Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Balm Cindy Loumanizer

The Balm is a brand which I don't see a lot of in the UK - they're stocked in a few online shops, and I recall seeing a few bits in & Other Stories once, but really, they're not talked about all that much.  Which is a shame, as their products are functionally rather good, and have a cheeky humour that's somewhere between Benefit and Soap & Glory.

Anyway, I bought The Balm's Cindy-Lou Manizer in New York, and I've been using it steadily since.  Unlike many other glow products, it's a peachy shade, almost pigmented enough to be worn alone as a blush if you're very, very pale.  According to the packaging, you can also use it as an eyeshadow, or all over the face if you want some serious glow.

I've been using it as a highlighter, and I love that it gives an extra bit of depth to my cheeks on top of blush or alone, and I particularly love that it's got such a subtle effect.  If you find most highlighters to be too silvery or too golden, you'll probably love this one - the peachy tone makes it incredibly subtle and natural looking.  There's no chance of unintentional robot-face.

At £17.50, it's not cheap, nor is it particularly expensive given the size of the pan.  I'll readily admit that this is a product I took a punt on - I wasn't expecting much, but I'm truly impressed by the subtlety of the finish.

Disclosure:  Bought by me

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  1. hmmmm...interesting. I super love the shade and coverage. I think its really something worth checking out.

  2. Just taking a moment to appreciate your killer brows.


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