Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Kneipp Devil's Claw Back Comfort

Everyone gets a sore back sometimes, I think.  Mine has been distinctly better since I got a standing desk and stopped hunching over a keyboard every day, but years of bad posture and slouching means that I still ache in my shoulders, particularly when I'm stressed.

Kneipp's range of herbal bath products recently expanded to offer relief for these very symptoms - and the results are good, if a little aesthetically odd.  Devil's Claw Herbal Bath is a thick, syrupy blood red liquid - you chuck a capful into a running bath and swish around.  This is where it gets a bit weird - the water goes a deep red colour, not unlike a bath full of blood (if you're macabre) or Ribena (if you're childish).

Weird looking water aside, Devil's Claw Herbal Bath proves itself to be very effective in a topical manner - the rich, warming aroma encourages relaxation, and the anti-inflammatory properties of the Devil's Claw plant help soothe the back (as well as any other tired muscles).  I've not tried the massage oil, for lack of a compliant other half to do the massaging, but I'd thoroughly recommend the Herbal Bath as a relaxing, soothing way to ease achey backs.  Particularly at the price of £10, which gets you 10 baths.  Bargain.

Disclosure:  PR sample

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  1. I'd love to hear more about your standing desk - what type, any tips, do you use an external monitor? etc and did you have to build up your strength/stamina before you could use it all day? Sorry, so many questions but I've been considering one but worried that I couldn't last a whole day standing!

    1. Mine has extending legs and is powered - so it goes up and down from sitting to standing and back at the touch of a button. I don't use an external monitor, but I flit from meeting to meeting all day, if I was at my desk all day I'd definitely have an external monitor.

      Stamina wise - I found it surprisingly tiring on the legs to stand all day! The first couple of weeks were a bit challenging - nothing bad, but I definitely noticed an ache at the end of the day. Now I'm used to it, I find myself getting restless if I sit too long. I'd definitely recommend giving a standing desk a try - the change in my level of back pain has been significant :)


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