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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Too Faced Bronzer in Snow Bunny, Sun Bunny, Milk Chocolate Soleil and Pink Leopard

Too Faced have a staggeringly large selection of bronzers - matte, shimmery, cool toned, warm toned, blush/bronzer hybrid...  Today's post is about my four favourites: Snow Bunny, a luminous bronzer with a cool tone; Sun Bunny, a shimmering bronzer with a slightly warmer tone; Milk Chocolate Soleil, a matte bronzer for pale/medium skin tones; and Pink Leopard, a luminous blushing bronzer.

The packaging is very cute - pale gold, heavyweight solid plastic, with a pretty motif embossed on the lid.  They have decent sized mirrors within, and the pan size is pretty large, meaning you can swirl your biggest, fluffiest brush with ease.  My only criticism is that all the variations have the same packaging, so if you own more than one, you will find yourself turning them over and reading the label on the back - the labels themselves are also the same colour, so there's no at-a-glance differentiation to be had.

Clockwise from top left: Snow Bunny, Sun Bunny, Pink Leopard, Milk Chocolate Soleil

Snow Bunny
Sun Bunny
Milk Chocolate Soleil
Pink Leopard
Left to right: Snow Bunny, Sun Bunny, Milk Chocolate Soleil, Pink Leopard

From the swatches, you can see the differences in tones and finishes - Snow Bunny and Sun Bunny have similar gently shimmering finishes, with Sun Bunny being a little deeper and warmer.  I can only use Sun Bunny when I'm sporting a touch of the sun about my face, and even then only with a light touch.  Snow Bunny, with it's lighter, cooler colour, is more everyday friendly.  Milk Chocolate Soleil is a very light, matte bronzer - perfect for my pale skin, it works for contouring and for all-over bronzing.  It's probably the best pale-skin bronzer I've ever tried.  Pink Leopard is less pink than I'd hoped, but makes a very pretty pinky toned blush/highlighter - it has a fairly frosty finish though, so a light hand is needed to avoid robot-face.

As an aside, the Too Faced Kabuki brush is amazing for blending and buffing into the skin, but unless you like a very bronzed look, be careful when using it to pick up product from the pan - it has relatively dense bristles which pick up and deposit colour with more intensity than I was expecting.

And finally, here I am wearing Milk Chocolate Soleil in the hollows of my cheeks, along my jawline, and lightly brushed either side of my nose, with Pink Leopard blended across my cheekbones.  It's a luminous, highlighted look which sculpts and defines my face, and it goes really, really well with a coppery smoky eye.

I find these bronzers last really well - easily throughout the day, with only a little top up required in the evening - and the textures are soft and easily blendable.  With the exception of Milk Chocolate Soleil, which is slightly sheer, they're all pretty deeply pigmented - so it's best to start light and build up, particularly if you're pale and afraid of bronzer.

Snow BunnySun BunnyMilk Chocolate Soleil and Pink Leopard all cost £25, which is expensive, but not awful given the generous 10g product weight and the pigmentation and lasting power of the product.  If that isn't enough, Milk Chocolate Soleil also smells of chocolate, making it a true pleasure to use.  Nom.  You can find the full range of all eight bronzers at Debenhams.

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Monday, 11 May 2015

Kiko Sahara Glow Highlighter

I LOVE little pearls of stuff in a pot.  I don't know why they're so appealing - perhaps because they're tiny and shimmery, perhaps because they just look delicate - but I just love any product which comes in this kind of format.  This product, Kiko's Sahara Glow Highlighter, is no exception - pearls in shades of gold, bronze and tawny pink, which give a gentle glowing warmth when swirled together.

This product is part of Kiko's latest Modern Tribes collection, which has a distinctly golden summery feel to it, with an unexpected graphic twist and lovely wooden accents in the packaging.  Sahara Glow Highlighter, £14.90, is all summer, and it's best paired with this gloriously sculpted Face Brush, also £14.90, perfect for swirling in the pearls and applying the resulting powder to the cheekbones.

The effect is pretty subtle when used sparingly, as you can see from the above before-and-after photo - the difference is a little bit of warmth, and a little bit more dimension and glow.  You can layer it up for a more obvious golden shimmer, but I like it subtle.  Granted, it's not a particularly unique effect - any shimmering pink/bronze compact will give you a similar effect - but the dressing table friendly format and that cheekbone hugging brush are the real reasons to buy.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzing Compact 2015

You know it's nearly summer when Clarins release one of their annual Summer Bronzing Compacts.  This year's offering is absolutely beautiful - a delicately embossed bronzing powder in four shades, entirely matte, packaged in an amber compact with an inlaid pattern which catches the light beautifully.

It's almost, almost too beautiful to use.  And I haven't quite yet brought myself to use it.  But I know that when I do, it'll have a lovely soft texture, the colour will be buildable and not at all orange, and this year it's entirely matte, which is lovely if you don't want that overly shimmery, glowing summer skin which doesn't look quite right on anyone above 30.

