Wednesday, 16 September 2015

No 7 Early Defence Skincare

No 7 recently stepped away from the high-power anti-aging ingredients and brought out a range for "young skin".  They deliberately avoid specifying just what age range they're targeting, but the gist of it is that Early Defence is for skin which is concerned about aging, but not currently experiencing lines or wrinkles which require stronger ingredients to tackle.

I've been using the Early Defence Day Cream, £19.50; Night Cream, also £19.50; and Eye Cream, £13.50, for a couple of months now, and whilst I've not noticed any particular change in my skin, I am impressed by the Night Cream in particular - it's got a lighter texture than many night creams I've tried in the past, and absorbs quickly, too.  In the morning my skin feels well hydrated and velvety, and has noticeably less oily residue than it does when I use a heavier cream.  For those looking for a skin-quenching, lightweight night cream, I'd definitely recommend giving this one a try.

The Day Cream and Eye Cream are less impressive - whilst the day cream has SPF 15 and a light feeling texture to its favour, it's a little on the heavy side throughout the day - I find my combination, not very oily skin gets shiny by lunch time if I've used the Day Cream in the morning.  Nothing that can't be fixed with a spot of powder, but I've found better day creams which hydrate the skin without making it oily.  The Eye Cream is okay - it feels pretty basic, with a melting hydrating formula which didn't really have any effect on the fine lines around my eyes other than keeping the area moist.

Overall, then, if you're looking for a simple moisturising regime which doesn't skimp on hydration and doesn't wage war on wrinkles with strong ingredients, Early Defence might be worth a try.  Particularly the Night Cream, which I'm continuing to use on top of facial oil for an extra hydrating treat.

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