Friday, 1 April 2016

Kiko Cosmetics Artist Stroke Mineral Loose Eyeshadow

These little pots of loose mineral eyeshadow are genius - the packaging is the best I've ever seen for a loose eyeshadow, completely eliminating the problems loose eyeshadows have when you try to travel with them.

Many brands have tried to solve the problem of spilling, messiness and over-dispensing by putting sifters in their products, which then means a fair bit of shaking to get to the eyeshadow inside.  Kiko, however, have included an ingenious little mesh across the mouth of the jar - it's flexible and stretchy enough to let you press into it with a brush to load up on eyeshadow.  Combined with a lid which features a bit of plastic to fill the mouth of the jar and press into the mesh, the eyeshadow remains easy to use and totally secure when you move around with it.  Brilliant.

The loose eyeshadow itself is also pretty good - soft, easy to blend, and with a great level of intensity. Surprisingly, they're not the sparkliest of sparkly mineral shadows; there's a glimmer in there, but it's more subtle and dimensional than it is ultra noticeable.  With six shades available, these are a fabulous buy if you're a fan of loose eyeshadow.  Find them now at the Kiko website, where they cost a mere £6.90.

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