Saturday, 27 February 2016

Glowy in a Good Way: Bare Minerals Bareskin Serum Foundation

Dear readers, as you may know, I dislike glowy finish foundations.  I like matte, or semi matte foundations, and I love that white silica powder which mattifies things without making them all powdery.  I tell you this because I have been won over by a glowy foundation, and this is Most Surprising News.

The glowy foundation in question is Bare Minerals' Bareskin Serum foundation, which comes in a dinky squeezy dropper bottle, and has a very fluid, very silky texture.  The first time I used it, I squeezed two drops out, and immediately had to remove the foundation from my face because it was way, way too heavy - despite the fluid texture, there's a good whack of pigment in this foundation, and one drop is all you need to start you going.

If your skin is in reasonably good nick, a single drop applied with your fingers will give a wonderfully fresh, slightly glowy, beautifully even finish.  If you want a little more coverage, using a brush and building up slowly will give you more opacity.  Either way, the finish is glowy and fresh - and by that I mean that the skin looks healthy, like you've been drinking water and those irritating green smoothies which look like they should taste delicious but taste like cold pureed soup.  The finish is most definitely not glowy as in sparkly, or glowy as in oily, or glowy as in give-me-the-mattifying-powder-now.   I'm wearing Bare Shell, which is for pale cool skin tones, and there are twenty shades to choose from.

At £26. it's undoubtedly an expensive foundation, but in my mind it's totally, totally worth it, particularly if you want to look like the healthful kind of person who owns (and actually uses) a Nutribullet.  Or what I think they should look like.  Anyway, if you're quick, you can find it at Feel Unique, who are having a sale and selling it for £20.80.

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