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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Clinique Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick & Foundation Buff Brush

Clinique's ever-expanding Chubby line takes on foundation in its latest incarnation - meet Chubby In The Nude foundation stick, £23, which promises super natural, buildable coverage in a portable stick format.

Stick foundations are nothing new, and are firmly associated with heavy, panstik-like coverage in my mind - but Chubby In The Nude is really the polar opposite.  The coverage is light to medium and buildable, so you can apply a couple of layers to get more coverage without a heavy finish.  I've been applying a single layer, which does a great job of evening out my skintone and covering small blemishes, with perhaps a little more under the eyes to cover my dark circles.

I've been so, so impressed with the finish on this foundation - it's very natural, not too matte nor too dewy, and it looks just like my skin, albeit in much better condition.  I don't usually touch up my foundation during the day, but if I did, I'd find the stick format easily portable, and indeed, it takes up a lot less space than a traditional bottle of foundation when I'm travelling.

One thing I don't quite agree with Clinique on is the level of hydration it provides - it's a fairly dry affair on application, and the skin needs to be well hydrated or primed to enable smooth blending.  That said, once it's on, it doesn't dry the skin out, but I wouldn't describe it as a particularly moisturising foundation.

Alongside the Chubby In The Nude foundation, Clinique have launched a new, dual-fibre Foundation Buff Brush designed to buff foundation into the skin for a flawless finish.  I've been using it to blend the lines of Chubby foundation I've been drawing across my face (fun!) and it does a great job - if you don't already own a dual-fibre buffing brush, it's a great addition to your brush kit, even if it is a little on the expensive side at £28.

Overall, Chubby In The Nude is a hit with me - I love the coverage, the super-natural finish, and the portability.  Well worth £23, if you can find a good match in the 10 shades available.

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Friday, 18 March 2016

Quick Pick: Kiko Cosmetics Artist Foundation Face Brush

Kiko's latest Artist collection takes bright pops of colour and translates them into makeup - not just into the makeup itself, but also into the packaging, and in this case, the brushes.  This Artist Foundation Face Brush cheered me up the moment I opened the box - it combines a sleek white handle, a crisp silver ferrule, and synthetic white hairs tipped in hot, hot pink.

Aside from how it looks, it's also pretty damn good for applying foundation - the slightly pointed, chiseled tip lets you buff foundation with precision even in smaller areas like around the nose and under the eyes.  The hairs are soft and fluffy, letting you quickly buff liquid foundation over the face for a very smooth and even finish.

At just £13.90, it's much cheaper than most high street beauty counter brushes, and it performs brilliantly.  And it adds a cheerful pop of colour into my otherwise all-black brush pot.  Find it at the Kiko website or at one of their increasing number of stores.

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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Glowy in a Good Way: Bare Minerals Bareskin Serum Foundation

Dear readers, as you may know, I dislike glowy finish foundations.  I like matte, or semi matte foundations, and I love that white silica powder which mattifies things without making them all powdery.  I tell you this because I have been won over by a glowy foundation, and this is Most Surprising News.

The glowy foundation in question is Bare Minerals' Bareskin Serum foundation, which comes in a dinky squeezy dropper bottle, and has a very fluid, very silky texture.  The first time I used it, I squeezed two drops out, and immediately had to remove the foundation from my face because it was way, way too heavy - despite the fluid texture, there's a good whack of pigment in this foundation, and one drop is all you need to start you going.

If your skin is in reasonably good nick, a single drop applied with your fingers will give a wonderfully fresh, slightly glowy, beautifully even finish.  If you want a little more coverage, using a brush and building up slowly will give you more opacity.  Either way, the finish is glowy and fresh - and by that I mean that the skin looks healthy, like you've been drinking water and those irritating green smoothies which look like they should taste delicious but taste like cold pureed soup.  The finish is most definitely not glowy as in sparkly, or glowy as in oily, or glowy as in give-me-the-mattifying-powder-now.   I'm wearing Bare Shell, which is for pale cool skin tones, and there are twenty shades to choose from.

