Sunday, 10 May 2015

Meh - Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray

I like a bit of volume, particularly when it's been a few days since I washed my hair.  I usually turn to Batiste for combined oil-banishing and volume-giving action, but there's a new product in town - Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray, £3.99.  It's part of the bigger Dove Oxygen Moisture range, which is targeted at fine hair, and adds moisture without weighing the hair down.

The before and after photo shows the effect on hair which is a day or so after washing - I spritzed a bit onto my roots throughout the hair, give it a very haphazard rub in with my fingertips, and voila.  Um, sort of.  There's a bit of lift, but not really much - nothing compared to the 80s heights Batiste can take you to.  It might work a bit better on hair which is actually fine (mine definitely isn't), and a universal major benefit is that it absolutely doesn't leave your hair feeling like it's full of slightly weird feeling stuff like Batiste does.  Still, for me (and my relatively thick hair), it's not as impressive as Batiste.

Disclosure: PR sample

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