At £30, it's an expensive bronzer - but it's utterly beautiful, almost collectible, and will easily take you through the whole season with a subtle, skin-enhancing bronze.  It launches in May, just in time for the warmer weather - I know I'll be using mine all summer long.

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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Too Faced Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer in Ross & Rachel

I was fully expecting this bronzer and blush combo to be far too warm for my cool-toned skin, but somehow it works - largely, I think, due to the fact that the pink blush is pretty cool toned, and the bronzer is a bit warm, so swirling the two together cancels out the warmth a little bit.  Applied separately, the bronzer is a little on the orangey side for me, but if your skin is warm toned you could probably make it work.

Anyway, debates about warmth aside, Too Faced's Blushing Bronzer is a ginormous, shiny heart shaped compact which is more than a little kitsch.  I like the way the compact contains an equally ginormous heart shaped mirror in the lid, and that the product itself is generous, too - 18g, in fact.

The bronzer and blush are both soft and easily blendable, and a quick swirl picks up product as effectively as a careful dip.  Both the blush and the bronzer have the slightest hint of shimmer running through them, but on the skin they look fairly natural - definitely not overly glittery, just slightly glowing.

If you're looking for a quick way to a glowing, rosy bronzed face this summer, this product is great - although if you're pale like me you might prefer the Carrie & Big colourway, which has a lighter bronzer and a coral toned blush (and unfortunately may only be available in the States).  At £28, Soul Mates is a bit of a treat, but the large, sturdy compact and generous amount of product means it should last you well beyond the end of summer.  Find it at Debenhams.

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Bourjois Summer Bronzing: Delice de Poudre Highlighter + Universal Tan & Gold Bronzing Powder

Bourjois have two new versions of their chocolate-shaped bronzers for summer this year - one subtle, and one, err, extremely sparkly.  Packaged in study cardboard sleeves with good magnetic closures, the pressed chocolate shape is very pretty, and comes paired with a delicate, sweet scent.

Delice de Poudre Duo combines two blocks of 'universal tan' bronzer with two blocks of a shimmering champagne highlighter.  The bronzer is pretty much matte with the most sparse sprinkling of golden glitter particles - they don't really translate to the face though, and the effect is a subtle, matte bronze.  The highlighter is also pretty subtle, with a pearly glow rather than a metallic shimmer or glitter effect.  If you're pale or medium of skintone, this duo would work well for you - there are no orange undertones in the bronzer, and it's perfect for a bit of subtle sculpting.

The Gold Bronzing Powder is the other end of the spectrum - subtle it isn't.  The box says it's 'sprinkled with rich clusters of sunshine' and what that actually means is that it's sparkly as hell.  The kind of golden sparkly that I'd love in an eyeshadow, but not the kind of sparkly I'd want as a bronzer.  If your skin is a deeper tone, or you're tanned, and you're looking for a hefty dose of shimmer, this'd probably work for you.  Pale people, please avoid.

Left to right:  Delice de Poudre Duo Bronzer + Highlighter; Gold Bronzing Powder
And finally, some swatches.  I had to swatch the Duo bronzer pretty heavily - in reality it's pretty sheer but very buildable.  The swatch of the highlighter gives you some idea of how subtle it is - even in direct sunlight it gives more of a gleam than a sparkle.  Finally, the Gold Bronzing Powder - ordinarily I'd be squeeing over the metallic finish, which is most desirable in an eyeshadow... but I'm not sure how many skintones will find this wearable in a bronzer.

At just £7.99, these bronzing palettes are well priced, with good sturdy packaging and light, soft powders making them a bit of a bargain.  They launch August 6th in the usual Bourjois stockists.

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

New Bourjois Cream Blush shades for summer - 05 Pink Sunwear & 06 Tropical Coral

Bourjois Cream Blush, launched last year, caused a bit of a stir with it's lovely blendable cream to powder texture and array of soft shades.  This year Bourjois are adding two new shades with a bronze cast, perfect for a bit of summer sculpting.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette in Streak

Last year's Naked Flushed palette was so successful, Urban Decay have brought them back in three new shades to suit all skintones.  I have Streak here to show you - it's the palest of the three (quelle surprise)

Streak gives you a light bronzer, champagne shimmer highlighter, and coral toned pink blush.  Like last year's offering, the texture is very soft, almost crumbly, and if you use a firm brush on the palette you'll get quite a bit of fallout.  The key is a very, very soft hand and a soft, fluffy brush.

Applied separately, the three products give a nicely defined look which emphasises the cheekbones.  In the photos above I've blended the bronzer under my cheekbones, then applied a bit of coral blush onto the apple of my cheek before blending it outwards, and then finished off with a dusting of highlighter on top of my cheekbone.  I've also tried applying all three products swirled together - swirling is difficult due to the softness of the powders, and if you try to swirl you'll end up wasting a fair bit.  Dipping the brush quickly and gently across the surface of the palette is the way to go, and then swirl on the cheeks.

