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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Colourpop Super Shock Shadows in Mixed Tape, Nillionaire, Cricket, Friskie, 3 & Lala

Top row: Mixed Tape, Nillionaire, Cricket
Bottom row: Friskie, 3, Lala

Top row: Mixed Tape, Nillionaire, Cricket
Bottom row: Friskie, 3, Lala

Mixed Tape, Nillionaire, Cricket

Friskie, 3, Lala

I really need to stop buying Colourpop Super Shock Shadows.  I now have over thirteen of them, and I keep wanting to buy more simply because they're the most multi-dimensional shimmer shadows I've tried, and they aren't half as messy as the loose pigments which give a similar effect.

I ordered another six to arrive at the office during my most recent visit to the US, and I specifically chose the shimmeriest, most metallic shades I could find in colours I'm pretty sure I'll wear every day.

Mixed Tape is from Colourpop's latest 90s themed collection, and it's a lovely dirty greyed violet which goes nicely with my hazel eyes.  It doesn't have sparkle, but it has a lovely semi-metallic finish.  Nillionaire is a super sparkly brown - the glitter is brown, gold, silver, and even a little bit of dark pewter, and it's a beautifully sparkly take on a very wearable base shade.  Cricket is a metallic mid-plum with silver and purple shimmer.  Friskie was a bit of a risk - black can look too heavy on my hooded lids - but it's gorgeous and easy to wear a little more sheerly.  It's also packed with teal, blue and silver glitter.  3 is another take on a wearable brown, this time with silver and icy blue glitter.  Lala is an insanely metallic coppery gold shade, which to me looks exactly like a penny in the swatch.  On the eye you can wear it this intense, or blend it for a more subtle look.

I really love these shadows (did I mention I like the glitter?), not least because they're very easy to apply - I've tried them with a synthetic brush and with my ring finger, and I think they apply best using fingers.  The slightly bouncy, cream to powder texture makes the shadow very blendable: I usually apply and blend one layer in a sheer wash, then apply a second layer wherever I want more intensity - usually in the centre of the lid.  Gorgeous.  Particularly for a mere $5 each.

Find them at the Colourpop website, and then find a friend to mule you some from the States, STAT.

Disclosure:  Bought by me.

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Cosmic, Ether, Solstice and Scorpio

Urban Decay have added four new shades to their Moondust Eyeshadow range for spring, and very pretty they are too.  Although, not very spring like, because they're not a) pastel b) soft and shimmery c) polished neutrals.

Packaged in Urban Decay's statement New York subway token compacts, they're at once sturdy and lightweight.

Clockwise from top left:  Scorpio, Ether, Solstice and Cosmic

Clockwise from top left:  Scorpio, Ether, Solstice and Cosmic

The shadows themselves are, as ever, ultra sparkly, with a glitter finish which isn't at all chunky, rather using fine particles for what Urban Decay describe as a 3D finish.  Obviously, no-one has 2D eyelids, so take that with a pinch of salt.

Left to right:  Scorpio, Ether, Cosmic, Solstice
Scorpio is a matte black with gold sparkle, and it makes for a great smoky eye with a twist.  Ether is a gorgeous plum-purple base with purple, lilac and pewter sparkle - just the kind of shade that makes the green in my eyes pop.  Cosmic is the least exciting of the four - it's a shimmering white with white-gold and silver sparkle.  Wearable enough, but nowhere near the statement that the other shades are.

Of these four shades, Solstice is the one that calls to me - it's a lovely, reddish pinky brown base with a stunning light green shimmer which flips from barely there to POW GREEN as you move around.  This red/green duochrome shift is nothing new - I have a few nail polishes with this exact shift - but this is one of the better eyeshadow versions I've seen.

It's also surprisingly wearable, being essentially a warm brownish base, with added interest from the green sparkle.  It catches the light delicately and pairs well with neutral blusher and pink lipstick for a polished but not boring look.