At £26. it's undoubtedly an expensive foundation, but in my mind it's totally, totally worth it, particularly if you want to look like the healthful kind of person who owns (and actually uses) a Nutribullet.  Or what I think they should look like.  Anyway, if you're quick, you can find it at Feel Unique, who are having a sale and selling it for £20.80.

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Monday, 7 December 2015

Cheap & Cheerful: L'Oreal True Match Foundation in 1.5N Linen

Left: bare face; right: with True Match in 1.5N Linen
It's been a while since I fell in love with a high street foundation - I've been wearing MUFE Ultra HD Foundation and Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue pretty solidly for the past few months, both of which cost more than £25 a pop.  Enter L'Oreal True Match Foundation - which costs a mere £9.99 and comes in 21 shades.

First off, the texture of this foundation is surprisingly refined for such a well priced foundation - it's silky, almost as silky as Armani's Maestro Foundation, and spreads very easily over the face.  I found that a whole pump is far too much - a half pump, or a little more if you really like to buff it into the face with a brush, will do just fine.  Once applied, the finish is very natural and velvety - it's not a true matte foundation, but it isn't dewy or shimmery either.  It wears well, too - I need a bit of powder on my t-zone after three hours, but otherwise it holds well for a full day.

Lovely, eh?  This is a foundation which definitely packs a punch bigger than its price tag.  Find it at Boots now.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

BUY THIS NOW: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation

I've been using Makeup Forever's newest foundation more or less constantly since I received it a few weeks ago, and wow am I impressed.  I'm wearing shade Y215, which is Yellow Alabaster, a pale shade with a yellow undertone to complement cool skin tones.  It's not hard to find a great match in the Ultra HD foundation range - there are a staggering 40 shades available, so many that Debenhams have felt the need to split them into light, medium, tan and dark groups on their website.

Anyway, shade range aside, the reason I'm loving this stuff so much is the texture and the finish.  It's a medium coverage foundation which can be built up to provide more coverage, and yet the texture is light and fluid - it looks great buffed in with a brush, but it also blends beautifully with fingers.  Best of all is the finish - it's so, so natural, whether you wear a little or a little more.  This is because MUFE have formulated this foundation so it looks good in Ultra HD, or 4k, resolution - just as HD changed the needs of screen makeup, 4k has done the same.

If you like your foundations beautifully natural in finish, but still capable of evening the skintone and covering blemishes effectively, you'll probably love Ultra HD Foundation as much as I do.  At £29, it's expensive, but a single pump is enough for a flawless-yet-natural coverage on my skin, which means it'll last a fair old while.  That flawless, natural finish, combined with impressive day-long wear, makes it a must have for me.

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

BUY THIS NOW: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue in Opal

Bare Minerals have come a long way since their original powder foundations made mineral makeup a thing.  Their latest release, Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream, is a lightweight tinted moisturiser which promises serious hydration, light/medium buildable coverage, and a natural finish.

The packaging is a simple bronze squeezy tube, which works just fine when it works.  My first sample repeatedly got clogged up, requiring me to poke the bristles of my foundation brush down the nozzle, and finally use a pin to pierce a small hole in the top of the tube to prevent air bubbles forming.  The second sample tube I've tried has been okay, though, so hopefully my tube was a one off.

One slightly incongruous thing about the packaging is that for all the sleek, expensive looking, luminous bronze plastic tube, the shade name is a sticker plonked on the back.  With the product costing a stonking £26 a tube, I'd expect Bare Minerals to spend enough to print the shade names onto the tubes themselves.

Anyway, the product itself is fantastic.  I was afraid that the hydrating/tinted moisturiser style would mean a dewy (shiny) finish, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it slightly luminous and glowing whilst being semi-matte.  Coverage wise, it's pretty buildable - I'm wearing a fairly heavy application above and it's medium coverage, but still natural with it.  If I use a little less, more of my freckles shine through.

