Thursday, 15 October 2015

Makeup Forever Artist Plexi Gloss in 206 Pop Pink and 302P Golden Coral

These Makeup Forever Artist Plexi Glosses are lovely if you like a traditional super shiny lipgloss with oodles of staying power.  The shade range is insane - 35 shades ranging from soft, sheer, juicy shades like Pop Pink and Golden Coral above, to more pigmented shades including more artistic colours like black and teal.

Pop Pink and Golden Coral both have a juicy, milky finish which is pretty rather than intense.  I'm told that other shades in the range are much more intense, taking the product from a gloss to more of a glossy liquid lipstick.  If you're looking for a particular finish, you're best off trundling down to your nearest Debenhams or searching for swatches online to avoid being surprised by the opacity of the shade you choose.

Texture wise, Plexi Gloss is a traditional gloss - by which I mean that it's a bit sticky.  That's not too surprising for something with this much shine in the finish, and the stickiness does make sure that shine lasts much longer than more balm-like glosses.  At £16, it's spendy, but worthwhile if you're after a long lasting gloss with plenty of choice in terms of shades.

Disclosure:  PR sample

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