Thursday, 3 December 2015

Shea Moisture lands in the UK

I've tried Shea Moisture products before - usually by buying them in the US and bringing them back home, then using the tiniest amount possible to make sure I don't run out.  But now the range has landed in the UK, and in Boots no less - so all my fellow dry haired folks can easily try out this incredibly moisturising range.

I was sent the Extra Moisture Retention shampoo, Restorative Conditioner, and Curl & Shine Style Milk to try, and my general impression continues to be that this range is for hair which struggles to get proper moisturisation from other ranges.

The Extra Moisture Retention shampoo is thick and luxurious, lathering up well despite the lack of sulphates, and leaves my hair feeling very well hydrated and smooth.  The Restorative Conditioner, £10.99, is the richest conditioner I've ever tried, bar none - the first time I tried it, I pumped out a good handful - cursing the stingy pump for only giving me a tiny squirt at a time - and applied it to my hair.  After I dried my hair, I immediately re-washed it - it was so well lubricated that it lost any texture.  My fault.  Now I use a few small pumps and leave it to the driest, most straw-like bits of my hair - the ends - to avoid weighing my hair down.  I also use a single pump as a leave in conditioner, or half a pump to tame the ends between washes.  If your hair is very, very dry, you NEED this conditioner in your life.

The Curl & Shine Milk, £10.99, is a product I'm getting on less well with - it's also very hydrating, so unless your hair is very dry and rebellious, using all three products is a bit too much.  It does provide some curl definition, but it doesn't really enhance my curls - they form loose, smooth s-curls and ringlets, but don't spring up at all.  I prefer curl products which tighten my curls, and this one definitely doesn't.

I'm so glad Shea Moisture has made it to Boots - I'll definitely be trying out other products from the range, particularly the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo.  You'll find all the Shea Moisture goodies on, and a selection in-store now.

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