Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mixed Bag: DHC Beauty Lift Lotion & Beauty Lift Essence

DHC Beauty Lift bills itself as an anti-aging regime, designed to hydrate the skin and tackle fine lines to give a 'lifted' result.  I've been using the Beauty Lift Lotion and Beauty Lift Essence for about six weeks now, so I thought it was time to talk results.

Firstly, the product naming is a bit confusing - perhaps less so if you're used to Japanese skincare, but I wasn't entirely sure what Lotion and Essence corresponded to - I guessed that Lotion was a light moisturiser, and Essence was a serum.  One out of two ain't bad - Essence is indeed a serum, but Lotion is actually a toner, which I wasn't expecting.

Essence, £35, is easily my favourite product of the two - the texture is light, almost gel like, and with a bit of fingertip massage action sinks quickly into the skin.  My skin feels nourished and hydrated after use, and stays that way all day.  Whilst the hydrating action does help makeup go on more smoothly, the texture of this serum leaves the skin feeling natural - no powdery, silky silicone finish here.

Lotion is, as I discovered, a toner, and I was pleased to read that you can apply it with your hands, rather than with cotton pads.  A few drops dispersed between my palms and patted onto my face left my skin feeling fresh and a little more hydrated, but that was pretty much it.  And, given that this toner costs a stonking £34 for 145ml, I can't help but feel that it's way overpriced for what feels like a pretty fleeting hydrating effect.

So there you have it. If you're keen to find a hydrating, lightweight serum which leaves your skin feeling fresh and super natural, Beauty Lift Essence is a good one to try.  Unless you like throwing money directly at your face and having it immediately disappear, I'd avoid Beauty Lift Lotion.  Find them both (and the other two moisturisers in the Beauty Lift range) at the DHC website.

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