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Too Faced Bronzer in Snow Bunny, Sun Bunny, Milk Chocolate Soleil and Pink Leopard

Too Faced have a staggeringly large selection of bronzers - matte, shimmery, cool toned, warm toned, blush/bronzer hybrid...  Today's post is about my four favourites: Snow Bunny, a luminous bronzer with a cool tone; Sun Bunny, a shimmering bronzer with a slightly warmer tone; Milk Chocolate Soleil, a matte bronzer for pale/medium skin tones; and Pink Leopard, a luminous blushing bronzer.

The packaging is very cute - pale gold, heavyweight solid plastic, with a pretty motif embossed on the lid.  They have decent sized mirrors within, and the pan size is pretty large, meaning you can swirl your biggest, fluffiest brush with ease.  My only criticism is that all the variations have the same packaging, so if you own more than one, you will find yourself turning them over and reading the label on the back - the labels themselves are also the same colour, so there's no at-a-glance differentiation to be had.

Clockwise from top left: Snow Bunny, Sun Bunny, Pink Leopard, Milk Chocolate Soleil

Snow Bunny
Sun Bunny
Milk Chocolate Soleil
Pink Leopard
Left to right: Snow Bunny, Sun Bunny, Milk Chocolate Soleil, Pink Leopard

From the swatches, you can see the differences in tones and finishes - Snow Bunny and Sun Bunny have similar gently shimmering finishes, with Sun Bunny being a little deeper and warmer.  I can only use Sun Bunny when I'm sporting a touch of the sun about my face, and even then only with a light touch.  Snow Bunny, with it's lighter, cooler colour, is more everyday friendly.  Milk Chocolate Soleil is a very light, matte bronzer - perfect for my pale skin, it works for contouring and for all-over bronzing.  It's probably the best pale-skin bronzer I've ever tried.  Pink Leopard is less pink than I'd hoped, but makes a very pretty pinky toned blush/highlighter - it has a fairly frosty finish though, so a light hand is needed to avoid robot-face.

As an aside, the Too Faced Kabuki brush is amazing for blending and buffing into the skin, but unless you like a very bronzed look, be careful when using it to pick up product from the pan - it has relatively dense bristles which pick up and deposit colour with more intensity than I was expecting.

And finally, here I am wearing Milk Chocolate Soleil in the hollows of my cheeks, along my jawline, and lightly brushed either side of my nose, with Pink Leopard blended across my cheekbones.  It's a luminous, highlighted look which sculpts and defines my face, and it goes really, really well with a coppery smoky eye.

I find these bronzers last really well - easily throughout the day, with only a little top up required in the evening - and the textures are soft and easily blendable.  With the exception of Milk Chocolate Soleil, which is slightly sheer, they're all pretty deeply pigmented - so it's best to start light and build up, particularly if you're pale and afraid of bronzer.

Snow BunnySun BunnyMilk Chocolate Soleil and Pink Leopard all cost £25, which is expensive, but not awful given the generous 10g product weight and the pigmentation and lasting power of the product.  If that isn't enough, Milk Chocolate Soleil also smells of chocolate, making it a true pleasure to use.  Nom.  You can find the full range of all eight bronzers at Debenhams.

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