My other concern with tinted moisturiser products is that they won't last the whole day - I put my makeup on at 7am, and expect it to still look good when I leave work at 7pm.  Complexion Rescue fares pretty well throughout the day - my skin is a little bit more shiny in the evening, but overall it's still even and smooth and wearing more or less the same amount of foundation as it was when I started the day.  Hydration wise, I can't say I've noticed a huge difference, but my skin hasn't developed any dry patches when wearing it, which is nice.

Overall, then, I've really fallen for this product - it offers lightweight, natural-finish colour and I love the fact I can wear more or less depending on how skin-confident I'm feeling.  Add to that the lasting power and you've got the perfect summer foundation.  Find it now at Boots, where it costs a spendy, but totally worth it, £26.

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

BUY THIS NOW (if you can): Bourjois Nude Sensation Foundation

When I saw this foundation at the Bourjois launch, I was unimpressed.  Only four shades?  Open pot packaging, inviting germs and nasties?  Slightly passe mousse formula?  Ha.  HA.  (said I).

Yeah, I was totally wrong.

Okay, not entirely wrong, because there are only four shades, and if you're not a pale-to-medium-skinned white person, you won't find a match here.  That's pretty crap.  And the open pot packaging is still a little bit icky, particularly given that the bouncy-mousse formula (definitely more modern than the Maybelline-established mousse trend of yore) invites fingertips, not brushes.

But you know, I'll take all those things for that amazingly lightweight, natural matte but still glowing, soft-focus, surprisingly long lasting finish.  A finger-swipe's worth blends beautifully and silkily across the face (much easier, again, with fingers than with brush), sets down into a velvety matte finish, and stays that way all day.  Which, for a mere £9.99, is very impressive indeed.

If you fit into one of the four available shades (I'm 41, Nude Clair, btw), this stuff is very definitely worth a try.  If not, you should petition Bourjois until they expand the shade range.  Find it now at Feel Unique, who have it exclusively until mid-May, when it'll become available at all the usual stockists.

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Friday, 6 March 2015

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer

Clinique's latest foundation makes a lot of promises - firstly, that it's a foundation and concealer in one, and secondly that it's light enough for a natural, 'beyond perfected' finish - a tall order for something claiming enough pigmentation to act as a concealer.

The first surprise is the applicator - I was assuming it had the usual pour or pump format for dispensing foundation, but actually it comes with a giant doe's foot applicator.  It's brilliant for applying carefully to areas you want to conceal - under the eyes, around the nose - but less intuitive for foundation.  Once I got used to it, though, I started to really like it - a couple of stripes on the cheeks, one on the chin, one on the nose and one on the forehead and I was ready to blend with my foundation brush.

Once blended, the finish is smooth and glowy enough to look natural... ish.  The coverage verges on the medium/full side, which does give a lovely flawless, even finish but can look a bit thick and cakey if you're not really careful with the application.  To get an even glow, this foundation needs to be applied atop a well moisurised or primed face - it's not particularly slippy, and you'll need a slightly slippy based to avoid a cakey mess.  It also really does require a brush - either a traditional flat foundation brush or a stippling brush - to make sure the finish is as even as possible.  I tried blending it with my fingers, and it was a little bit too dense in some places.

As a concealer, it's great - a dot or two under the eyes, patted in on top of foundation, hides dark circles brilliantly, and the formula is creamy enough to mean it looks natural, not powdery.  It also does a fine job of not settling into fine lines.

All in all then, this is a foundation you'll like if you're prepared to put a bit of effort into the application.  I'm wearing the Alabaster shade, which is a lovely light cool tone which goes well with my skin.  Clinique have released it in a staggering 21 shades, although it does look like darker skintones aren't as well catered for (sadly, no big surprise).  Find it at the Clinique website, and at Clinique counters, where it'll cost you £25.

