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Friday, 11 March 2016

Quick Pick: Boscia Self-Defense Vital Anti-Oxidant Moisture SPF30

I bought this wonderful moisturiser when I found myself in the US without enough day cream to see me through the week, and since then it's been a bit of a staple.  It's incredibly light for something with SPF 30, and it hydrates well without heaviness.  The tube is a little on the small size - around 40ml - but it's also reasonably inexpensive in skincare terms, costing $36.  Two pumps is plenty to keep my face fresh and hydrated throughout the day, and the sun protection is a nice bonus, too.

Now, if only Boscia was more broadly available in the UK.  Until then.. there's always international shipping from Sephora.

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Surprising: Original Astral & Astral Soft

When I first tried out the original Astral cream, I had a preconception that it'd be like Nivea creme - thick, heavy, intensely moisturising, and a bugger to rub in to the skin.  Not so - the original Astral has a completely different texture which is lighter, more airy, and less work altogether.  Astral Soft is a lighter still version, less hydrating but even more spreadable, which comes in a tube format - I liked it less than the cream, but I suspect those looking for more portable moisture will prefer the tube format to lugging around a heavy pot.

I'm not sure I'd use either Astral Soft or Original Astral on my face, but for body, the original cream is excellent - the light, almost whipped texture makes it easy to smooth it over the skin, and I've found it particularly effective on my legs post-shave.  A little goes a long way, but really, when a 500ml tub costs a mere £8, you don't really need to worry too much about the cost.  Overall, count me pleasantly surprised.

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Kiehl's Tinie Tempah Ultra Facial Cream

Kiehl's are a strong supporter of HIV/AIDS charities around the world, and their latest project sees them team up with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation in the UK.  Tinie Tempah has "designed" (read: put his name on) a bumper 125ml pot of Kiehl's cult classic Ultra Facial Cream, and £2 from the sale of each pot will go to the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, up to a maximum of £6,000.

This kind of charity collaboration makes me feel a little uneasy because of the relatively low amount of money going to charity with each pot - the product costs £43.50, with just £2 going to charity.  If you're already an Ultra Facial Cream fan, buying this version of the cream costs you nothing extra, and results in a bit of money going to charity.  If not, and you're more likely to buy it because of the charity angle, buy the smaller 50ml pot at £24 to test out, and give the difference directly to charity.

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Mixed Bag: Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream & Super Multi-Corrective Eye Opening Serum

This, my friends, is a review of two halves, neither of which add up to a particularly impressive whole.  Kiehl's recently added Super Multi-Corrective Eye Opening Serum to the existing purple-jar'ed Super Multi-Corrective Cream.  Both products sit firmly in the anti-aging category, and both promise results fast - the eye serum, in fact, promises firmer, more refined skin after a mere week of use.

The Super Multi-Corrective Eye Opening Serum, I think, is the lesser of the two products, simply because I don't really think it does much other than hydrate the eye area (although, to be fair, my undereye area feels significantly more hydrated than usual).  Compared to its promises of lifting, smoothing, refining, and even eye-opening (I assume they don't mean this literally), it's a little underwhelming, particularly at the high price point of £36 for 15ml.

The Super Multi-Corrective Cream, however, is a little more impressive - perhaps because it claims a little less.  Like many anti-aging creams, it promises a more refined texture and some wrinkle smoothing action.  I don't really have particularly deep wrinkles myself, so I didn't notice significant wrinkle-smoothing effects, but I do have a frown line which I noticed has smoothed out a little. Most noticeably, my skin is much better hydrated after using this moisturiser, particularly at night on top of an AHA toner - I wake with velvety soft skin.  It's too rich for use during the day at the moment, but once winter sets in in earnest I'll be turning to this cream for a really good whack of moisture.  My only criticisms are that it's a little too strongly scented for my liking - although this comes from the essential oils in the formula rather than any added scent - and that at £48 for 50ml, it's a big investment for something which is mostly hydrating.  Those with dry or very dry skin may find it worth it, though, particularly as it absorbs completely within fifteen minutes, which is unusual for something with this much emollient effect.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

No 7 Early Defence Skincare

No 7 recently stepped away from the high-power anti-aging ingredients and brought out a range for "young skin".  They deliberately avoid specifying just what age range they're targeting, but the gist of it is that Early Defence is for skin which is concerned about aging, but not currently experiencing lines or wrinkles which require stronger ingredients to tackle.

