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Saturday, 1 February 2014

KIKO Silver Drops

I picked up this little bottle of sparkle somewhat on a whim - it's super shimmery, comes in a teeny tiny cute bottle, and it's a bit of a multi tasker.  Silver Drops is one of four liquid shimmer Drops KIKO released as part of their Digital Emotion holiday collection, and it's very, very pretty indeed.

The product, which is made up of shimmering silver pigment suspended in a liquid base, is dispensed via this little pipette.  The shimmer is very concentrated, so you need the tiniest drop to get a healthy dose of shimmer.

As you can see, a tiny drop is almost opaque with shimmer, but spread out across the skin, it's a little more subtle.  The silvery white shimmer works well as an eyebrow or cheekbone highlight, mixed in with foundation, patted over eyeshadow to add a bit of sparkle, mixed in with body lotion... very versatile.

It's lovely, although I can't really imagine finishing the bottle given the concentration of the shimmer!  It's also currently on sale at KIKO's website for a mere £3.40, half the normal price of £6.80.  If silver's not your bag, it's also available in gold, pink, and coral.

Disclosure:  Purchased as part of a haul paid for partially with a PR provided gift card, and partly with my own cash.

This post originated at If you're reading it elsewhere, it's been stolen, violating my copyright.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Review & Swatches: Benefit Fine One One

Meet Benefit's latest beauty fake-it - Fine One One provides a sheer pop of colour for lips and cheeks in a cream to powder format which is eminently portable.

Encased in a metallic pink-coral case (which collects fingerprints like I collect lipstick), it bears a stylised badge (fine-one-one - nine-one-one = American emergency services number) and a dial to allow you to twist up the product as you use it.

The product block contains three shades in one stick - a shimmering pale pink highlight shade, rose pink blush shade, and orangey coral contour.  The colours look pretty bright in the casing (and in the case of the orange, terrifyingly tan-tastic), but are much sheerer when swatched.

The concept is that you glide the stick from the apple of the cheek, up the cheekbone, and then blend, which gives you a soft flush, perfectly placed highlighter, and a little bit of contour thanks to the orange shade.  Obviously to do this, you put the pale pink highlighter at the top, and the orange at the bottom.  I can only imagine how weird it'd look if it was done the other way around.

The effect is a pretty, subtle flush, which has more dimension to it than just a quick sweep of one shade.  The orange blends out into something not at all orange, and the highlight shade is just enough to add a soft gleam, and isn't at all sparkly.  At the launch event, I saw this product tried out on many skintones from pale to deep, and it suited everyone - it goes on sheer, but can be built up to get the perfect level of glow.  The texture is completely non-greasy, and as you blend out the cream it turns into a silky powder finish.  There's no shine or oily finish left on the skin; it looks just like a soft powder finish.  

I've yet to try Fine One One out on my lips, mostly because it's so sheer I don't think I'll particularly like it (being a wearer of strong lips at pretty much all times), but I can see it becoming a favourite in my blush collection - mostly due to the quick, easy application, the soft finish, and the dimension I can get with just one stick.  If you're a fan of a sculpted cheek, this is well worth checking out!

Find it at Benefit counters and stores, and online at the Benefit website, where it'll cost you £23.50.

Disclosure: PR sample

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lush Emotional Brilliance

Lush's new colour collection comes in the form of many identical dropper-bottles, reminiscent of an old apothecary shop or magician's store cupboard. Well, they look like dropper bottles, but they actually have flocked applicators and liquid liner brushes inside the lids. And rather than being an undifferentiated spectrum of colour, they're separated into cream eyeshadows, eyeliners and liquid lipsticks. Still a bit magic though.

Those who remember Lush's now-defunct cosmetic sister company B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful will spot similarities between the colour range here and the original B never line-up of cream colours for eyes and lips. The packaging is less pretty, but the bright, vibrant mix of mattes and shimmers is quite similar.

