Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Fresh Faced & Pretty: Clarins Multi Blush in 05 Rose

Okay, okay, when I first opened a package of Clarins Spring collection goodies I thought this unassuming rose blush, £18.50, was a bit boring.  And yes, it's not punchy, or a bit weird, texture wise, but oh.  It's so wearable.  And so flattering.  It makes me look fresh faced, with a soft glow about the cheeks, and the creamy formula gives a lovely soft effect which isn't powdery and isn't shiny either.

I've tried Clarins' Multi Blush before, although they were called simply Cream Blush back then, and I still love the glorious texture and blendability.  I love this shade, too, which is an unassuming rose pink which somehow lifts and brightens the face without being obvious at all.  And it goes well with a strong lip.  What more could you want?

Disclosure:  PR sample

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