Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Colourpop Super Shock Shadows in Mixed Tape, Nillionaire, Cricket, Friskie, 3 & Lala

Top row: Mixed Tape, Nillionaire, Cricket
Bottom row: Friskie, 3, Lala

Top row: Mixed Tape, Nillionaire, Cricket
Bottom row: Friskie, 3, Lala

Mixed Tape, Nillionaire, Cricket

Friskie, 3, Lala

I really need to stop buying Colourpop Super Shock Shadows.  I now have over thirteen of them, and I keep wanting to buy more simply because they're the most multi-dimensional shimmer shadows I've tried, and they aren't half as messy as the loose pigments which give a similar effect.

I ordered another six to arrive at the office during my most recent visit to the US, and I specifically chose the shimmeriest, most metallic shades I could find in colours I'm pretty sure I'll wear every day.

Mixed Tape is from Colourpop's latest 90s themed collection, and it's a lovely dirty greyed violet which goes nicely with my hazel eyes.  It doesn't have sparkle, but it has a lovely semi-metallic finish.  Nillionaire is a super sparkly brown - the glitter is brown, gold, silver, and even a little bit of dark pewter, and it's a beautifully sparkly take on a very wearable base shade.  Cricket is a metallic mid-plum with silver and purple shimmer.  Friskie was a bit of a risk - black can look too heavy on my hooded lids - but it's gorgeous and easy to wear a little more sheerly.  It's also packed with teal, blue and silver glitter.  3 is another take on a wearable brown, this time with silver and icy blue glitter.  Lala is an insanely metallic coppery gold shade, which to me looks exactly like a penny in the swatch.  On the eye you can wear it this intense, or blend it for a more subtle look.

I really love these shadows (did I mention I like the glitter?), not least because they're very easy to apply - I've tried them with a synthetic brush and with my ring finger, and I think they apply best using fingers.  The slightly bouncy, cream to powder texture makes the shadow very blendable: I usually apply and blend one layer in a sheer wash, then apply a second layer wherever I want more intensity - usually in the centre of the lid.  Gorgeous.  Particularly for a mere $5 each.

Find them at the Colourpop website, and then find a friend to mule you some from the States, STAT.

Disclosure:  Bought by me.

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