Monday, 14 September 2015

Clinique Pretty Easy Eyelining Pen

This new eyeliner from Clinique does exactly what it says on the packaging:  it makes liquid eyeliner pretty easy.  Not completely, foolproof-ly easy, but pretty damn easy.

The genius thing about it is the nib of the pen.  Whilst it looks like a felt tip, it's actually a very fine brush, with hairs which provide plenty of flex without wiggling all over the place.  You just place the tip on the lashline and paint a line smoothly - the brush glides over the lashline, leaving a deep, black, fine line.  You can also press a little harder to get the brush to fan out a little for a thicker line.

If you're a little underconfident with felt tip or truly bendy brush liners, then Pretty Easy Eyelining Pen is a good product to try.  Mine has become a core part of my makeup bag since it arrived a month ago, and I'm particularly impressed by how smooth the liner remains inside the brush tip after a month of use - there's no evidence of drying up or clogging, and the brush itself remains just the right level of flexible.  Pretty good, for £19.

Disclosure:  PR sample

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