The formula of Moondust Eyeshadow means that you'll get fall out regardless of whether you apply with a brush or your fingers, and if you look carefully at the photo above you'll see I've got a smattering of greenish glitter under my eyes.  It's not awful, though, and I've found that using a firm bristled brush and dabbing rather than blending the colour makes for less fall out.  You can also slightly dampen the brush for a slightly more intense finish, and even less fall out.

All in all, these shadows are glorious if you love a bit of sparkle - Solstice is my pick for unique, wearable glitter which plays nicely with stronger lip shades.  At £14 each, these shadows are expensive, but for the beauty and uniqueness of the finish, I think they're worth it, particularly for shades like Solstice and Ether.  Find them now at the Urban Decay website.

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lippmann-a-Like: BeautyBay The Collection Nail Polish

Left to right:  It's a Starry Sky on Wall Street, Champagne's Flowing on Hollywood Boulevard,
Fairy Lights Twinkle on Fifth Avenue
I didn't know BeautyBay did nail polish until these landed on my doorstep a little while ago.  And what nail polishes they are - for anyone who's a fan of Deborah Lippmann's complex glitter/shimmer finishes, these three are an absolute joy.  Particularly since they're a fraction of the price of a Lippmann polish at just £5 each (currently discounted to £2.50), with a 5-for-£9.95 deal making them even cheaper.

It's a Starry Sky on Wall Street has a black base with gold, copper and greenish gold glitter, with a smattering of very fine holographic particles.  It's opaque in two medium-thick coats and lasts for ages - I've worn it for a week before with only minor tipwear.  It's not all out flashy, but it is very interesting on the nail, and catches the light in a more subtle way than more twinkly glitters.

Champagne's Flowing on Hollywood Boulevard is one of those soft champagne golds which glows on the nail and isn't too yellow toned.  There's silver and gold glitter in there, and the overall effect is classy and pretty.  Application on this one is good, too, with no brush marks and wear time of around four days on my nails.

With it's multi-coloured glitter and clear base, Fairy Lights Twinkle on Fifth Avenue is similar to Deborah Lippman's iconic Happy Birthday, although it has more teeny-tiny glitter particles and less hexagonal glitter.  Best applied over a solid colour, this one - building it up to opaque glitter is difficult to do, and difficult to remove.

So there you have it.  Three gorgeous polishes, at a very reasonable price.  Have you tried BeautyBay nail polish yet?

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Enamel in Grey To Meet You and Glitterizer

Meet two new polishes for the Christmas season from Bourjois - bucking the usual festive themed colours, they've gone monochrome instead of red and green.  Grey To Meet You is a gloriously deep rich grey shade, and Glitterizer is full of flaky silver glitter which works beautifully well on top of Grey To Meet You for an edgy yet still sparkly nail look.

Both are from the 1 Seconde range, which means you get an excellent brush which spreads colour quickly and evenly across the nail.  You'll need two coats of Grey To Meet You for an opaque finish, and unfortunately Glitterizer isn't particularly smooth in the application - there's a bit of selective poking requires to get the glitter evenly distributed across the nail.

Find them at the usual Bourjois stockists for £5.99 each.

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Urban Decay Limited Edition Pulp Fiction Collection

Urban Decay have released a limited edition collection inspired by Pulp Fiction - to mark the 20th anniversary of the film's release.  I can't believe it's been 20 years - although I do remember quite clearly being around 13, bringing the video home, and my Mum immediately switching it off when we got to the shooting up scene.

Anyway - the collection may be emblazoned with Pulp Fiction, but it's really about Mrs Mia Wallace, the film's feisty front woman.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Accessorize 3D Glitter Polish in Dream

I realised the other day that I had a glitter polish in my stash that I'd never even worn - so naturally, I slapped it straight on my nails.  Accessorize's 3D Glitter Polish comes in two shades - Dream, a cobalt blue micro-glitter with larger purple glitters, and Magic, a purple glitter of varying sizes and shades.  I'm wearing Dream here - the finish is a bit rough and ready, but it does catch the light beautifully.  Application is a bit difficult, with the polish being a bit globby, but two coats gets you a comprehensively sparkly finish.  It costs £4 at Superdrug and the Accessorize website.

