Monday, 12 October 2015

Kinda Meh: Gel Touch Gel Topcoat

I have a bit of a problem with Gel Touch's Top Coat, which claims to transform any polish into a gel.  Not because it doesn't work, oh no - it definitely does, and if you apply it atop any polish, and then seal it with a LED light, it does give your manicure a lot of extra oomph - more shine, and lasting power which easily goes for a week, regardless of how low commitment the polish underneath actually was.

The problem is that it's basically a gel topcoat, and it's sold as a stand alone product.  You'll need a LED light to cure it, and if you own an LED light, there's a fair chance you have a full home gel polish system - and the topcoat from that will most likely do just as good a job over regular polish as Gel Touch will.  If you don't own a LED light, well, you'll have to buy one - and you'll get more for your money if you get one alongside a home gel polish system, rather than on it's own, which means you'll end up with a gel top coat anyway.  Sigh.

For price comparison's sake, the Gel Touch kit, which includes a top coat and a light, costs £50.  For £15 more, you can have a Red Carpet Manicure starter kit, which has a slightly lower powered light, but everything else you need for a complete manicure.  For £40 more, you can have the full kit and kaboodle with the pro light.  This'd be a bit of a no brainer if the top coat alone was comparable to a full gel manicure, but it isn't - because it doesn't bond through all the layers of polish, it adds armour but doesn't last as well as a full gel manicure does.  I get two to three weeks out of my Red Carpet Manicure gel manicures, whereas I found that Gel Touch only gave me just over a week of wear.

So, all in all, a nice enough product - but the economics don't quite work out for it to be a winner if you're looking to maximise wear time.

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