Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Illamasqua To Be Alive Collection - Iridesce Shine Lipgloss

Illamasqua's latest collection, To Be Alive, isn't really my cup of tea at all - it's based entirely around blue, which is a colour I rarely wear as makeup (perhaps because it's a bit much with my hair).  One piece, though, is a surprisingly subtle take on blue - Iridesce Shine Lipgloss, which is a clear gloss with a subtle sprinkling of blue particles, which makes the gloss glow with a gentle blue iridescence.

Trying to photograph that blue iridescence was a bit of a bugger, which proves how subtle an effect it is.  A macro shot of the lips shows the icy blue particles, but in person it's hard to spot - the overall effect is a blue flash which is only visible when the sun hits it just right.  Alone, it's pretty, but over a blue toned red lip, it's stunning, albeit high maintenance.

This is the first time I've tried Illamasqua's Shine Lipgloss, and for a generally-gloss-disapproving person I'm pretty impressed.  The shine level is good, and the texture is wonderfully slippy, not at all tacky.  The downside is that it dries down in just over an hour, but hey, that's the price you pay for a glossy pout.

Shine Lipgloss in Iridesce costs £16.50, and is a limited edition with the To Be Alive collection, so run to the Illamasqua website if you're after a blue flash for your lips this summer.

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