some more shades.  

Stila Lip Glazes cost £15 each and are available from BeautyBay - where you'll also find this rather nifty set of half-size Lip Glazes, which'll bag you eight shades for £16, including the delectable Grapefruit.  It might well accidentally fall into my house sometime soon!

Disclosure: PR sample

Monday, 1 August 2011

July 2011: This month, we have mostly been wearing...

Another month, another selection of products we've been particularly loving.


1.  NARS Multi Protect Primer SPF 30 (£24)*
It's been hot and sunny for at least part of this month, and I've really appreciated the high SPF and lightweight feeling of this most excellent primer.  My tube is running a little low, and I'll definitely repurchase when it runs out completely - so rare to find a high SPF primer that doesn't leave a white cast, or sit heavily on the skin.

2.  Crown Brush Metal Madness Palette (£24.99)
As a lover of metallic eyeshadows, my heart flips a little every time I open this palette.  88 metallic finish eyeshadows, in flattering colours, arranged in tiny little dots.  Perfect.  I've actually had to force myself to use other eyeshadows!

3.  Dove Spa Thermal Therapy Night Cream (£30/50ml)*
This gel textured night cream is incredibly light, and incredibly hydrating.  I'll be writing up a full review soon, but so far I'm impressed with how well hydrated my skin feels in the morning, with absolutely no residue or heaviness.

4.  Nailtiques Protein Formula 2 (£15.50/15ml)
When my nails started peeling, this was the one product that everyone recommended.  And it's incredible - it's been slowly repairing my nails over the past month.  It's not an overnight miracle, and you really do need to apply it fairly frequently to get the benefits, but if your nails are weak and peeling, this is definitely worth a shot.

5.  The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish (£9/200ml)
The zesty sweet satsuma scent the Body Shop use in their products is absolutely gorgeous.  It reminds me of using the original satsuma bubbles as a teenager, and never fails to make me feel clean and refreshed after use.  This body polish is a wonderfully gentle scrub - it does contain rough particles, but there really aren't that many in your average palmful.  It foams gently on the skin, too, making this a perfect everyday shower product that keeps you both clean and smooth.


1. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (£11.75/100ml)*
I've renewed my relationship with this after receiving a new tube. It's tremendously satisfying to use with the cloth, and I've found that it leaves my skin very calm, soft and clean, even when it's oily and irritated. For the price, it's an incredible bargain. Try it, if you haven't already.

2. M Lab Anti-Aging handcare SPF20 (US$60/104ml)*
This was sold at Harrods, but now seems to have disappeared from their site. I've been wearing this at night with a pair of cotton gloves, as I've found my hands getting particularly dry this month. Normally that's a winter phenomenon, but whatever the season this rich, emollient cream is good at restoring elasticity and smoothness.

3. Philosophy Eternal Grace (£32/60ml)
I love most if not all of Philosophy's Grace series, but this is the one I've been reaching for most often this month. It's a light, breezy scent perfectly balanced between floral and citrus, and guaranteed to make you feel fresh and cheerful.

4. Stila Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30 (£22/50ml)
A light-textured, blendable TM with decent coverage and a good SPF for summer days. It also comes in a very practical squeezy tube - ideal for rushed mornings.

5. Andrew Collinge Weightless Volume Mousse (£4.29/200ml)*
In an attempt to inject a bit of volume I've recently started running a small amount of this through my hair near the roots before blow-drying. It definitely makes a difference, and is light and non-sticky. Unlike some other mousses I've tried, there's no sacrifice on hair texture with this one either.

* denotes press samples

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stila Sparkle Waterproof Eyeliner in Electric

Glitter liners.  I love them.  Nowadays, though, I just don't wear the all out glitter-suspended-in-clear-or-coloured-base type of liner all that regularly - it takes a party or glamourous night out for me to break them out of my liner stash.  A bit of subtle sparkle, though... I'll definitely go for that.  These new Stila Sparkle waterproof eyeliners are just that - not absurdly, evening-wear glittery, but sparkly and shiny and eyecatching nonetheless.

They apply smoothly and with rich, opaque colour - no second coat required.  The eyeliner brush is more firm foam than it is bendy brush, making it super easy to draw a quick line of colour atop the lashes.  Which is exactly what I did.

As you can see, the finish is shiny and almost wet looking.  It's also worth mentioning that these photos were taken after 15 hours of wear - and the line is still strikingly smooth and well defined.  No flaking, no smearing, no budging at all.  Very impressive.

In the context of my whole face, the liner gives a great shot of colour, and the glossy finish lifts and highlights the eye.  My only complaint would be that this particular shade actually stained my lashline a little - after removal (with oil, of course), I was left with a slightly green tinged lashline.  Nothing that couldn't be covered with shadow or primer the following day, but still, a stain's a stain.  For the perfect wear and beautiful finish, though, I'll put up with a little staining.

Find it at Boots, both in-store (from July) and online, where it will cost you £14.  What do you think?  Gorgeous or gaudy?  Could you bear a stain for impressive lasting power?  Let us know in the comments!

Disclosure: PR sample

Monday, 13 June 2011

Guess Who's Back? Stila Returns To The UK

Top to bottom:  Starry, Curaco, Royal, Electric, Flash, Rock Candy

Stila, well loved for Kitten eyeshadow, convertible colour, and lip glaze, are returning to the UK since their departure a couple of years back.  The brand will be stocked at Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, House of Fraser, a few select online stores, and best of all, Boots from July - best get your Advantage cards ready!

At the welcome back press evening, the sparkle liners swatched above caught my eye.  Unlike traditional glitter liners, these are intensely, opaquely pigmented with an almost wet shine.  They don't really appear ultra sparkly until the light hits them dead on, when they become very sparkly indeed.  At £14 each, and with claims that they're utterly waterproof, I'm definitely trying the purple.  And perhaps the black and golden brown.  BeautyBay have them already - but come July you'll find them in larger Boots stores nationwide.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Lip of the Day: Stila Twinset in Demi Scarlet

When Sarah gave me a dual-ended Stila Twinset in Demi Scarlet a while ago, I decided that it was one of those long-lasting lipstick and topcoat things, popped it in a drawer, and forgot about it.  For some reason I pulled it out again recently, and was very pleased that I had.  It's not actually a traditional long lasting lipstick and topcoat, but a creamy liquid lipstick with a semi matte finish and a tinted gloss.

I've been wearing the lipstick side this week and have fallen firmly in love.  It's well pigmented, very creamy (almost mousse-y in fact), and has a beautiful sheen which stops it from looking entirely matte.  The wear is very good; a little touch up after lunch was all that I've found necessary to maintain the look.  It's also very comfortable, drying down a little after application but never getting to that dry, cracked stage.

Unfortunately the product has been discontinued, but it's still relatively easy to find on discount cosmetics sites like BeautyBoxx, where it will set you back a mere £4.  I think I'm going to pick up a couple more shades!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Quick FOTD with OCC Lip Tar & Stila

Here's a quick look using the following products

OCC Lip Tar in NSFW (these seem to have dropped off the map a bit, which is a shame because they're still as brilliant as they were back in Jan when they were getting so much hype)
Stila Oil Free Foundation in Shade A (as concealer)
Stila Convertible Eye Colour in Stone (gawd bless those bargain websites)
Belvada Noir sliding mascara (it's £5 in Boots at the moment but it's not that amazing, I am just using it up because I bought it out of curiosity)

Click for more pictures and a couple of close-ups

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