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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

BUY THIS NOW: Girly Bits Nail Lacquer in Into the Night

I made an opportunistic Girly Bits order from Rainbow Connection the other day.  They sell out of the brand's super unique polishes very quickly, so I nabbed a good few whilst they were in stock briefly the other week.  Into the Night was the first I applied - and oh my!  It's amazing.  A black jelly base with tons of rainbow holographic particles, it catches the light like no-one's business and is SO very eyecatching.

I applied three coats above, and it's still a little soft thanks to the jelly-like base.  A coat or two applied on top of a solid black cream is much, much more striking.

Here it is in the bottle, with three friends I bought to keep it company.

Into the Night, I Hit My Bunny Phone, Sofa King Messy, Bawitdaba

At around £9 each, they're not cheap, but all four are pretty unique - I Hit My Bunny Phone in particular is a multichrome unlike anything I've ever seen before.  You'll find the range (when it's not sold out) at Rainbow Connection.

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

NOTD: Models Own Fireworks Collection in Sparkler

This utterly glorious polish is Sparkler by Models Own, part of the recently released Fireworks collection.  Like its fellow Fireworks polishes, it's a clear base packed with glitter particles - in this case, the glitter is made up entirely of holographic bars, which catch the light beautifully.

I've applied two coats on top of Cheeky Take Me Chrome, and the two work really well together - the metallic silver of Take Me Chrome complements the bar glitter in Sparkler, and it all looks a bit flat and silver until the light catches it at the right angle - then it bursts with multicoloured sparkle which changes as you watch.  Admittedly, Sparkler suffers from the usual glitter topcoat problems - there's a fair amount of poking and prodding that has to go on to get the bar pieces to lie evenly across the nail.  Totally worth it though - I wore this manicure for almost a whole week with no visible signs of chips or tipwear.

My nails also gathered a huge number of compliments whilst I was wearing Take Me Chrome and Sparkler.  In particular, one of my male, software engineer colleagues said my nails were mesmerising.  Can't do better than that.

You'll find the Models Own Fireworks collection online at the Models Own website, and in their bottleshops and select Boots branches.  Sparkler (and its equally sparkly friends) will cost you a mere £5.

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

NOTD: Bourjois Dangerous Wish

You can tell I've been wearing this rather gorgeous new Bourjois glitter polish for a good week, can't you?  Look how much my nails have grown in at the cuticle!  Anyway.  This is Dangerous Wish, which is one of the polishes Bourjois will be releasing for Halloween.  It's a lovely black jelly base with golden particles and hexagons - the surprise being that when the light hits it, the golden bits turn out to be holographic!  It's so pretty, and my photo here doesn't really show it in it's full glory, thanks to the lack of proper bright sun at 7AM.  It wears well, too - unusually I'd been wearing it for about five days when I took this photo, and there's only the merest tipwear visible.

This'll be out closer to Halloween, and it'll cost a very reasonable £5.99.

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

NOTD: Model's Own Southern Lights (Wonderland Collection)

I've not seen a lot of buzz about Model's Own's latest Wonderland collection, perhaps because the world is still so excited about the heavy glitter of the Mirrorball collection, and still loving the duochrome shades of Beetlejuice.  Wonderland is just a pretty, though - only a little more subtle.  It's made of wintery pale shades with hefty doses of ethereal glitter and holographic sparkle.  Southern Lights is one of the two holographic shades in the collection - I've also bought Northern Lights, it's pink counterpart, so expect swatches of that soon.

Southern Lights is a gorgeous light lilac/silver shade with a hell of a lot of holographic sparkle.  It catches the light beautifully, and in direct light (natural or artificial), it fizzes with multi-coloured sparks.  It's very eye-catching, and satisfies my need for twinkly nails perfectly.

Unfortunately, application was a bit gloopy, and I had to work carefully and quickly to make sure my nails were evenly coated with polish.  Two fairly thick coats give great opacity, although due to the thickness of the polish I did notice pooling and often ended up painting bits of my cuticles too.  I'm curious to see how it looks over another base colour, as well as layered up on its own.

Find it at Model's Own stockists, or on the Model's Own website, where it'll cost you a very reasonable £5. I bought it at the Bottle Shop at Westfield, as part of a highly bargain-tastic 6 polishes for £20 deal.  As if I needed any more polish...

Thursday, 26 July 2012

NOTD: Angel Annie by Darling Diva Polish

Hello, glowy polish.  I bought this terribly pretty, pink/lilac/silver shade with green flash from Darling Diva Polish on Etsy, largely because Charlotte was singing the praises of one of the other shades they make.  When it arrived, I was a little bit meh about it - I thought I'd bought a dull, slightly silvery pale pink which wasn't bright, sparkly, or otherwise attention grabbing enough for my usual polish tastes.

BUT.  I was wrong.  Admittedly, it does look like a silvery pale pink in some lights, but in others, it shows a strong green, milky pearl flash, and in others again, it looks distinctly lavender.  Granted, it's not the showiest duochrome I've ever seen, but it's still amazingly pretty.

In the sun, it's just WOW.  The holographic effect is strong and beautiful, and over the icy pink-lilac base, it looks simply stunning.

These photos show three coats of polish plus topcoat.  Application was buttery smooth and easy.  The polish wears like iron too - the first time I wore it I managed five days wear with barely any tipwear before I got bored and changed it for something else.  Lovely stuff.

Angel Annie costs $12 (around £7.95) from Darling Diva Polish on Etsy.  The brand also does some amazing glitter shade (very Lippmann, with a smaller pricetag) which are seriously tempting me at the moment.
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