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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Quick Pick: Ojon Rare Blend Moisture Therapy Conditioner

I've somehow been through a number of tubes of Ojon's Rare Blend Moisture Therapy conditioner without writing about it - a mistake, as it's one of my favourite intensive conditioners.  A thick, almost clay-like cream, it distributes easily through wet hair and helps to detangle immediately.  Left on for two minutes, hair is left feeling very smooth and silky - you know that feeling when you rinse out a really good conditioner, and your hair feels so silky smooth as the water runs through it, that it's almost like you're in a shampoo commercial?  Yeah, that.

Combined with Ojon's Rare Blend Cleansing Conditioner, this stuff makes for incredibly silky, well hydrated hair - a treat if your hair is dry, coloured, or in need of a bit of TLC.  I sometimes leave it on for fifteen minutes for an extra shot of hydration, and sometimes I mix a bit of it in with my Directions hair colour to guarantee amazingly shiny results.  Sometimes I also use a tiny bit as a leave-in conditioner after washing, too, which works beautifully so long as I don't use too much.

Overall, then, a lovely product for dry hair - and a pretty adaptable one at that.  At £23 for 150ml, it's not cheap, but thanks to the thickness of the product you don't need a lot, and you can easily stretch out the tube for a few months if you're careful.  Find it now at Boots.

Disclosure:  The one photographed is a PR sample, but the one currently in my bathroom was bought by me.

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Hot or Hype? Olaplex at Billi Currie

A few weeks ago, I went down to Billi Currie's Tardis-like salon near Baker Street to try out the Olaplex treatment.  If you're at all interested in hair, you've probably heard of Olaplex already - it's the latest damage repairing, hair fixing treatment on the market, and The Internet is impressed.

Olaplex claims that the treatment system can repair the bonds in the hair which are broken down by colouring and styling.  It works best on hair which is pretty frazzled.  As the first stage, a slightly yellowy fluid, was applied to my dry hair, I was told that that Olaplex is so game changing that there are already copycats on the market (all suspiciously ending in 'plex'), and that it's an interesting development from a company who are focused on science rather than wringing more money from an already saturated haircare market.

Yeah, I thought, sounds like the usual product marketing bullshit.  As I sat and waited for the first stage to soak in, I noted that indeed, many of the big hair players have released a 'plex' product.  Ten minutes later, the second stage product was applied - unlike the watery first step, this one felt more familiar, being a conditioner-like fluid which was applied atop my already damp hair.  Ten minutes more, and it was shampooed out.

Afterwards I had a blowdry (which was excellent) and was surprised by the level of shine my hair had in it, but still - I've never had a blow dry which didn't end with beautifully shiny hair.  The real test, I was told, was how my hair felt in the following weeks, and whether my vibrant pink colour faded more slowly, as it should do following the treatment.

Three weeks on and I'm a definite convert.  My colour is holding better (although that might also have something to do with the new colour I'm trialling), but most impressively, my hair is significantly less fluffy than it was before, requiring only a bit of oil to dry naturally to a smooth(ish), rather than frizzy, finish.  And all this after a single treatment.  Olaplex is designed to be used frequently, and can actually be added to colour as it's applied to the hair to pre-empt the damage.

I'll definitely be using it again - perhaps not as a standalone service, which costs £50 at Billi Currie (ouch), but as an add-in to my colour service, which is a much more reasonable £20 at Rockalily Cuts, my regular hairdresser.  If your hair, like mine, suffers from regular colour/bleach and heat styling, it's well worth a try.

Disclosure: Complimentary treatment received at Billi Currie in exchange for a review

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Mixed Feelings: Michael Van Clark 3 More Inches Haircare System

Michael Van Clark's 3 More Inches haircare range has been around for a while.  I recently met Mr Van Clark himself at his London salon, and heard him speak about the product range.  Unfortunately he spent half his time criticising other products, which always makes me suspicious, and there was a slightly dubious demo which claimed that because silicone products don't mix with water in a jar, they can't help the hair retain moisture.  Anyway, slightly dodgy PR techniques aside, I've been trying out the haircare system for the past two weeks and thought I'd share my thoughts so far.

First off, the 3 More Inches name is a bit misleading - this isn't a system to encourage growth, but a system to care for the hair so it doesn't break and snap, and thus can grow longer.  This introductory set costs £24.50, and contains three products - 100ml of the pre-wash treatment, 75ml of the shampoo and conditioner each.  To use the system, you're supposed to saturate the hair with the treatment every other wash, leaving it on for at least an hour, but preferably overnight.  You then wash and condition your hair, and voila, super soft, 'youthful' hair.