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Quick Pick: Clarins Everlasting Foundation+

Clarins' latest foundation is an improvement on an old favourite - Everlasting Foundation is Clarins' long-wear formula, and Everlasting Foundation+ is an improved version which now claims 18 hours of wear, shine control and colour that remains true throughout the day.  This last point is interesting to me - I recently tried a new foundation which unfortunately oxidised on my skin throughout the day, leaving a regrettably yellow cast which stopped my face from matching my neck.  Bad.

Anyway, Everlasting Foundation+ also boasts SPF 15, which is an essential in my eyes, and a dewy fresh finish.  I personally don't like a dewy finish, so I applied a tiny of bit of powder on top of it, and found that the results were still great - an even, brightening finish with a lovely glow.  Shade 103, Ivory, is a great match for my skintone, and there's a more warm toned pale shade available in 102.5 Porcelain to match

Wear wise, count me impressed - my skin looks even and fresh all day long when I wear it, and even when I take my makeup off at night some 15 hours after application, my skin is free of oily/shiny patches.  Given this impressive wear, it's natural to compare Everlasting Foundation+ to Estee Lauder's Double Wear - in my mind Everlasting Foundation+ is somewhat lighter in coverage and in texture, and my skin looks a little more natural with it compared to Double Wear, which needs very careful application to avoid looking overdone.

At £27.50 this is a luxury foundation, but if you really need your foundation to last all day, it's a surefire bet.  Find it at the Boots and Clarins websites, and on counter at your local Clarins concession, when it launches on February 15th.

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Clinique Blemish Solutions Powder Makeup - Amazing for Oily Skin

My forehead and cheeks can be a bit dry, but given a good moisturiser, they're fine.  My oily nose and chin, though, are something else - over the past few years I've been relying on regular powderings during the day to keep my skin looking matte and not-shiny.  Not so since I tried Clinique's new Blemish Solutions Powder Makeup - it manages to cover imperfections, mattify the skin, and last the whole day.  In itself, that's not too tall an order - I've relied on Max Factor's Facefinity powder foundation for similar reasons in the past.  The difference with Clinique's Powder Makeup is the finish - it's not at all cakey, it doesn't sit in my frown lines or the fine lines around my eyes, and it looks pretty natural, not overly matte or powdery.

Which, for an oil-controlling powder foundation, is damn fabulous.

At £24.50, this isn't a cheap foundation, but given that it controls oil and shine so well, it's a price I'd be willing to pay, and will do, when my Makeup Forever handbag-compact runs out (the Cream Rose shade I'm wearing is a little too warm for me to keep it forever).  Speaking of compacts, this one is the usual mirrored outer, mirror plus sponge inner we've seen from Clinique before - nothing fancy, but perfectly robust and featuring a good-sized mirror for on-the-go application.  Find it now at the Clinique website, where it's available in a reasonable 13 shades.

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Quick Pick: Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation in 40 Light Ivory

Max Factor, inventor of foundation and purveyor of high street foundation goodness, has a new foundation out.  Obviously not the man himself, he's been dead for too long to be able to produce new foundations.  Like many other foundations which contain the word luminous in one form or another, this one promises a healthy looking glow and radiance 'that'll ensure your skin lights up the room'.

Left: no foundation, right: foundation

Often, such claims pretty much equate to SPARKLEZ, lots of them, and a face a bit like a glitterball, which isn't a good look if you're over the age of thirteen (or in a sci-fi movie).  Luckily, though, Skin Luminizer comes without glitterballs - and whilst it definitely does add radiance and brightness, it does it through some kind of alchemical magic which doesn't rely on shimmer.

Coverage wise, it's a happy medium - it evens the skin out pretty well, and manages to tone down the redness on my cheeks, without covering my freckles up too much.  The texture is somewhat on the dry side - it needs to be applied atop primed or at least moisturised skin to make sure it blends smoothly and evenly.   The upside here is that it doesn't need powdering down to set it - and it survives the day remarkably well, even on my oily t-zone.