I've been using the Early Defence Day Cream, £19.50; Night Cream, also £19.50; and Eye Cream, £13.50, for a couple of months now, and whilst I've not noticed any particular change in my skin, I am impressed by the Night Cream in particular - it's got a lighter texture than many night creams I've tried in the past, and absorbs quickly, too.  In the morning my skin feels well hydrated and velvety, and has noticeably less oily residue than it does when I use a heavier cream.  For those looking for a skin-quenching, lightweight night cream, I'd definitely recommend giving this one a try.

The Day Cream and Eye Cream are less impressive - whilst the day cream has SPF 15 and a light feeling texture to its favour, it's a little on the heavy side throughout the day - I find my combination, not very oily skin gets shiny by lunch time if I've used the Day Cream in the morning.  Nothing that can't be fixed with a spot of powder, but I've found better day creams which hydrate the skin without making it oily.  The Eye Cream is okay - it feels pretty basic, with a melting hydrating formula which didn't really have any effect on the fine lines around my eyes other than keeping the area moist.

Overall, then, if you're looking for a simple moisturising regime which doesn't skimp on hydration and doesn't wage war on wrinkles with strong ingredients, Early Defence might be worth a try.  Particularly the Night Cream, which I'm continuing to use on top of facial oil for an extra hydrating treat.

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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Like covering yourself in edible holiday: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Coconut Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion

This particular sample has been languishing in my cupboard for a few weeks, and I'm pretty glad I've finally brought it out into the sunshine.  Spray moisturisers are nothing new; this one, from Palmer's, is the first attempt at a spray moisturiser from a brand known for it's heavy duty skin softening concoctions.

Being a lazy, lazy person, my wish is for a moisturiser I can spritz on and then forget about - I'm too lazy really even to rub it in.  And this one, it fits my wishes - but at a price.  The nozzle disperses a superfine mist of lotion which is definitely light enough to spritz on and go.... if you want to spend ten minutes cleaning up your bathroom afterwards.  So fine is the mist that it gets bloody everywhere, leading to a hasty clean, as I've caused my husband to slip in the shower more than once through lazy moisturising efforts.  Spray a little closer and you get a little pooling on the skin, which definitely requires to you rub, but not to scrub (boom boom!).

Moisture wise, this stuff is, like, seriously hydrating - my skin felt soft and silky after use, and remained so throughout the day.  The real draw for me, though, is the scent - it's cocoa buttery, coconutty, slightly chocolatey and smells like holidays and sunshine and yummy things.  I smelled like a yummy thing afterwards too.  And my clothes did too, because I put them on too fast.  Oops, but not a bad oops.

At £4.99, this spray lotion is definitely worth a try - particularly if you like smelling like holidays, and either enjoy cleaning or don't mind a bit of rubbing in.  Find it at Boots.

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Indeed Labs Fillume Moisturiser and Serum

Fillume is the latest launch from Indeed Labs, and it makes some pretty bonkers claims.  It is, apparently, a volumising moisturiser, designed to plump out the skin and improve facial contours, all in a bid to target the appearence of 'subtle facial volume loss'.  I don't really know what 'subtle facial volume loss' actually is - the only loss of volume my face suffers is when I stop talking (usually because I'm eating or drinking wine).  Luckily though, the plumping and hydrating effects sound nice enough.

Anyway, confusion over volume aside, there are two products in the lineup - a moisturiser, packaged in that glorious sealed pump pot thing Indeed are so good at; and a serum, packaged in a simple squeezy tube.  The serum is a very lightweight affair - it spreads easily over the skin and sinks in quickly, leaving no residue behind.  The moisturiser is a little heavier, as you'd expect - it takes a bit of massage for it to sink in fully, and it does leave a bit of residue behind.  Nothing awful, though, and I've actually found it to be a pretty useful residue when I apply a dryish foundation directly on top of it.

