Thursday, 7 April 2016

Meh: Clinique Lid Pop in Cocoa Pop and Grape Pop

Clinique's Pop takeover continues, with new Lid Pops, pretty flower-embossed eyeshadows to go with their existing Cheek Pop blushers.  For a new eyeshadow range, the shade selection is surprisingly small - just eight shades, four of which are in the neutral/beige spectrum, and four of which are a little more colourful.

I've been playing with Grape Pop, a mauve purple, and Cocoa Pop, a mid brown, for the past few weeks, and I've found them to be pretty useful as standalone shades for a wash of colour across the lid.  The finish is wearable and well, nice - there's a sheen, a little bit of shimmer, but it's very grown up and subtle.  Pigmentation is good, although you'll need to build up with a couple of layers if you want the pan colour - by default, a single layer gives you a soft wash.  Be careful, though, if you're looking for more pigment - I found that the combination of layering up and blending can lead to a slightly dull, flat finish if you go too far.

Overall, I like these new Lid Pop eyeshadows, but I don't love them - although given how much I love (and still wear) the Cheek Pop blushes, my expectations were pretty high for the Lid Pops.  I think the lack of excitement might be because they don't really bring anything new - Cheek Pops introduced a wonderful barely there finish I hadn't seen on other blushes, but Lid Pops are just another eyeshadow - albeit one in a pretty shape.  Still, if the combination of pretty packaging, gerberas, and grownup finishes sets your heart aflutter, you'll find Lid Pops at the Clinique website, where they cost £15 each.

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