Monday, 15 February 2016

A journey in ear piercings

About eight months ago I saw a photo on Instagram of a beautiful sparkly crescent nestled in the outer edge of someone's ear.  Up until then, I'd thought that body piercing involved rather a lot of basic steel barbells, and when I discovered that there were some rather beautiful, feminine and sparkly pieces available, I took the plunge.  My first interesting piercing (both my lobe piercings are pretty 'normal') was a seven-jewel crescent made by a company called Anatometal, positioned in the top outer edge of my ear.  This position is called a helix piercing, and yes, it did hurt - but very fleetingly.  The piercer described it as being like being punched in the side of the head - a quick impact, followed by a spreading heat.  That was totally true.  Healing was a bit of a nightmare - I sleep on my side, and I sleep usually on this side, so every night I went to sleep on slightly tender ear.  It took probably five to six months before it healed completely and I could sleep on it without tenderness.

As so many people say, piercing is a bit addictive and it wasn't long til I got another one, this time a conch piercing, on the inside of the ear where the ring is in the picture above.  I had the piercing with a simple stud, waited for it to heal, and then replaced it with the ring.  Healing on my conch was very easy - it didn't really get squished when I slept, and it healed in about a month.  When I changed the stud for the ring, I got my tragus pierced too - that's the flappy bit closest to your face.  It hurt much  more than any of my other piercings, largely because the cartilage is so thick there.  It's taking its time to heal, too, mostly because I keep using in-ear headphones, which disturb the piercing.  Eventually, I changed out the ring in my conch to a small 5-stone crescent - the ring kept twisting round and I got annoyed with having to rearrange it all the time.

Then, I had a conch piercing on my other ear, bringing one side up to two crescents in one ear.  Super sparkly.

And most recently, I had two new lobe piercings, with three-stone Mickey Mouse clusters, which add even more bling.  My ears are now a mix of lots of sparkle, and some opals, and I love them - I've got one bit of space at the top of my right ear, which I might fill in sometime soon.  Because the appeal of having colourful, sparkly ears beyond what you can put in your lobes is just too strong to stop.  Although, at five piercings per ear right now, I think it might soon be time to consider them done!

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  1. Wow! That is sure to be lots of piercing. But hey, they look stunning. Love the earrings that you have put.

  2. Triple forward helix next! Long heal but worth it x

    1. I do love the look of a triple forward helix, particularly with graduating size stones, but I'm a bit worried that'll be too much bling given how sparkly my ears are already :)


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