Disclosure: Purchased by me.

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

NOTD: Orly Color Blast Aqua 3D Glitter

Orly has a new range of colour out - it's called Color Blast, and there are a whopping 50 shades available at Boots now.  With a new, curvy bottle, and the usual super grippy Orly cap, an 11ml bottle will cost you £9.50 - OPI prices, then, and thankfully with performance to match.

This lovely, sparkling shade is called Aqua 3D Glitter, and it's a corker.  It's made up of teeny tiny glitter particles in a bright aqua shade, mixed with larger silver dots - the result is a multi-dimensional glitter with a sand-like, slightly gritty finish.  This shade is a topcoat eater - if you want to smooth the grit you'll need two thick coats of topcoat.

Yes, removal is a pain.  But application is surprisingly smooth for such a dense glitter - you'll only need two coats, and the glitter disperses very evenly indeed.  Dry time is very quick - only a couple of minutes to set rock solid without topcoat - and wear is excellent, too.  I managed six days before chips started to set in.

All in all, a very nice glitter polish - I have high hopes for the rest of the range.

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

NOTD: Revlon Heavenly + Topshop AWOL

Topshop's AWOL is one of my favourite polishes - it's a clean, bright Smartie blue, and I often use it as a base colour for interesting topcoats.  This topcoat is definitely interesting - it's called Heavenly, it's by Revlon, and it's a really interesting mix of flakie-colour-shift plus hexagon-and-square-glitter.

This is two coats of Heavenly atop two coats of AWOL.  The small square and medium sized hexagon glitter in Heavenly is made out of an opalescent material that flashes blue, pink and green depending on how the light hits it - it's gorgeous, particularly if you're a fan of light-bending nail looks.  Unsurprisingly, all that glitter makes it difficult to remove, but it's totally, absolutely worth it.

You'll find AWOL at Topshop for a mere £5, and Heavenly at Boots for £6.49.

Disclosure: AWOL is an ancient press sample, and I bought Heavenly during a recent Boots trip.

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow in Metallic Dusty Rose

My recent mini-Sephora spree had to include one of these Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish eyeshadows - I've been keeping half an eye on them since they launched, wondering if there was a space in my life for a super metallic eyeshadow, given that I rarely venture anywhere flashier than the pub of an evening.  My first choice colour, a lovely taupey lilac, wasn't available, so I snapped up Metallic Dusty Rose, which is a very silvery pink.

The little cardboard box contains three items - the eyeshadow itself, a tiny vial of liquid, and a mixing tray.  The liquid and the tray help you to mix the eyeshadow into a super-metallic liquid, which you then paint upon your lids.  You can also use the shadow dry, which gives a more sparkly, less metallic effect.

The texture of the eyeshadow itself is weird.  It's not really a solid, nor is it a powder, nor is it a cream.  It's almost like a ton of metallic flakes held together by a teeny tiny amount of jelly.  Pressing your finger onto the surface does cause it to give a little, and a swipe will get you a fingertip covered with little sparkly flakes of shadow.

Left - dry swatch; right - wet swatch
Natural ambient light

Left - dry swatch; right - wet swatch
Direct sunlight
The effects are stunning, provided you're up for a statement eye, and it's hard to describe just how beautifully this product catches the light - I've put a moving swatch on Instagram to help show how it looks in real life.  I've been really enjoying applying a bit of this colour dry on top of taupe eyeshadow for a neutral but sparkling look - I've yet to wear the full on metallic look in anything stronger than a flick of liner.  For applying dry, I'd recommend using a finger, and dabbing very carefully across the lid - it can be hard to get even application otherwise.  Applying wet is best left to a synthetic brush for ultimate smoothness.

I paid $32 for mine at Sephora - whereas over here, the Stila website is selling them for a staggering £33.50.  That's a pretty insane price differential - even adding tax to the US price doesn't bring it anywhere near the UK price.  If you fancy one of these, ask someone to bring you one home from the US rather than indulging here.

