Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Restoring Lotion & Body Butter

Garnier have followed up on the Ultimate Blends haircare range with a matching offering for body.  Ultimate Blends Body comes in four varieties - Delicate Oat, for dry and sensitive skin; Marvellous Oils, for normal skin; Mythic Olive, for dry skin; and Honey Treasures, also for dry skin.  Honey Treasures comes in two forms - a lotion and a body butter, allowing to tailor the richness of the cream to how much moisture you need.  The other varieties typically have two options too - Delicate Oat gives you a lotion and a balm (which can be used on the face too), and Mythic Olive has a dry oil as well as the lotion.  The Marvellous Oils variety, which is for normal skin, comes only in lotion form.

I've been using Honey Treasures for a few weeks now, as has my husband, who has dry skin and suffers from keratosis pilaris.  Fortuitously, I've recently had a pretty large tattoo on my lower calf which has needed a lot of moisure as it heals, which has given me a great opportunity to test just how hydrating the Honey Treasures body butter is.  And indeed - it's incredibly rich, so thick you have to dig out a lump of it from the jar, and despite that thickness it's easily spreadable across the skin once it warms in your hands.  The lotion is also rich, albeit less solid and even more easily spreadable.

The moisture packed into my skin by the Honey Treasure products is impressive, and after a few minutes sinks in to leave skin feeling smooth and uncoated - one of my biggest body lotion bugbears (and the reason I rarely used it before I started getting tattoos) is that whilst skin feels hydrated, it can also feel coated or sticky.  There's none of that feeling with the Honey Treasure products provided you wait five to ten minutes after application.  Similarly, the slightly floral, slightly honey-sweet scent dissipates within five minutes after application - I've not found it to clash with my perfume at all, thankfully.

For a reasonably priced skincare range, I'm impressed - I'll definitely be repurchasing the body butter.  You can find Garnier's new Ultimate Blends Body products, and the Honey Treasures range specifically, at Boots.

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