Sunday, 1 November 2015

Colourpop Strobing I

My bumper Colourpop order contained not only a ton of Super Shock Shadow, but also a new collection the LA-based brand recently released, built around technique-of-the-moment strobing.  Strobing I is recommended for light to medium skintones, and contains three shimmering, light reflecting Super Shock Cheek products, and three neutral  Lippie Stix lipsticks.

Fanny Pack, Non Fiction, Parasol

Fanny Pack, Non Fiction, Parasol

The Super Shock Cheek products have the same texture as the Super Shock Shadows - slightly bouncy, creamy powder which blends like a cream and sets down into a powder finish.  The three shades have a shimmer finish, all the better to bounce light off the skin, in true strobing style.

Fanny Pack is a very pale white highlight, which is dramatic (and a bit robot face) if used heavily, but can be applied more sheerly for a subtle highlight effect.  It's particularly good if you find that golden or pink based highlighters look off on your skin.

Non Fiction is a shimmering blush shade, and whilst it's described as a pink with gold and copper highlights, I think it's more of a rosy coral shade than a pink.  The coppery undertone is pretty strong, and I think this one is better on medium skin tones - more than a tiny bit of this is overwhelming on my pale skin

Parasol is a warm, peachy gold which makes for a very pretty sunlit highlight.  Again, I have to be careful of going overboard, but those with warmer tones in their skin will find Parasol very flattering.

Marmalade, Fame, Thistle

Marmalade, Fame, Thistle

Lippie Stix are slim tubes of lipstick with a variety of finishes - Strobing 1 contains two cream finishes and one sheer.  The texture of these guys is a little waxy and stiff until they warm up a little - after that they smooth onto the lips evenly, although still with a bit of drag.  Marmalade is a warm, rosy pink with brownish undertones; Fame is a pale creamy pink with a sheer finish; Thistle is a peachy nude.  All three are a bit warm and brown for my skintone, apart from Fame, which is fine if you like that super pale pink lip.

Mixed results, then, from Strobing I - not because the products are bad, but mostly because this set runs a little more warm than I'm personally able to pull off.  If your skin is warm toned, you'll probably love this set - particularly given that it costs a mere $40 for 6 products.

Disclosure:  Purchased by me.

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