Friday, 2 October 2015

Kiko Cosmetics Intensely Lavish Lipstick in 01 Lusty Peony & 05 Heavy Cherry

01 Lusty Peony
05 Heavy Cherry
Kiko Cosmetics are always a good choice for a low cost, high impact lipstick, and their latest Intensely Lavish lipsticks are no exception.  The formula is slippy, buttery smooth and glides onto the lips from the bullet, and as I've come to expect from Kiko, the pigmentation is opaque.  Even better, they last damn well - I've recently been applying Lusty Peony at 7am and still wearing it, albeit a more matte, slightly drier version of it, at 3pm, whereupon I usually give up and reapply or wipe the last traces of colour off.  Not bad for a lipstick that costs a mere £6.90.

Now, let's focus on the colours for a moment - Heavy Cherry is a fairly standard cherry red with a pinkish base, which makes it a little easier to wear than your average blue toned true red.  I put it immediately into my 'give away to friends' pile after I swatched it, because I have a lot of lipstick in this kind of shade.  Lusty Peony though... it went straight into my handbag, and hasn't yet come out.  Kiko are a great source of neutral or cool toned, pink based nude lipsticks - and Lusty Peony is a great example of a nude which isn't too nude, too beige or too golden - it's just a perfect match for a slightly darker or richer toned eye.  I LOVE it.  If you struggle to find nudes which aren't too beige or too dead or too golden, it's well worth a try.  At £6.90, you can't be disappointed.

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