Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Clarins Ombre Iridescente in Silver Ivory

My love of Clarins bouncy cream to powder eyeshadows is a little bit hot and cold - the original Ombre Iridescente shades I tried creased more than I wanted, but the latest Ombre Matte shades I tried blended beautifully and lasted well.  So when I received Silver Ivory, one of the new Ombre Iridescente shades for spring, I was wondering which way I'd go.

I'm pleased to report that Silver Ivory has the same beautiful shimmering effect, and the same blendability, combined with great wear over primer.  It didn't crease like the other shades I've tried; perhaps Clarins have improved the formula since the last range.

I'm particularly fond of this new shade - the spring shades are all silvery, including Silver Ivory, Silver Plum, Silver Pink and Silver Green.  None of them are strong shades, more like subtle silvery taupes with a coloured undertone.  Silver Ivory is a champagne taupe, just the kind of shade I like to pair with a red lip and plenty of black mascara.

At £19, Ombre Iridescente is a pretty spendy shadow, but given that the shades are the sort that are easily wearable every day, they're worth it if one or two catch your eye.

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