Sunday, 27 September 2015

Introducing Bagsy: Wow Lips in Cocktail Hour and Lip Velvet in Spinning Plates

Bagsy is a new British makeup brand that focuses on making handbag essentials - products which are easy to use and small enough to be slipped into your handbag every day.  The range itself feels a little confused - there are three lip products, a bronzer, a concealer/highlighter stick, a blush, a kabuki brush, an eyeshadow stick, a hand cream and a dry shampoo.  This feels like a bit of an eclectic mix - not quite enough makeup to run the full face regime (although that in itself isn't bad) with a few bits thrown in for good measure.  Add to that packaging which is pretty enough but varies significantly across the range and you have a brand that seems like it's a little way off making sense as a whole.

Anyway, enough on the whole range - today we'll be examining two of the lip products from the range - Wow Lips Full Colour Chubby Stick and Lip Velvet Soft Matte Lip Colour, both £12.

Wow Lips Full Colour Chubby Stick does pretty much what it says on the prettily packaged tube - it's a high pigment, glossy finish stick lip colour.  Yes, it's pretty much a Clinique Chubby Stick Intense copy, but Chubby Stick has become as generic as Hoover nowadays.

The texture is creamy, the colour glides off the stick onto the lip, and lasting power is reasonable at around 4 hours before it fades completely.  This shade, Cocktail Hour, is a slightly coral toned red which isn't too POW IN YOUR FACE but still packs plenty of punch.

At £12, though, I can't help but feel that the product itself within the tube looks a little cheap.  The original Chubby Sticks cost £17 each, just £5 more, and feel a whole lot more luxurious.

However, I can't make the same complaint about Lip Velvet Soft Matte Lip Colour - the packaging is very similar to Hourglass Cosmetics' much more spendy Opaque Rouge liquid lipstick, which costs £23.  The differences end at the packaging though; where Opaque Rouge is intensely pigmented, Lip Velvet is much more of a sheer tint.  This shade, Spinning Plates, is a lovely cool toned mauve rose, which gives a very pretty my-lips-but-better effect on me.  Lasting power certainly doesn't compare to Opaque Rouge - Lip Velvet lasts a couple of hours tops before needing a top up.

Overall, then, I have mixed feelings about Bagsy and their lip products.  I'm disappointed in the luxe factor of Wow Lips, but impressed with Lip Velvet.  I'm a bit confused by how the range hangs together, including as it does a somewhat random smattering of beauty essentials.  Still, I'm always keen to see home grown, niche brands thrive in a sea of internationally-owned conglomerate brands, so here's hoping Bagsy brings us more products like Lip Velvet from here.

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