I used about half of the 100ml tube on my thick, shoulder length hair and managed to saturate only the ends - I think it'd take the entire tube to completely saturate my hair.  As a result I've only used the pre-wash treatment once, whilst I've used the shampoo and conditioner twice or three times.  My experiences so far have been that this system does indeed give you soft, healthy feeling hair - the hair doesn't have that overly silky feeling it can have from more silicone-based products.

Ultimately, I've not been blown away by the shampoo and conditioner, nor have I been blown away by the pre-wash treatment as a pre-wash treatment.  Instead, I've been using a little dab of the pre-wash treatment as a leave in conditioner, and it helps to define and shape my curls whilst leaving them feeling very soft and hydrated.  If you have dry, thick, curly hair I'd definitely recommend the pre-wash treatment as a leave in conditioner.  As for the shampoo and conditioner.. I'm not convinced that they add much to the mix for the £17 cost of the full size bottles.

Disclosure:  PR sample

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Surprisingly Good: L'Oreal Ever Riche Perfect Elixir Spray Masque Spray

When this golden bottle arrived on my doorstep, I was pretty cynical about it.  Why, I wondered, would you want a spray hair mask, when it's so easy to just pick up a dollop in your fingers and smoosh it into your midlengths and ends?  Surely this is just a gimmick?

Turns out that it's not a gimmick, and it has an advantage over dolloping masks willy nilly on your noggin.  It's virtually impossible to overapply, thanks to the light yet still hydrating mist produced by the spray nozzle.  Spritzed into the hair after shampoo and conditioner (or just shampoo if the hair is fine or oily), it makes detangling a doddle and hydrates the hair beautifully without weighing it down.  Easy to rinse out too.  It's gone from being a product I didn't really see the point in to being a bit of a staple in the shower for when I want some lovely moisture without heaviness.

Find it at Boots for a mere £6.99.

Disclosure: PR sample

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Sunday, 11 August 2013

HER Haircare Rituals: Volumising Travel Set

HER Haircare Rituals is a new haircare brand, with roots in the Veneto region of Italy.  Before I talk about the products themselves, I have to report that I discovered that this range is actually the work of John Barrowman.  Who, according to the HER website, has seen first hand what a woman's hair has to go through on a daily basis.  Being a performer gives you a unique insight into women's hair, apparently.  Part of me wants to dislike these products just because of the Barrowman association - he's one of those people who I just instantly dislike.  Overly saccarine, giant smile, all ego and terrible cheesiness.  BAH.

Anyway.  Barrowman aside, these haircare products are actually pretty good.  The Volumising Shampoo cleanses deeply and leaves the hair feeling soft, bouncy and light without drying it out.  The Volumising Conditioner is surprisingly rich and hydrating, but still has a light texture which doesn't weigh the hair down.  And the Trecento Treatment is very unusual - it has the texture of room temperature butter mixed with clay, and it hydrates the hair without coating it.  I personally prefer good old Batiste to the Volumising Powder, but it definitely does it's job, absorbing oil and adding volume at the roots.

The system as a whole is surprisingly good for a volumising range which adds hydration to the hair.  My hair has been bouncy, full and light since I started using the shampoo, conditioner and treatment, and rather impressively remains bouncy beyond the first day after a wash.

All four products are available as a mini-travel set, which is reasonably priced at £24.  The shampoo and conditioner, which are the stand out products for me, are £15 and £17 respectively for decent sized 250ml bottles.  I'm definitely investing when my mini bottles run out, Barrowman regardless.

Disclosure: PR samples

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Quick Pick: Tresemme Keratin Smooth Treatment Shot

This little tube contains one of Tresemme's latest products - a concentrated conditioning treatment which aims to reduce frizz and smooth the hair.  You apply it to freshly washed hair, leave it on for sixty seconds - and voila, smooth hair.

I was wondering whether the 15ml tube would contain enough product to coat my shoulder length, reasonably thick hair, but the product itself is pretty silky and distributes easily through the hair - I had plenty of product to cover my whole head, with a little extra to concentrate on the ends.

After sixty seconds, I rinsed out and let my hair dry naturally - and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my hair was indeed smoother, with less flyaways and frizz.  It also felt very soft and well conditioned.

At a mere £1.49, Tresemme's Keratin Smooth Treatment Shot is a bit of a bargain - it's cheap, it works, and it comes in a format which is perfect for packing a conditioning punch whilst you're travelling.  Find it from the end of July at the usual Tresemme stockists.

Disclosure: PR sample

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Review: Invati Botanical Hair and Scalp Treatment at the Aveda Institute

A few weeks ago I trundled down to the Aveda Institute in Holborn for an Invati Botanical Hair and Scalp Treatment, which promises to refresh and invigorate the scalp using Aveda's Invati range, designed to target thinning hair and give a fuller, thicker feeling.

