Friday, 8 January 2016

Meh: New CID i-Smoulder in Gold and Sapphire

I've tried New CID's i-Smoulder eyeliner/eyeshadow pens before, but they're adding a few new shades, so it's time to try them again.  I was recently sent Gold, a combo of (surprisingly) gold eyeshadow with a chestnut brown liner, and Sapphire, a combo of blue/black liner and metallic navy shadow.

The main point of i-Smoulder is to simplify the ever elusive smoky eye - you apply the stick eyeliner, and then run the eyeshadow over the top to smoke it out.  The format is part genius, part frustrating - the eyeliner is the usual twist-up stick, but the eyeshadow is compressed into the lid, relying on the pressure from the spongy tip to make the eyeshadow usable.  This is fine just after you open the product, but halfway through application, you have to twist the cap back on and then off again to load on more shadow.

Anyway - packaging annoyances aside, this product is great if you want to use it as a shortcut to smudgy eyeliner heaven.  That doesn't really work for the brown and gold combo, though, so I tried using the gold shadow all over the lid, with the brown liner smudged into the lashline.  Even on top of primer, the shadow creased within a few hours.

All in all, then, this is a great product to use for a shortcut to smoky eyeliner, but it's less adaptable than it might seem.  Given that you could also have the same effect with a regular eyeliner and eyeshadow from a palette you already own, I'm not entirely sure it's worth a purchase on its own unless you're buying a shade you just can't reproduce in your current makeup collection, particularly at the relatively spendy price of £18.50.

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