The idea of Emotional Brilliance, and the reason for the name, is that you pick the colours that speak to you on a particular day, based on your response to a wheel of colours. Each one represents a quality or emotion that you'll then possess through wearing it - like bravery, glamour, etc. The people at Lush are strong on the idea of people choosing and controlling their own look, rather than being swayed by fashion or told what to wear and how to wear it. For that reason, Lush won't be offering Emotional Brilliance makeovers in store.

I received 3 colours from the range - Fantasy, a true gold liquid eyeliner, Glamour, a baby-pink-verging-on-lilac liquid lipstick, and Perspective, a nice peachy nude liquid lipstick. Each one comes with a little note on an elastic band tied around the neck of the bottle, explaining the emotional benefits you can gain from the colour through the power of association (no further claims are made - these don't pretend to be able to alter your mood per se - they're more like a personal totem or lucky charm in makeup form).

All three shades are highly pigmented and offer vivid payoff. I tried using both the liquid lipsticks as blush and they blended well. Glamour - the lilac-pink - doesn't do me any favours as a lipstick but worked out really nicely on the cheeks, giving a cool, bright Posietint-style effect. (So yes, I can do it. Without looking like Barbie.)

Fantasy is a straight-up, old school liquid eyeliner. It has no fancy polymer pigments or stay-true super-waxes. It goes on smoothly and creates an opaque line. It will wash off with soap and water. It ticks all the boxes you'd expect a gold liquid eyeliner to tick. I'm not sure this is worth the £14.50 price tag, but it's definitely decent quality.

The liquid lipsticks on the other hand are quite unusual. Both of the colours I tried have a marvellously light, smooth feel on the lips. They feel moisturising without a hint of greasiness or tackiness, sheer out well and offer reasonable wear. They do bear a strong resemblance, formula-wise, to the B Never lip colours which came in a tube with a flocked wand (I've forgotten the exact product name, but I think it was a product that doubled as a blusher).

As I mentioned, the Glamour shade does not flatter me at all, but Perspective is a great my-lips-but-better shade on me, a creamy nude with just a hint of shimmer.

Finally, here's a full-face shot I'm calling "emotionally weird"... Barbie lips and one gold eye. Well, I guess it fits with the "not following fashion" ethos.

Emotional Brilliance colours cost £14.50 each. The full range is available now at Lush

Disclosure - PR sample

Friday, 6 November 2009

Holiday Beauty: Travelling Light

When I go abroad, I have to resist the temptation to pack cosmetics for every possible eventuality. That's all well and good when you know the weather isn't going to melt most of your makeup off your face! I'm off on a much-delayed honeymoon soon and have been turning to some trusty multi-taskers which are hot-weather appropriate and take up as little space as possible.

Cleansing oil is a fantastic space-saver - it cleanses the skin and removes makeup, even stubborn waterproof stuff, in one go. So no need for separate cleanser and makeup remover and cotton pads.

I love MAC Cleanse Off Oil, £15 for 150ml, not just because it dissolves even MAC's budge-proof waterproof eyeliners, but because 6 empties = a free lipstick.

A multi-use product can give you blusher, lip and eye colour in one stick. In hot weather, I tend to abandon any attempt at matte skin and embrace the glowy look, so a cream formula goes quite nicely.

NARS The Multiple, £27, is great for eyes, lips and cheeks. Or, the classic Benetint by Benefit, which gives a pretty rosy flush to lips and cheeks - available in a handy dual-ended tube with a clear lipgloss, at £14, for even more usage options in one package.

Urban Decay Cream Eyeshadow, £9.79, is the only eyeshadow I've found that stays put on my slightly oily lids without primer underneath. Perfect for hot evenings, and no need to take primer as well.

Waterproof mascara is a must, even if you're not going to wear it in the pool. Lancome Hypnose Waterproof, £19.50, has always served me well, being melt and smudge proof - unfortunately I've yet to find anything quite waterproof enough to survive a swim.
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