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Clarins Joli Rouge Lipsticks in Orange Fizz, Papaya, Hot Pink, Royal Plum, Cherry Red, Pink Praline, Tender Nude, Bubble Gum Pink & Pink Ginger

Clarins have released a new range of lipsticks - Joli Rouge.  You might remember various Joli Rouge formulas being available in the past, most recently in sheer formulas - these are different.  The new Joli Rouge range is full of rich, creamy pigment, but still has the candy-sweet scent and soft, moist texture.

They're packaged in the usual sleek, classy Clarins gold, with simple undecorated tubes with the tiniest of Cs on the lid.  I like that the bullets are slightly concave - the shaping helps the lipstick to hug your lips as you apply, which isn't really a necessity, but adds to the luxurious feel of the lipstick.

Most luxurious is the texture - it's buttery, creamy, full of hydration and it feels very, very lightweight on the lip.  Despite putting on and removing nine of 'em, my lips remained soft and hydrated during my epic swatching session, which really proves the plushness of the texture.

Anyway, on to some colours!

Orange Fizz is an intense, saturated orange with subtle gold shimmer running through it.  It's a pretty cool toned orange, very juicy, and clashes terribly with my pink hair.  I did take a picture, but it's too bad even for comedy purposes.

Papaya is a slightly more muted orange, with a cream finish and a slightly less true orange tone - there's a little bit of beige in there, which makes it a bit more wearable.  I found this shade to be a little bit more solid, and a little less pigmented than the other shades I've tried.

Hot Pink is a glorious fuchsia pink with blue undertones and a sprinkling of tiny silvery shimmer.  It's cool toned, matches my hair, and is pigmented as anything with one swipe needed straight out of the tube.

Royal Plum is VAMPY.  It's a deep, brown based plum, and it's a little too brown for my liking - I can imagine it working a treat as a vampy shade on medium skin tones, and as a gorgeous subtle berry on darker skintones.

Cherry Red isn't really cherry red, for my money, but rather a slightly orange based red.  This one is also intensely pigmented, looks very juicy on the lip, and has a creamy finish.

Pink Praline is an almost 90s shell pink, with a tiny bit of pink/silver shimmer.  It's saved from being horribly retro 90s by the lack of frostiness.  I can see this being a great my-lips-but-better shade for pale skinned cool toned ladies.

Tender Nude is a slightly more golden, beige toned nude, with enough pink in it to avoid dead-lips.  It too has a touch of shimmer, luckily no more than a touch.

Bubble Gum Pink, like Papaya, is a slightly more muted cream finish lipstick, and also has a slightly less pigmented finish.  I was expecting it to be lighter and brighter from the name, but it's actually a nice mid-toned pink with fuchsia tones.

And finally, Pink Ginger, sitting nicely between pink, coral and brown with a not-a-nude-nude effect going on.  It's pretty richly pigmented and has a creamy, satin-y finish.  I think my Mum will like this one.

There you have it.  All the Joli Rouge shades I've tried have lovely, buttery textures and varying levels of pigment - but there's nothing you'd really call a sheer lipstick in here.  Clarins claim a 6 hour hold on these, and I can't really say I'd agree - they stay true to colour and lusciously moist on the lip for around two hours, with a further hour of slightly drier colour, which is still pretty reasonable - especially given how hydrated the lips feel after use.

Overall then, a pretty damn fine lipstick range for those who value comfort and texture over wear, with lovely packaging, at a good mid-range price - £19.50.  Find Joli Rouge at Clarins counters, or online, now - you'll note that the range has a staggering 25 shades in it, meaning there should be something for everyone.

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