The highlighter and blush are perfect for all you pale faces out there - they're pigmented enough but still on the right side of subtle.  The bronzer is a little too warm toned for me, but it's still wearable - if your skin is warm, it'll be a damn good match.

At £22, this isn't a cheap cheek palette, but for three products in a sturdy compact, it's a reasonable price to pay, particularly given the quality.  Find it now at BeautyBay, with it's three sisters, Naked, Native and Strip.

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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Kiko Cosmetics Life in Rio: Essential Bronzer in Warm Melange and Sun Lovers Blush in Copacabana Coral

Kiko's new Life in Rio collection is full of bright, juicy colours for summer.  I've got a few pieces from the collection to show you, and today we're starting off with the face products - namely the Essential Bronzer and Sun Lovers Blush.  Both are large, oversized discs of baked goodness, with good colour payoff, and decent sized mirrors in the compact.  And the compacts are adorned with a very pretty colourful design, too.

Left: Essential Bronzer in Warm Melange; right: Sun Lovers Blush in Copacabana Coral

Essential Bronzer in Warm Melange

Sun Lovers Blush in Copacabana Coral

Left: Essential Bronzer in Warm Melange; right: Sun Lovers Blush in Copacabana Coral
Although I still feel that Kiko's bronzers are too warm and orange toned to suit all skintones, this Warm Melange bronzer is only a little bit too warm for my cool toned skin.  The Copacabana Coral blush, though, is all sorts of right - it's a soft, pinky-peachy-coral colour, with a fine smattering of shimmer, and it's gorgeous for a pop of sunkissed colour.

Both powders are extremely soft, and if you try to swirl them with a firm bristled brush, you'll get all sorts of fall out.  Swirl gently, and you'll pick up plenty of colour.

And here I am wearing Warm Melange as a contour (just a little), and a soft layer of Copacabana Coral, concentrated on the apples of my cheeks.  While there is a bit of shimmer in Copacabana Coral, it doesn't really translate to the face strongly.

Personally, I would stay away from the Essential Bronzers, £16.90, unless your skin is warm or at least not super-pale.  If your skintone works with the shades, they're well worth investigating, particularly as a completely matte bronzer is often hard to find on the high street.  All skintones will find something to love in the shade range of the Sun Lovers Blush, £14.90, and the giant pan means it'll last an age.

More to come from this collection soon - including some MAC-a-like eyeliners!

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

KIKO Rock Attraction Bronzer in Steady Honey

I didn't much like Kiko's take on the often copied Chubby Stick lipstick from their new Rock Attraction collection for spring/summer 2014.  This Rock Attraction bronzer, though, is much better, even if this shade isn't quite right for my skintone.

The packaging is adorned with denim, which fades into a sandy sort of colour.  Not quite what I'd choose for a rock themed collection - maybe a desert cowboy collection.

The bronzer inside the compact has an intricate embossed pattern of a zip.  I think this is supposed to carry on the denim theme, and whilst the detailing is very pretty, and very well executed, I think it'd be more impactive if it was used for an eyeshadow palette in shades of blue.  The flat brown looks, well, a bit dirty.

Please ignore the healing burn on my wrist!

The bronzer itself, though, is rather lovely - it has the slightest sheen to the finish, and has a medium pigmentation which makes it easy to layer up and difficult to overapply on the first go.  The lack of glitter and shimmer makes it super wearable, and perfect for contouring.  Steady Honey is a little warm for my skin, but if your skin is olive toned or yellow toned, you'll probably find this shade very, very flattering.

At £15.90, Rock Attraction Bronzer is a bit more pricey than many KIKO products, but you do get a lot in the pan, and compared to other bronzers it's still well priced.  Find it now at the KIKO website.

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Review & Swatches: VIVO Shimmer Blocks

Meet VIVO's latest additon - Shimmer Block Bronzer and Shimmer Block Blusher.  In a format that's only slightly ripping off a more expensive stripy product, these little beauties cost a very, very reasonable £3.99 each.

The packaging is pretty basic - simple plastic case, clear top, no mirror.  I'd far rather that budget brands put their cash into the product rather than the packaging, so it's all good by me.

The Shimmer Block Blush contains five strips of graduating pink colours, with a shimmery finish.

And the Shimmer Block Bronze contains five nude/brown colours - there's actually a hint of pink in there to stop it from being too BROWN.

Swatched, you can see the shimmer and colour payoff.  Pigmentation is pretty good, and the shimmer is pretty damn intense.  You need to be careful to not end up looking a bit disco ball with these.

Applied gently, though, the blush gives you a gentle pop of colour and shimmer which only really appears when the sun hits it full on.  Rather nice for a mere £3.99, I reckon!

Find VIVO Shimmer Block Blusher and Shimmer Block Bronzer at their website, or at Tesco stores, now.

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