Arriving a little early, I plonked myself down in Le Pain Quotidien for a cup of coffee and a quiet half hour of reading my book.  The cafe is situated inside the Aveda Institute, which means it gets the full benefit of the lovely herbal Aveda scents wafting in the air, and after a bit of me-time I just walked through to the main salon.

After donning an oh-so-sexy black hairdressing robe, my treatment started with an application of an invigorating scalp potion and a short massage to work it into my scalp and the roots of my hair.  The sounds of the busy salon faded away as the stylist gave my head a very firm and very relaxing working over.

Scalp massage finished, I was led to the sink where my hair was very thoroughly washed and conditioned with Invati products.  The shampoo is slightly exfoliating, and it was applied twice and massaged in for minutes after it had been lathered up - likewise, the conditioner was applied from root to tip and massaged in some more.

My freshly washed hair and I then took a seat back in the main salon, and after an application of the Invati scalp treatment, I was treated to an absolutely excellent blow dry.  I requested smoothness and volume, and my hair was gloriously smooth, shiny, bouncy and flicky afterwards.  Here's some terrible camera phone photo evidence:

So, the verdict?  I'm not sure I would really count this as a treatment - it's more of a souped up blow dry.  At £50, it's a relatively expensive indulgence, but my hair really did look and feel fabulous, and the blow dry lasted for four days before I needed dry shampoo to prolong it's lifetime - which is virtually unheard of for my hair, which is usually oily after two days.  I'd definitely indulge again for a special occasion.

A final word to the wise - the original PR release for this treatment had it at £60 for 60 minutes, the Aveda spa menu has it at £60 for 75 minutes, and my treatment would have been charged at £50 for 45 minutes.  So if you do decide to indulge in this rather lovely treatment, make sure you confirm the price and duration with reception when you book.

Disclosure: Treatment provided free of charge for review purposes

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fighting Thinning Hair: Kerastase Initialiste and Bain Stimuliste GL

I've spoken a fair bit about the effects of my contraceptive implant, which I had installed about eight months ago, and finally removed two months ago.  My skin was pretty badly affected, but my biggest concern was (and still is) hair loss.  I estimate about half of my hair has fallen out, and I've gone from having thick hair which needs controlling with anti frizz product, to having hair which is flat and thin and requires a lot of volumising.

It's heartbreaking, particularly since my bright red hair is one of my most noticeable features.

Anyway, my hairdresser and good friend Silvie suggested I try Kerastase's latest treatment product, Initialiste, alongside their classic stimulating shampoo Bain Stimuliste GL, to try to reduce the hair loss and make my hair look and feel thicker.

Initialiste is a scalp serum which claims to make the hair feel thicker, look shinier, and prevent damage via breakage.  After washing and towel drying, I part my hair four times and apply dots of serum along the parting using the pipette.  I then massage my scalp quickly before blow drying.

For me, sticking to the same shampoo and treatment when washing my hair is somewhat novel - I usually have at least four shampoos, conditioners and serums on the go.  But I really feel like the combination of Bain Stimuliste and Initialiste has slowed down the hair loss a little - instead of a large clump of hair coming out every time I wash, it's now only a strand or two.  My hair is also growing back more quickly: my head is currently crowned with a halo of fuzzy red short hairs.

Granted, this hasn't been the most scientific of experiments, and at least part of using these products is psychological, creating reassurance that I'm doing everything I can to help my hair situation.  Whether they're genuinely having an effect or not, they do make me feel better about my hair, which is half the battle at the moment!

Initialiste is expensive, at £40 a bottle, but a little goes a long way, and if your hair is suffering like mine is, it's probably a price you'll happily pay.  Bain Stimuliste GL is expensive for a shampoo, but not for a Kerastaste shampoo, at £16.50.  Feel Unique are currently running a good deal on Kerastase at the moment, with Initialiste costing £34 and Bain Stimuliste GL costing £13.20 with free delivery.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Quick Pick: Morrocanoil

I'm just about to order my third bottle of Moroccanoil, so I figure it deserves a bit of a shout-out. This much-copied oil for hair turbo-charged the trend for all things Argan and Morocco-related a few years back, and is still a popular player, appearing in a many a hairdressers' window. I use the original version, rather than the "light" one, and I like it...

a) because of its smell, which is sweetly fruity, zesty and refreshing - nothing like actual argan oil (which smells kind of nutty and stale, like weird peanut butter)

b) because it significantly cuts down blowdrying time. My hair isn't especially thick, but anything that can reduce the amount of time I have to spend blasting hot air at it is good stuff in my book

Moroccanoil is not cheap, costing around £30 for 100ml, but you use it like a hair serum, adding just a couple of drops to damp hair after washing. So it lasts a decent amount of time.

I bought my last bottle from Feelunique, where it costs £30.45 including delivery
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