Friday, 30 October 2015

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate

Kiehl's have brought out a new facial oil... for daytime use.  It's being marketed as a perfect pair for their well known and well loved Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which is a heavy, nourishing night time oil, and as you'd expect, the day version is a much lighter affair.

Daily Reviving Concentrate contains a mixture of oils including grapefruit peel oil, ginger root oil, and a whole heap of seed oils.  I've never personally used a facial oil during the day - my skin is dry/combination, and my nose and chin in particular can become quite oily during the day if over moisturised.  I've always kept the use of oils to the night, to give them the best chance of soaking into my skin, and to avoid them disturbing my makeup.  So it was with some trepidation that I tried out Daily Reviving Concentrate one morning a few weeks ago - and since then I've not really looked back.

A few drops smoothed over freshly cleansed skin absorbs almost immediately - there's no residue, no massaging required, and no fuss.  I've been layering the oil up with a very light moisturiser, but if you're oily you could probably skip it, and if you're dry you may want something a little heavier.  It definitely helps that I've been trying this product out during colder weather - light as it is, I suspect that Daily Reviving Concentrate would be too much for my skin in the sweaty summer months. During the winter, it's perfect, adding a shot more moisure without playing havoc with makeup.  The refreshing, citrus-y scent is also rather invigorating in the morning, too.

All in all, then, I'm a bit of a convert, aside from some minor gripes around the pipette packaging, which looks all cool and science-y, but provides too many opportunities to knock a full bottle of oil over onto the floor for clumsy old me.  Find it at the Kiehl's website, where it costs a reasonably spendy but not exorbitant £36.

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