Disclosure: Purchased by me in a surprisingly restrained Sephora haul whilst in Seattle.

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Friday, 21 March 2014

Deborah Lippmann Two of Hearts Mini Duet Set

This cute little set contains two dinky 8ml Deborah Lippmann shades encased in a super-glittery pouch, designed to match the rainbow-on-pink glitter of Candy Shop.  The milkshade pink cream is Shape of My Heart, and it complements the brash glitter of Candy Shop very well.

Candy Shop is one of those glitters Deborah Lippmann does very, very well - a tinted jelly base with plenty of glitter particles in a multitude of shapes and sizes, which layers up to make a wonderfully dimensional glitter nail that's sparkly but also a bit sophisticated.

Well, I think it's sophisticated, those of you who don't squee over sparkly things might disagree.

And here's a classic accent nail mani, with Shape of My Heart and Candy Shop, both worn alone.  Three coats of Candy Shop gets this level of glittery opacity, and a whopping four coats of Shape of My Heart was required for a streak free, fully opaque milkshake pink nail.

Granted, this colour combination isn't going to look great on all skin tones, but it looks good enough on my pale, cool skin, and would look stunning against dark skintones too.  Surprisingly, this little set is a mere £18 - the same price as a full size Lippmann polish - so if you want two great little shades and a sparkly bag (coin purse?  evening bag for people who go out with a lipstick and a debit card?), you'll be getting a good deal with this set.  Moreover, you'll be indirectly benefitting a charity - 10% of sales of this set will be donated to a breast care centre in California.  Find it now at Selfridges.

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

NOTD: Girly Bits Sofa King Messy

I bought this polish in a mini-haul of Girly Bits polishes - all of which were glittery/holographic/duochome/anything but boring.  I love the name - it's a little bit rude and a little bit descriptive, because this polish is a seeming mess of mismatching glitters of different sizes in a clear base.  The glitter is dense - there's tons of it in there - and it's a real mix of predominantly blue shades, with copper, red, green, purple, silver and gold thrown in for good measure.

I've got many, many glitter polishes (I take an obscure pleasure in being in Very Serious Meetings at work with offensively sparkly nails) and very few of them apply as smoothly as this one.  With mixed glitters like this, you can end up poking the glitter into place on the nail, but this polish needs no such special treatment - two coats later, it's a dense, evenly distributed affair with plenty of eyecatching sparkle.  I've applied it over a black cream here to highlight the sparkle, but if you really wanted to you could layer this up to full opacity alone.  Removal, unsurprisingly, is a pain in the arse, but totally worth it.

You'll find Sofa King Messy at Rainbow Connection, where it costs a reasonably spendy £9.60 - worth every penny, in my mind, because I've not seen anything similar before.

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

BUY THIS NOW: Girly Bits Nail Lacquer in Into the Night

I made an opportunistic Girly Bits order from Rainbow Connection the other day.  They sell out of the brand's super unique polishes very quickly, so I nabbed a good few whilst they were in stock briefly the other week.  Into the Night was the first I applied - and oh my!  It's amazing.  A black jelly base with tons of rainbow holographic particles, it catches the light like no-one's business and is SO very eyecatching.

I applied three coats above, and it's still a little soft thanks to the jelly-like base.  A coat or two applied on top of a solid black cream is much, much more striking.

Here it is in the bottle, with three friends I bought to keep it company.

Into the Night, I Hit My Bunny Phone, Sofa King Messy, Bawitdaba

At around £9 each, they're not cheap, but all four are pretty unique - I Hit My Bunny Phone in particular is a multichrome unlike anything I've ever seen before.  You'll find the range (when it's not sold out) at Rainbow Connection.

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

NOTD: L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Spring 2014 - Nouvelle Vague and Disco Ball

I took this photo far too late, really - I had a really, really good manicure courtesy of L'Oreal Paris in celebration of their new Spring 2014 range, and I went and chipped it before I took a photo.  Although, to be fair, I did take this photo five days later, so a bit of chipping is kinda acceptable.  Anyway, chips aside, look at my perfect ring finger nail!  Perfect.  Just ignore those chipped ones.  Thanks.

