Monday, 26 October 2015

Makeup Forever HD Blush in 330 Rosy Plum

When a Makeup Forever makeup artist showed me this product at an event recently, I told him I had the fluid version.  He looked at me strangely and told me it had been discontinued for a number of years because it dried up so quickly.  So, err, I threw it away when I got home.  Clear out your stash regularly, ladies!

Anyway, this compact blush bears no relation to the previous fluid blush apart from the name and the texture - both are creamy and well pigmented, but that's where the similarity ends.  This version has a pretty matte finish which blends with the oils in the skin to create a very, very natural finish on the skin.  It doesn't leave a glow (you'll need to add that yourself with highlighter) nor an overly matte finish, just a super natural, real skin finish.

This colour, 330 Rosy Plum, is lovely, although I'm not sure it's particularly plummy - rather, it's a mauve toned mid-pink which cool toned ladies will love for a neutral pink flush.  It's well pigmented, too, meaning you only need to swirl your finger atop the product once to get a reasonably noticeable flush.

The major downside, unfortunately, is the price - this little compact, which contains just 2.8g of product, costs £29.  I can only imagine the amazing profit margin, and the MUFE people rubbing their hands together with glee when they priced it.  If money's no object, then this is a brilliant natural finish blush - if it is, you'll find cheaper cream blushes on the high street which come close for less.

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  1. Debenhams unfortunately has a huge mark-up on MUFE, I've noticed. We don't even get the same group-purchase option as the US Sephora, where there is a significant discount when buying three shades of the Artist Shadows plus 3-pan compact in one go.

    However, the HD cream blush is £21.95 in the compact, or £15.50 for the pan (to put into a Z palette or similar) at Guru Makeup Emporium. Considerably more wallet friendly!


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