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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bliss launch Limited Edition Pink Glamour Gloves for Breast Cancer Awareness


Bliss have released a special pink edition of their famous Glamour Gloves in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.  Whilst they aren't donating a proportion of the money handed over for each pair of gloves, Bliss have made a donation to Breast Cancer Awareness in honour of the charity's work.

I've never tried Glamour Gloves before - they have a layer of hydrating gel inside them, which softens and conditions the hands when you slip them on.  The lining lasts for 50 uses, say Bliss, making them a definite luxury item - they cost £36, giving them a pretty high cost per use.  You could always use them to improve the absorption of a layer of hand cream by putting them on freshly moisturised hands, though, I guess.

Bliss are also running a Twitter based competition, asking that Glamour Glove owners tweet pictures of themselves with their pink-gloved hands on display throughout October using the hashtag #SpreadTheGlove.  The most creative picture wins its subject a pink iPad, with runners up being treated to a variety of Bliss products and spa treatments.

Find them at now.

Disclosure: PR sample

Monday, 23 July 2012

Review: Foot Patrol Pedicure at Bliss Spa, London

Last week, I trundled down to Bliss Spa on Sloane Avenue in London for a pedicure after work.  Despite having walked past the iconic spa twice daily in the past two years (I work literally just up the road), it was my first visit, and I chose to indulge in the Foot Patrol pedicure.  Described as the ultimate power-pedi to address "Franken-feet", I figured it would be a great way to get my orthotic wearing, overworked feet ready for summer.

Having typically forgotten my flipflops, I requested extra massage or filing time instead of the usual polish that completes the treatment, which was thankfully no problem at all.  The treatment began with some dry filing, followed by a foot bath, followed by more filing.  Plenty of attention was paid to the very dry balls of my feet, as well as my reasonably dry heels, and an alarming amount of dry skin was sloughed off my feet onto a dark towel, which was both slightly embarrassing and quite gratifying at the same time.

I think the difference between a standard pedicure and the Foot Patrol pedicure is the sheer amount of time dedicated to softening the skin, via filing away dry bits and a good strong scrub with a foaming, grainy product.  Of the ninety minutes I spent in the salon, about an hour was spent filing, scrubbing, and filing again, with half an hour spent on moisturising with foot cream and a final paraffin bath. 

By the end of my hour and a half stay, my feet were transformed from being neglected and forlorn into something soft, pampered, and much more healthy looking.  Compared to the medi pedis I've had (and loved) in the past, this pedicure was less transformative, but also less invasive and more enjoyable.  

At £81.70, the Foot Patrol pedicure isn't something I'd consider making a regular thing.  As an occasional treat to whip my feet into shape for summer, though, it's definitely reasonable, particularly given the level of effort put in by the therapist! 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Random PR Stunts: The Bliss Bed

I wouldn't normally post photos from random PR stunts, but since this one took place right outside my office, I couldn't help myself.

Today, Bliss branded a giant (king-size would be my guess) motorised bed and sent it whizzing around London, to promote their "the youth as we know it" night cream.  The photo above was taken outside the Bliss spa on Sloane Avenue (which is next door to my office) and features a girl from Made In Chelsea who I've never heard of.

It caused quite a bit of excitement at work, with several of my colleagues wishing for their own motorised beds so they'd never have to choose between staying in bed a little longer and getting to work on time.  Personally, I rather liked the flannel PJs and driving goggles combo chosen by the driver!

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