Thursday, 18 June 2015

BUY THIS NOW: Urban Decay Revolution High Colour Lipgloss in Quiver, Assassin & Savage

Urban Decay's ever-expanding Revolution range has expanded again, bringing us a high pigmentation lipgloss which is called Revolution High Colour Lipgloss, unsurprisingly.  The packaging of this new lip product is gorgeous - echoing the original and sheer lipsticks, the tubes feature an undulating tube and cap, with the cap done in a stormy gunmetal grey.

The applicator mixes the best of a bendy silicone with traditional colour-carrying flocking, combined with a pointed arrowhead shape which makes it easy to apply the gloss precisely along the lipline.  From this angle you can also see the shape of the tube itself - remarkably flat, it's designed to fit into a pocket easily, making it perfect for application on the go.  Whilst this isn't a new thing in the beauty industry, it definitely makes these glosses feel more easily portable.

Be still my beating heart!  Quiver is an absolutely gorgeous mid-pink with a creamy, slightly milky finish and pigmentation which is almost fully opaque.  It's cool toned, a tiny bit berry, and very, very juicy-pretty indeed.

Assassin is described as a pink but looks far more red to me, albeit a red with a pinky raspberry tinge and tons of sparkling pink glitter.  The glitter isn't visible on the lip unless you zoom in really close - from a distance it just adds more dimension and depth.  Pigmentation on this shade is a little less intense than with Quiver - a single coat gives semi-opaque cover which is a little patchy until you smush your lips together.

I was expecting to hate Savage, with it's bright, cool, purpley-pink, but it's actually rather nice, thanks to that intensely milky finish.  Pigmentation wise, it's a little sheer, but the milkiness stops it from being too sheer and makes it a very wearable pop of colour.

Texture wise, these glosses are surprising - they're almost a gel, sliding onto the lips smoothly and feeling moist and comfortable.  They are, unfortunately, a bit sticky, but the upside of that stickiness is that the wear time is an amazing 4 hours, which is something I'll gladly trade for a bit of stick.

At £15, these glosses are worth every penny if you find a shade that sings to you - for me, that's Quiver, and I anticipate wearing it all summer long.  The packaging is both functional and pretty, the shades interesting and varied (there are 14 in total), and the longevity surprisingly good for a gloss.  What's not to love?  Find them at the Urban Decay website now.

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  1. I am so glad Urban Decay came out with these because lip products are just not something they are famous for but they are stepping up the game with these lipglosses. I love packaging and the shade Quiver looks gorgeus on lips


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