Friday, 5 February 2016

Tiny But Mighty: Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara

I bought a tube of Revlon's new All-in-One mascara as part of a CVS grab-and-run during a recent trip to the US (and by recent, I mean in November).  This particular trip was a bit unusual in that instead of staying in hotel on my own, as I usually do, I stayed in an Airbnb with some colleagues.  We had a blast - out for dinner every night apart from the nights when we were BBQing in our garden, and believe me - a LOT of wine was consumed.  An unfortunate side effect of this arrangement, though, was near catastrophic.

I didn't get time to go to Sephora.

I made do with a quick run through CVS, whereupon I bought a number of new products from high street brands which hadn't launched in the UK yet.  Including this one which, err, has now launched.  So yeah.

Anyway.  Revlon's Ultimate All-in-One Mascara is really weird, in that it has the tiniest brush in the entire world - it's the size of a raisin.  My immediate thought when I opened it was that it would take an absolute age to get the level of volume I demand from such a tiny brush.  And yeah, it does take a little while longer than a mascara with a monster brush, but it's actually pretty impressive for such a tiny brush.  It helps that the bristles are deep and pointy, and that the mascara formula itself is thick and sticky, so a couple of swipes through the lashes is enough to coat them fully with mascara.

I'm wearing one-and-a-half coats in the photo above - one and a half because I spent a bit of time combing the mascara through and it started drying as I did - and I'm pleased with the level of volume and length, and the relatively unclumpy effect.  For a mere £6.99, this is an impressive little mascara - don't be fooled by it's raisin-tiny brush, it's more than capable of delivering big volume.

Disclosure:  Bought by me.  

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