Anyway, the L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche spring collection comes in two halves - Les Blancs (a selection of pastel shades) and The Topcoats (unsurprisingly, top coats).  I'm wearing Nouvelle Vague from Les Blancs, a gloriously soft and dusty lilac, with a good coat of Disco Ball top coat on top of it.  The effect is very soft and spring-like, but with a hefty dusting of sparkle - just the way I like it.  Not bad for a mere £4.99 each at your local Boots/Superdrug.

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

NOTD: Orly Halo

I love love LOVE Orly's little bottles of polish - at £5 they're quite expensive, but they're dinky, great quality, and small enough that I actually stand a chance of using a whole one up (maybe).  Halo is a sparkling combination of silver and gold glitter in a clear base - the glitter varies from tiny little specks which give an almost foiled looking base, to larger chunks which catch the light.  

I'm wearing three coats here, and surprisingly, the polish was perfectly smooth to touch with a bit of topcoat on top.  It also applied smoothly, with no dragging, and no need to poke glitter into place to get an even finish.  Three coats is plenty for an opaque glitter nail, if that's your thing, or a single coat works well to add sparkle as a topcoat.

You'll find Orly mini polishes at - or in store, where the selection is much better.

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

NOTD: Seche Nail Lacquer in Sparkle, Clink, Kiss

This is a very, very Christmassy little number from Seche - called Sparkle, Clink, Kiss, it's made up of bright gold and bronze glitter in a clear base with larger red glitter suspended in it.  It goes onto the nail surprisingly smoothly for something so glitter-tastic, and two coats left me suspecting it was opaque, but not really sure.  At most angles, looking at this polish just gives you a burst of bright, bright gold with red flecks - but at some angles, you can see the gaps between the glitter particles and the nail looks a little patchy.

It's a fairly minor point, though, and one easily remedied by layering the glitter over a solid base coat, or applying three or four coats (I'm wearing two above).  I can't wait to try this over a black cream or a red cream - I reckon it'll be even more strikingly, dazzlingly, sparklingly Christmassy.

Wear was reasonable, at around four days before chunks of glitter started pinging off my nail, and removal, as you'd expect, was an utter pain in the arse, requiring a good soak before the glitter would budge.  At £9.99, it's not cheap, but this polish is a bit of a star - I have a lot of polishes, and I've got nothing that looks anything like this.

Find it now at BeautyBay, where it's currently on sale for £7.99.

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

OMGGLITTER: Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder

The final piece of Urban Decay's Christmas puzzle, which contains two eyeliner sets, and two eyeshadow palettes, this shimmer powder is described as a "soft, glowing beige powder".

It comes in a very pretty compact with a sparkling beige top and tea-coloured flower motifs.  There's a mirror in the top, and underneath the powder, there's a mini fan brush to application.

The domed powder is quite big - it's clearly something designed to be used for body as well as face.  Looking at it, it's a soft, pale champagne coloured powder, with shimmer.  But... the shimmer you can see on the pan isn't the whole story.  When you apply it....


The sparkles in this powder are fairly big, and instead of a subtle highlighting sheen, you get a distinctly glittery effect.  I also found that the glitter particles are pretty fine, and seemed to migrate easily onto my clothes, into my hair.... even onto my cat*.

So, if you're looking for a subtle highlighter to give you that lovely sheen on your cheekbones, collarbone, etc - stay well away.  If you like looking more like a discoball, or if you have a party to go to, this might well float your boat.  Find it now at Debenhams where it will cost you £20.

Disclosure: PR sample

* Might be exaggerating a little here.

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

NOTD: Models Own Fireworks Collection in Sparkler

This utterly glorious polish is Sparkler by Models Own, part of the recently released Fireworks collection.  Like its fellow Fireworks polishes, it's a clear base packed with glitter particles - in this case, the glitter is made up entirely of holographic bars, which catch the light beautifully.