I've been using both products for about a month now, and I reckon that you can sod all this volume nonsense, and just look at these two products as extremely effective at moisturising and plumping the skin.  My skin feels lovely and smooth, and remains hydrated thoughout the day - a little too effectively with the serum as well as the moisturiser in fact, as I've found I get a little shiny, so I've been sticking to using the serum at night.

They're also reasonably inexpensive too - £24.99 for the moisturiser, which is worth it for the moisturising effects and the spill and contamination proof packaging, and £29.99 for the serum, which in the grand scheme of things isn't too expensive for a hydrating serum.  If you suffer from dehydrated or dry skin, these are definitely worth a try.

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight

I've only been trialling Philosophy's new Miracle Worker Overnight moisturiser for a few weeks, and I'm already impressed.  The cream is velvety and light, almost souffle like in texture, and it absorbs quickly into the skin and leaving it feeling well moisturised and very, very smooth.  I've found that it does need to be applied to absolutely clean skin or you'll get those little strands of product appearing as you rub it in.

I absolutely love the scent - to my nose it has a gloriously orangey-cocoa scent, which makes it smell faintly of a grown up, sophisticated chocolate orange.  Other reviewers have said that it smells virtually scent free or smells of mushrooms, though, so if you're sensitive to scented products it's probably worth having a sniff in store before purchasing.

As for the effects, I've not quite been using it long enough to see the results - I can say that my skin already feels smoother and softer.  My frown lines and slight crow's feet seem a little less noticeable, too.  At £45 for a stuffed-to-the-gills 60ml pot, Miracle Worker Overnight is around the average mark for a department store brand anti-aging moisturiser.  Find it now at the Philosophy website - I'll report back in a few more weeks on my final thoughts.

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Summer Essential: Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

This stuff is an absolute godsend on a hot, sweaty summer's day.  Fortuitously, it arrived just before I went off for a week on the beach in Egypt, where it hit 46 degrees most days, and in that kind of heat a sticky, heavy moisturiser just doesn't cut it.  Indeed Labs' Hydraluron Moisture Jelly is the absolute opposite of sticky and heavy - the gel formula makes it light as a feather, and it's absorbed into the skin in no time at all.  For something with such a light texture, it gives an incredible shot of moisture - I found myself reaching for it when I came in from the sunshine every evening, and it cooled, calmed and hydrated my skin quickly and easily.

I've got to also highlight how amazing the packaging is - the product is completely sealed in the jar, and to dispense, you simply press down on the top of the jar, which squeezes a dab of product out via a clever, self-closing aperture.  This means that the product doesn't get contaminated with anything from your fingers, nor does it get any exposure to air.

At £24.99, it's not cheap, but given the amount of product needed per application, I'd say each jar will last a good couple of months.  Perfect for summer hydration, or all year round if your skin is on the oily side, or if you dislike moisturisers you can feel on your skin.  Find it at Boots.

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Decleor Aromessence Mandarine

Decleor have celebrated their 40th birthday by releasing a new range of skincare - the Aroma Lisse range utilises Mandarin Oil to fight the signs of aging.  One of the four products is this Aromessence Mandarine, a rich night balm designed to smooth and hydrate the skin.

The packaging works against it a little - because it's a solid balm, you need to scoop out a little bit using your fingertips, and the jar neck is quite narrow - I've solved the problem by scraping some off with my fingernail, but it's still a little awkward.

As you might expect, it smells delightfully citrusy.  It's also incredibly thick and rich - the texture is more akin to a balm cleanser like Elemis' Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm, and like a balm cleanser it melts and softens on the fingertips so you can massage it into the skin.

Dry, parched skin will feel dreamily soft and hydrated in the morning, and visibly plumped up for good measure.  If your skin is normal or oily, I wouldn't recommend trying this - it's so rich it's quite likely to overload delicate or oily skins.

At £33 for 15ml, this is one expensive balm - although it is made of 100% natural ingredients including shea butter, mandarin oil, and evening primrose oil.  If you like a facial oil but find a liquid texture too much hard work, you'll love this - the solid texture is much more travel friendly, whilst still packing a potent hydrating punch and actively encouraging a bit of facial massage.  Find it at the Decleor website now.