At £11.99, it's also pretty reasonably priced, so if you're looking for a glow-giving base without the glitter, it's definitely worth a try.  The only downside is that the shade range is rather limited - there are only six shades available, so you may not find an exact match, particularly if your skin is on the deeper end of the spectrum (boo, Max Factor, booo!).  Find it at Boots, and the usual high street stockists.

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Eve Lom Radiance Lift Foundation in Ivory

There's no doubting that Eve Lom's Radiance Lift Foundation is a thing of beauty.  Just look at that bottle!  At £50, though, it needs to do more than just look gorgeous in the tube.  Promising flawless coverage, hydration, and anti-aging properties, I've been trying it out for a few months now - and given the hot, sticky weather we've seen in the UK, I've definitely been testing it's long-wear claims to the fullest.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Clarins Hydraquench Tinted Moisturiser in 01 Sand and 05 Gold

In the summer, a tinted moisturiser is a much better bet than a full on foundation, particularly if it's got an SPF as well as light coverage and a hydrating base.  Clarins Hydraquench has all three of these things - it's SPF15, it provides a soft veil of cover, and it's light yet rich texture means the skin will remain hydrated all day long.

01 Sand, 05 Gold
01 Sand, 05 Gold
Unfortunately neither of the shades I was sent quite matched my skintone - there's a lighter shade available, 00 Porcelain, which may just about match, but given the shade difference between my skin and 01 Sand, I wonder if it'll actually be pale enough.  For those of you who have deeper skintones, the shade range runs to a fairly deep bronze, and even if you're pale, you might find a match if your skin catches the sun a bit in summer.

I tried 01 Sand on in the name of research, purely to test the texture and coverage rather than the shade match.  As you can see, it's a bit warm for me (my face and neck don't really match), but it has given my skin a bit of coverage, more for the purposes of evening out the skintone rather than anything else - you can see some spots on the left side of my face which haven't quite been covered up.  The texture is very, very light, absorbs quickly into the skin, and feels weightless whilst leaving the skin feeling hydrated and plump.

Overall, Hydraquench Tinted Moisturiser is a nice compromise between a moisturiser and a light foundation, and I like that it has a glowy matte finish - some tinted moisturisers leave me looking shiny, which is a bad look for summer (or, in fact, anytime).  At £30, it's expensive, but a little dab goes a long way, and because it's Clarins you know it has good skincare benefits as well as light coverage.  Find it now at the Clarins website.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Compact SPF25 in Very Light

Clinique have released a new format of their Moisture Surge CC Cream - it's called, rather verbosely, Moisture Surge CC Cream Compact SPF25.  That's a lot of Cs right there.  I was only mildly impressed with the liquid version - I didn't think it added a lot over the BB cream, and I didn't quite understand the Moisture Surge moniker when it actually wasn't very hydrating.

This new compact version promises little above the liquid version, albeit offering a more portable format.  Inside the compact, you get a large, clear mirror and a small white sponge.  These sponges make me sad.  They're so white and pristine, and then immediately they become dirty and a bit beige.

I found that the compact format allowed for easier blending than the liquid - the act of using a sponge to dab and blend a little at a time proved much easier than trying to blend in the liquid, which seems drier and less velvety than the compact.  It's a cream to powder formula, with the final finish being a soft, glowing matte - I need a little powder to set down my T-zone, but otherwise it remains pretty matte throughout the day, which is odd for a moisturising product.

Left: before; right: after
The coverage is sheer to medium, and it works best for evening skintone out and adding luminosity.  I also found that it was very effective at toning down the redness of spots (I definitely had some corkers the first time I tried it) and, layered up slightly, works well as an undereye and blemish concealer.

Is it massively hydrating?  I don't think so.  It doesn't dry my skin out, but I didn't notice that my skin felt better hydrated throughout the course of the day compared to normal foundation.  Does it give a lovely finish?  Yes.  For that reason, I like it - much more than I liked the liquid version.

