Monday, 25 May 2015

Crabtree & Evelyn Black Absinthe Eau de Cologne

Okay, first off - this is a men's scent.  Second off, I really don't care - it's one of those deep yet fresh, nose tinglingly crisp scents with a warm heart which I absolutely adore, and I won't let the fact that it's been designed for a man put me off wearing it.  Yeah.

Packaged in an appropriately green bottle, Black Absinthe is a little bit Art Deco in it's design, putting you very much in the mind of French bohemian soirees with the green fairy.  As this is a cologne, the bottle has an open neck - I've been applying it by putting my finger across the opening, turning the bottle upside down, and dabbing gently behind the ears and on my neck.  It's a heady fragrance, so applying slowly and building up is a good thing, unless you want to overpower people.

The scent itself is fresh more than anything, opening with a cacophony of green and spicy notes, including absinthe and cardamom, before mellowing to something a bit more floral and creamy, with orange blossom and artemisia.  There's a distinctly warm and buttery heart to this fragrance, incorporating tonka bean (one of my favourites), vetivier sandalwood, but interestingly once the fragrance has fully dried down it doesn't become totally warm - once developed, it's a curious blend of greenness backed by warmth which is beautifully balanced.

Overall, then, it's a gorgeous scent, for men and for women, mixing as it does the crispness of modern fragrances with a warmer, more old fashioned core.  Find it at Crabtree and Evelyn, where it costs £45 for 100ml.

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