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

REN V-Cense Youth Vitality Day Cream

REN's new V-Cense mini-range is designed to address "urban grey", and to help the skin fight fatigue and the first signs of aging.  It also has a completely incomprehensible name - I've no idea what V-Cense is, but REN have trademarked it, so clearly it's going to be a Thing.  In REN's eyes at least.

Anyway, I've been using this Youth Vitality Day Cream for a few weeks now and I'm pretty impressed with it.  As with all REN products, it makes heavy use of natural bio-actives, including Vitamin C, Boswellic Acid and Frankincense.  The cream is light yet rich, and you need less than you think you'll need - the amount above is ample for my face and neck, as it spreads easily across the skin and provides a lot of moisture with every drop.

I've not seen a massive increase in radiance, and my fine lines seem unchanged, but I have noticed a difference in the firmness and elasticity of my skin.  It feels hydrated and plumped up, too, without any excess oiliness - a difficult balance to achieve, particularly on my combination/dry skin.  For something so rich, it leaves the skin feeling surprisingly velvety.

At £28, it's reasonably priced for a high end day cream - it hydrates well, balances the skin, and comes packaged in such a way that the cream will never come into contact with the air unless you're applying it to your skin.  Find it at the REN website now.

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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Clinique Superdefense SPF 20 Moisturiser and Eye Cream

Clinique's latest moisturiser and eye cream build on Clinique's previous anti-oxidant moisturiser.  Superdefense SPF20 Daily Defense Moisturiser and Superdefense SPF 20 Age Defense Eye Cream are packed full of skin-loving ingredients, including anti-oxidants, and UVA/UVB protection.  There's the usual mention of anti-aging ingredients too, although in the case of these two, it's the early signs rather than full on anti-wrinkle goodness.

Both creams are relatively lightweight for their rich, hydrating textures.  The moisturiser is available in two versions - one for Dry/Dry Combination skin, which I have, and one for Oily/Very Oily skin.  The Dry/Dry Combination variant doesn't sink into the skin massively quickly, nor does it spread over the skin easily, as the texture doesn't have a huge amount of slip in it.  A good dab massaged into the skin leaves it feeling well hydrated, with that slight residue of a decent SPF.  The richness is fine for my combination skin in winter time, but I imagine it'd be too heavy in summer.

The eye cream is also rich and creamy, and unusually also has an SPF - strange that we're so insistent on SPF in our face creams, but don't look for SPF in our eye creams, despite the eye area having thinner, more delicate skin.  After application, the eye area feels moist and hydrated.  The SPF can leave a bit of a glowing white look to the undereye area if you're photographed with a flash, though, although this is pretty standard for SPF products.

All in all, these are great moisturising products for the winter months, protecting and caring for the skin in the cold weather with added protection from city pollution.  Find them at the Clinique website, where the Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturiser costs £39 for 50ml, and the Superdefense Age Defense Eye Cream costs £30 for 15ml.

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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Quick Pick: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion +

It takes a lot of guts to reinvent a classic product, and this year Clinique have done the unthinkable and reformulated their cult classic Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion.  The new version completely replaces the old, making this a risky gamble - get it wrong and you risk losing heaps of loyal customers.

The new DDML, termed simply Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion +, is thankfully rather good.  Building on the original version's surprisingly light textured yet highly moisturising formula, the new version keeps moisture in the skin for even longer and packs even more of a hydrating punch.

My skin isn't wildly dry, but even I can tell the difference between this new formula and the old one - my skin stays quenched and plumped up all day.  Even though the lotion is super light and easily absorbed, my skin feels treated and protected.  The lightness is deceptive; you really only need two pumps for the whole face and neck as the lotion spreads incredibly easily.

You'll find Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion + at Clinique counters and online now, where it costs £29.50 for a 125ml bottle with a pump.  Don't be put off by the price; this stuff will last ages as a little goes a long way!

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Review: Eve Lom Intense Firming Serum and TLC Radiance Cream

I recently went to an Eve Lom event, where I was taken through some of the hero products from the range.  I'll admit to knowing virtually nothing about the brand other than that their cult cleanser was the first balm cleanser on the market - and given how many are now available, that speaks of a pretty innovative approach.