Now, on to a major bugbear - this foundation is £30 (that's not the bugbear).  It's a bit expensive, but not too awful compared to some of the foundations in my collection.  However, if your best shade match is Deep, the darkest of the six shades, this foundation is £35:

What's up with that, Clinique?  Why does a darker skintone justify a £5 price hike?  Answers on a post card...

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Friday, 9 May 2014

Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation

I can't resist an Armani foundation - they're expensive, but generally perform well with innovative formulae and finishes, and have a shade range which contains a perfect match for my skin.  I'd been hankering after their latest release, Maestro, for some time, and recently took the plunge, picking up shade 3 which is a great match for pale, cool toned skin.

The texture is very fluid, to the extent that you dispense it using a little pipette.  This, of course, makes it feel all sciencey (technical term) and high tech, which means it's got to be good, right?

It promises a feather light luminous matte finish, and a customisable level of cover.  Thanks to the super-fluid texture, it also promises to spread easily across the skin.  And yes, indeed, it does - it's hard to describe the texture, but it's almost like a fluid powder.  It has that silky feeling which indicates a formula with silicone in it, and as you blend, it transforms from a liquid to a powder finish.  In many respects, it's kind of like a fluid version of Armani's Face Fabric, a cream/powder sheer foundation I'm pretty fond of.

A couple of drops provides a very natural sheer coverage which perfects the skin and leaves it matte but still bright and glowing.  I've tried layering it up and it can be built up to a more medium coverage, but I think it works best as a subtle perfecting foundation.  If your skin is acne scarred or prone to blemishes, you might want something with more built in coverage, but if you're typically worried about uneven tone and dullness, Maestro could be a great choice for you.

At a staggering £39, it's one expensive foundation - but that beautiful finish is worth it for me, and I'm very pleased I took the plunge.  Find it at Selfridges.

Disclosure:  Purchased by me after a long lusting period.  

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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Review: By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Foundation

The fabulous Terry de Gunzburg has released another new product, again with a slightly silly name.  Terrybly Densiliss is a serum/foundation hybrid, which combines a fluid foundation with an anti-wrinkle serum.  According to the clinical trials, Terry's subjects found that their skin looked 10 years younger after using the foundation continuously for sixty days.  Impressive stuff, particularly given that it was tested on women aged 40 - 60, instead of on fresh faced 20 - 30 year olds.

Anyway, on to the before and after photos.

On the left, I am a bit red faced, hot and sweaty, and looking more than a little flustered.  On the right, I'm still flustered, but my skintone has been evened out, and my skin has a lovely semi-matte radiant finish.

And here's a photo when I'm wearing more than just foundation, to save you from being distracted by my non-existent lashes and non-matching eyebrows.

I really like the finish that Densiliss gives - it has a decent level of coverage, but it still looks like natural skin, and it's sort of semi-matte and radiant without being too dewy.  It also feels incredibly silky when you apply it, and it blends like a dream.  Like many By Terry products, it is scented - it's not too overpowering, but you do notice it as you apply.

As for the skincare claims, I can't really comment on them.  I've been using Densiliss for the past couple of weeks, but I've not been using it every day (I tend to switch my foundation based on the weather, or my skin texture), so I can't say I've noticed much of a difference.  I'm definitely convinced that it keeps my skin hydrated and comfortable whilst I'm wearing it, but I can't say much more than that.

Let's get it out there - this foundation costs £75.  £75 is a lot of money to pay for a foundation, but perhaps the combination of foundation and serum in one means you could afford to skimp a bit on skincare serums you already use.  However - this only really works if you wear the foundation all day every day (and not if you change your foundation regularly, like I do).  So, unless you have the cash to splash out on a very high end foundation for the sake of its foundation performance, you're best off investing in this as part of your skincare regime - which means committing to applying it regularly.

Find it at Space NK now.

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