Monday, 1 February 2016

Demeter Fragrance Library: Oud, Wet Garden, Ocean & Paperback

I was in New York at Christmas, and I stumbled across a giant display of Demeter fragrances when I popped into a Duane Reade store near Times Square.  Squeeing with delight, I misted a million fragrances into the air before picking four to bring home with me:  Oud, Wet Garden, Ocean and Paperback.  For those not in the know, Demeter make a range of simple fragrances which smell exactly like real life scents - the range goes from Play-Doh to Cake Batter to Clean Skin.

Oud is as woody and rich as you probably imagine.  I've never actually smelled a proper Arabian Oud perfume, but given my love of spicy, woody fragrances I was curious to try it out.  It's rich, strong, evocative, but surprisingly simple - there's no vanilla nudging in, no smokiness or floral edge, just aromatic, woody richness.  I love it.

Wet Garden is, unsurprisingly, a very green scent - it has a freshness, a wetness, which really does evoke a wet garden.  It's a soaked, sopping wet garden, though, not a slightly damp one - imagine rain dripping from the leaves of trees, then the sun coming out after the rain.

It turns out my idea of Ocean is very much influenced by the Body Shop's Ocean perfume from when I was a teenager:  sharp, slightly salty, green.  Demeter's Ocean is very different.  It's almost all salt, with a slightly crisp edge to it.

Paperback is incredibly evocative of a bookshop - it smells of well thumbed books, with a powdery edge.  There's a slight tone of freshness in there, too, which stops it from being old-neglected-library and keeps it well-loved-bookshelf.

I'm so pleased with the fragrances I bought.  I've been generally wearing them alone, but they do layer up well - Paperback and Ocean make a masculine, rich scent which makes me feel powerful.  My only gripe is that I wish they lasted longer on the skin - you get a couple of hours tops, which is a real shame.

You can find Demeter fragrances in the UK at Boots, and although their shops don't really have a big selection, you can find the full range online.

Disclosure:  Bought by me.

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