Anyway, cleanser aside, I was given a few products to try, including the Intense Firming Serum and TLC Radiance Cream.  The Intense Firming Serum is designed to (surprisingly) firm the skin, and claims to visibly improve the surface of the skin.  TLC Radiance Cream is a lightweight moisturiser which promises to leave skin looking lifted, more radiant, and youthful.

The Intense Firming Serum has a very interesting texture - it's a gel, rather than a fluid, and it reminds me a little of a more liquid version of Illamasqua's Hydra Veil.  It sinks into the skin incredibly quickly, and it leaves the skin feeling surprisingly bare.

The TLC Radiance Cream is also a pretty light affair, with a light fluid consistency and a silky texture.  It also absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving it feeling hydrated and super soft.  This isn't a product for those who like their skincare unscented - it has a fairly strong rose scent which doesn't hang around after application, but is very noticeable whilst you're applying it.

Results wise, my skin hasn't seen any dramatic changes since I started using these two products, although it is looking and feeling healthy, hydrated and smooth.  For me, then, these products are great for healthy skin maintenance, rather than any staggering results.  And there's the rub - the serum costs £75 and the moisturiser costs £45.  I'd probably consider paying around £20 - £30 for a product which doesn't pack a massive results punch, and I really think these two are overpriced.

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

REN: Three Saviour Products for Combination Skin

I was recently recommended this trio of products for combination/oily skin when I visited the REN headquarters.  And they've turned out to be utterly brilliant!

Of the three products, the Clarifying Toning Lotion, £18 for 150ml, is probably the least revolutionary.  That said, given that it's a toner for combination/oily skin, it manages to balance and clarify the skin without being overly harsh or stripping, unlike some other clarifying lotions I could mention (ahem, Clinique).  It's also very refreshing, and contains glycolic acid to provide a mild exfoliating effect.

T-Zone Balancing Day Fluid is a wonderful moisturiser - although it is expensive at £26 for 50ml.  It has a light texture which is incredibly easy to spread across the skin but isn't too fluid; it definitely injects moisture into the skin but doesn't feel heavy, greasy, or overly rich.  I have noticed that the dry patches on my forehead can look pronounced halfway through the day, so it's worth using a richer cream on any dry spots to keep them hydrated through the day.

My favourite product of the three is the Invisible Pores Detox Mask, which is worth every penny of its £18 for 50ml pricetag.  It's incredible.  Having a clay based formula, it deep cleanses and draws out impurities, but doesn't dry out the skin or leave it feeling in desperate need of hydration.  It's become part of my routine to deal with pesky, deep rooted spots - I apply a herbal astringent in the evening, and then apply this in the morning to dry out the spot.  I particularly like the packaging - it has a little cap to go over the end of the pump spout, which helps prevent the product drying out in the pump.  Brilliant.

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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Quick Pick: Dove Purely Pampering Range

Since these new Dove Purely Pampering goodies landed on my doormat, they've become a firm favourite, not just with me, but with my husband too.  The range includes Body Wash, Nourishing Lotion, and Body Cream, all in three different scents - Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla (wonder what Cold Vanilla smells like), Coconut and Jasmine, and Almond Cream with Hibiscus.

Whilst all of the scents are subtly lovely, giving a hint of fragrance which doesn't hang around the skin, the biggest lure of the range is the moisturising properties in each product.  I'm not usually a fan of body butter, as it generally takes too long to sink into my skin, but the Body Cream is both thick and easily absorbed, and disappears leaving no residue on the skin.  The Nourishing Lotion is a similarly quick-absorbing light lotion, and the Body Wash gives plenty of creamy lather which doesn't dry the skin out.

The Body Washes cost a mere £2.40, and the moisturisers cost £4.99.  Which is pretty damn cheap, particularly given the lovely soft scents, which have none of the synthetic edge mass market body products can sometimes be lumbered with.  All in all, they're a pretty good deal.  Find them at Boots, Superdrug and other high street retailers now.

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Quick Pick: Darphin Rose Aromatic Care

At the moment, I'm using three oils regularly at night - Liz Earle's Superskin Concentrate when my skin is feeling dry and in need of lots of hydration, Spa Fabulous' Purifying Serum when my skin is breaking out, and this Darphin Rose Aromatic Care when my skin is behaving itself.  Described as providing "essential care for normal skin", it provides the nourishment and glowy complexion you get from using an oil at night, leaving no residue on the skin whatsoever.

