Sunday, 13 December 2015

No 7 Colour Your Way - Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Quad in Purple Haze & Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio in Tea Party

Purple Haze, Tea Party

Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Tea Party

Tea Party

Since I started colouring my hair really, really bright, I've made a move from colourful eyeshadow towards taupe.  I still wear bright lipstick, usually to coordinate with my hair, but I've been scared off contrasting colour on my eyes - I live in fear of accidentally looking like a pink haired clown.  No 7's recent Colour Your Way campaign caught my eye - it's intended to break some of the stereotypes of particular colours when we consider wearing them as makeup - such as the red lip being an eye catching statement - and empower women to experiment more with colour.

The No 7 PR team sent me some more colourful eyeshadow recently - and I've cautiously dipped my toe back into the rainbow coloured eyeshadow lake (err, yes).  Purple Haze, £10.50, is a quad of eyeshadows in true purple shades - there are two bright jewel tones with shimmer, complemented by two dustier, deeper mattes which make for a great cut crease.  I'm still a little afraid of wearing either of the bright shades full on, but a soft wash of either with the darkest purple on the lashline makes for a pop of colour which isn't too intense.

Tea Party, £9.50, has gone immediately into my day to day makeup bag, and I suspect will remain there for a long, long time.  It's got a lovely mauve grey, a cool toned rose, and a deep grey toned plum, and the three together make for a pretty look with a hint of colour which is still very wearable (and a million miles away from clownish).

Both eyeshadow palettes sport good, medium pigmentation which can be easily built up if you want a more intense look, and blendable, soft textures.  The mattes are the tiniest bit chalky, and will need a bit of dab-and-pat action to build up on the lids.  Still, both palettes are reasonably priced, and I would forgive Tea Party many sins.  So there you go:  colour, both a little more intense, and a little more subtle, and neither anywhere near as terrifying at UD's Electric Palette.

Disclosure:  PR samples

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