I've applied two coats on top of Cheeky Take Me Chrome, and the two work really well together - the metallic silver of Take Me Chrome complements the bar glitter in Sparkler, and it all looks a bit flat and silver until the light catches it at the right angle - then it bursts with multicoloured sparkle which changes as you watch.  Admittedly, Sparkler suffers from the usual glitter topcoat problems - there's a fair amount of poking and prodding that has to go on to get the bar pieces to lie evenly across the nail.  Totally worth it though - I wore this manicure for almost a whole week with no visible signs of chips or tipwear.

My nails also gathered a huge number of compliments whilst I was wearing Take Me Chrome and Sparkler.  In particular, one of my male, software engineer colleagues said my nails were mesmerising.  Can't do better than that.

You'll find the Models Own Fireworks collection online at the Models Own website, and in their bottleshops and select Boots branches.  Sparkler (and its equally sparkly friends) will cost you a mere £5.

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

NOTD: Bourjois Dangerous Wish

You can tell I've been wearing this rather gorgeous new Bourjois glitter polish for a good week, can't you?  Look how much my nails have grown in at the cuticle!  Anyway.  This is Dangerous Wish, which is one of the polishes Bourjois will be releasing for Halloween.  It's a lovely black jelly base with golden particles and hexagons - the surprise being that when the light hits it, the golden bits turn out to be holographic!  It's so pretty, and my photo here doesn't really show it in it's full glory, thanks to the lack of proper bright sun at 7AM.  It wears well, too - unusually I'd been wearing it for about five days when I took this photo, and there's only the merest tipwear visible.

This'll be out closer to Halloween, and it'll cost a very reasonable £5.99.

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

NOTD: Model's Own Southern Lights (Wonderland Collection)

I've not seen a lot of buzz about Model's Own's latest Wonderland collection, perhaps because the world is still so excited about the heavy glitter of the Mirrorball collection, and still loving the duochrome shades of Beetlejuice.  Wonderland is just a pretty, though - only a little more subtle.  It's made of wintery pale shades with hefty doses of ethereal glitter and holographic sparkle.  Southern Lights is one of the two holographic shades in the collection - I've also bought Northern Lights, it's pink counterpart, so expect swatches of that soon.

Southern Lights is a gorgeous light lilac/silver shade with a hell of a lot of holographic sparkle.  It catches the light beautifully, and in direct light (natural or artificial), it fizzes with multi-coloured sparks.  It's very eye-catching, and satisfies my need for twinkly nails perfectly.

Unfortunately, application was a bit gloopy, and I had to work carefully and quickly to make sure my nails were evenly coated with polish.  Two fairly thick coats give great opacity, although due to the thickness of the polish I did notice pooling and often ended up painting bits of my cuticles too.  I'm curious to see how it looks over another base colour, as well as layered up on its own.

Find it at Model's Own stockists, or on the Model's Own website, where it'll cost you a very reasonable £5. I bought it at the Bottle Shop at Westfield, as part of a highly bargain-tastic 6 polishes for £20 deal.  As if I needed any more polish...

Sunday, 6 January 2013

NOTD: Model's Own Purple Haze

If you like a bit of sparkle, this Model's Own glitter should be right up your proverbial street.  Purple Haze is an intensely sparkly Dairy Milk wrapper purple - and the reason it's so twinkly is that it's made up of multi-tonal purple glitter in a clear base.  Three coats gives incredible opacity and a look that catches the light in a major way.

Application is a little bit gloopy, as you might imagine with something with this density of glitter particles.  Three coats also took a little while to dry, despite a thick coat of speed-dry topcoat - I messed up one nail by stroking it to see if it was dry and actually ended up stretching the polish off the end of my nail.  Weird.  Surprisingly, Purple Rain feels pretty smooth after a bit of topcoat - probably because the glitter is quite fine.

I can only imagine the pain I'm going to feel when I come to remove it.

Find it at the Model's Own website, where it'll cost you a totally bargainous £5.

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