Thursday, 16 July 2015

L'Oreal Infallible Nail Polish in Scarlet Century and Rebel Blues

I usually hate double-ended nail polishes, finding them nearly impossible to apply smoothly because of the bulk and weight of the other end.  These L'Oreal Infallible Nail Polishes though, they're clever - they may appear double ended, but they're actually two normal sized L'Oreal nail polishes held together by a plastic middle.

The concept here is that you have one full colour shade and one tinted jelly shade - they can be used separately, or layered for maximum effect.  Alone, both full colour shades are gorgeous - Scarlet Century has that glowing from within thing going on, and Rebel Blues has a deep inkiness to it which isn't very summer, but is very pretty.

And here's the rub:  neither jelly polish really brings anything to the party.  At best, they're softly tinted clear polishes which can add a hint of colour to your nails if you're looking for a very soft jelly effect on your nails, and at worst they're a slightly tinted topcoat which adds nothing to the full colour shade.

Still, both the full colour and the jelly shades are beautifully smooth and easy to apply, and dry quickly.  And they're cheap at £7.99 for two shades.  But, y'know, unless you're expecting very little from the jelly shades, you may well be disappointed.

Disclosure:  PR sample

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