The texture, whilst definitely an oil, is light and relatively easy to spread on the skin.  You might expect that it smells strongly of rose, given that it makes use of rose oil, but in fact it has a fairly neutral smell - certainly compared to the other oils I use on a regular basis.

When I wake up after using this oil, my skin is soft and supple, feels well balanced, and doesn't need a big cleanse before it's ready for makeup.  If your skin is generally normal, and you want an oil which is neither overly rich nor overly astringent, this one strikes a perfect balance.

I do wish that it came with a pump dispenser or something to regulate the flow of oil, though - the top of the little bottle is completely open.

It'll cost you £42 - expensive indeed, but a few drops go a long way on a cleansed face, and the little bottle should last you a fair while.  Find it here.

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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream Limited Edition

Elemis' iconic Pro Collagen Marine Cream celebrates its 10 year anniversary this year, and Elemis are releasing a special edition to celebrate.  

The cream comes in a lovely box with turquoise and silver decorative patterns, nestled in a very plush turquoise drawstring bag.

The lid of the jar itself has also been given a bit of a makeover, sporting a similar pattern to the box lid.

This special edition whopping large 100ml jar costs £99 - undoubtedly a lot of money to spend on a moisturiser, but given that the normal 100ml jar costs £135, and the 50ml jar costs £79, the limited edition does represent good value for money if you regularly purchase Pro Collagen Marine Cream.

Personally, I've never tried it before - but I look forward to having a go as soon as I'm done with my current jar of moisturiser.

The limited edition Pro Collagen Marine Cream is available now through the usual Elemis suppliers, including the official online stockist, Time to Spa.

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Friday, 8 February 2013

Review: Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

I'm a big fan of Clinique's Moisture Surge products.  They manage to pack a huge amount of hydrating power, and are always my first port of call for dealing with sunburned or otherwise parched skin.  The latest product in the lineup is Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, which has the familiar gel-cream texture, and aims to provide a dewy glow in the morning by hydrating the skin overnight.

I've tried it a few times now, and it definitely does what it says on the tin - applied after cleansing at night, it absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling plumped up and hydrated come the morning.  But I'm not really sure what makes this product a mask - the instructions say to massage it in until it's fully absorbed, and there's no film or residue to wash off in the morning.  So it's really more of an intensive hydrating cream, not a mask.  And whilst it's perfectly nice, I'm not sure it really does a lot more than the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief cream I already own and love.

If you prefer a squeezy tube format, or don't already own one of the Moisture Surge gel-creams, you'll enjoy the hydration that this product brings to your skin.  If you already have a Moisture Surge product, though, I doubt you'll find a lot of difference in this one.

Find it at Clinique counters and concessions, and online at the Clinique website, where it'll cost you £28.

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Monday, 7 January 2013

Quick Pick: Elemis FreshSkin Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser

Elemis FreshSkin is a range aimed at younger skin - from teens to twenties, according to the Elemis website. When I first head about the range, I thought it sat a little at odds with Elemis as a brand - they're all about effective luxurious products with high end ingredients.  And indeed, at £20, I'm not too sure how this daily moisturiser lines up against the average teenager's wallet.  

Doubts about the targeting of the range aside, the Softly Softly daily moisturiser is a real gem of a product.  I tend to use my hardcore rich anti-aging stuff at night, and like something lighter and more simple for daytime - and this non-greasy cream is absolutely perfect for daytime wear.  Scented with lavender, it's wonderfully hydrating (I can almost feel my skin sucking up all the moisture), but not too heavy - a drop spreads easily over the skin and is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin feeling soft.  There's a little bit of residue left over but it absorbs after a few minutes - I use it to help blend drier foundations quickly over my skin.

I also really love the packaging - it's a sealed pump dispenser affair, and there's absolutely no way any bacteria or other contaminants can get into the product.  A gentle press on the top dispenses just enough moisturiser for the face and neck.  Lovely stuff.

Find it at official Elemis stockists Time to Spa, where a 50ml tube will set you back £20.

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