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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Review - Mitchell and Peach Luxury Hand Cream

Disclosure - PR sample

For me, a good hand cream has strict criteria to meet.

  • It's got to be portable, because it's likely to live in my handbag. 
  • It's got to be luxurious, so that I'll be motivated to keep using it throughout the day. 
  • It's got to be moisturising (obviously), especially in harsh winter climes. 
  • It's got to smell good. 
  • Finally, it absolutely has to be desk-friendly. By which I mean non-sticky and quickly absorbing. There is nothing, and I mean nothing more annoying than a handcream that turns mouse and keyboard into an oil slick and prevents me from working.
Mitchell and Peach's Luxury Hand Cream scores high on nearly all my criteria. It's a lightweight, white cream in a common-sense squeezy tube with a screw-on cap. It smells divinely of lavender (one of the crops grown by the eponymous Mitchell family at their Kent estates) with a twist of rose and honey - divine. 

I'm incredibly impressed by how quickly it absorbs too. Within about 30 seconds it vanishes into the skin, leaving only a slight tacky after-effect that doesn't hamper my typing in the slightest. In fact I've just put some on while writing this review; my hands are now velvety soft and my keys are slick-free. 

The only area it falls down on slightly is moisturising. I find that it's not quite hard-working enough to keep my dry hands soft during the winter months. With frequent enough re-application I don't see this being a problem, but at £17 for 60mls that could get expensive. For summer, however, it's an absolute winner for me and I'm going to be keeping a tube to hand. The scent is very summery too, bringing to mind sun-drenched herb gardens and flourishing rose beds.

Luxury Hand Cream is available from Mitchell and Peach, costing £17 for a 60ml tube. 
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