Wednesday, 18 May 2016

So, my hair is blue now....

Recently I fulfilled a life-long ambition and coloured my hair blue.  Well, the lovely Charley at Rockalily did it, but still, it's BLUE.  This shade is Directions Midnight Blue - it was originally a mix of Midnight Blue and Atlantic Blue, but I decided to refresh it with just Midnight Blue, as I love the depth of the colour.

Changing my hair colour has an affect on my wardrobe and on my makeup, and going from pink to blue is no different.  I can now wear any shade of red or pink lipstick, without worrying that it'll clash with my hair.  I look weird without strong brows and lots of black mascara, as the strength and depth of the blue can make my face look a bit washed out.  And I can wear red and pink clothes without fear of a clash too - I've already bought a few new red tops as a result!

This kind of colour change is pretty intense on your hair, and I'd never attempt such a big change without the help of a professional.  Charley bleached my pink hair to blonde-with-peachy-bits, then took it to blue - she was really, really thorough and as a result my colour isn't patchy at all.  She used Olaplex to stop my hair from being quite so frazzled, although it's still a bit dry - I'm using plenty of hydrating conditioner and applying a few drops of sweet almond oil every day.  If you're considering a big change, please go to a professional - I'll always recommend Rockalily if you're near London - your hair will thank you for it.

Disclosure:  New hair colour bought by me.  As well as multiple pots of Directions Midnight Blue, and some new colour depositing conditioners, which I'll write about sometime soon...

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  1. That colour is beautiful! It suits you really well, can't wait to see more posts featuring it!

  2. I read the title of your post before looking at the picture and was thinking, "hmmmm how is this going to look?" But I must say it's REALLY nice on you!!! I actually like it better than the pink hair. (love that lip color on you too!!)
    Everything looks nicely balanced. (lips & cheeks to hair) Whereas before it was a lot of pinks/reds. Plus the blue gives a bit of a mermaid mystique. ;-)
    I heartily agree with going to a professional as well.

    1. Thank you! I'm loving being able to wear any kind of red or pink lipstick without worrying about balance/clash. So liberating!

  3. Yes! The blue REALLY suits you. Gorgeous. :)


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