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Clinique Turnaround Revitalising Skincare

Clinique recently revamped their Turnaround range, adding new products and improving old ones, to provide a complete system for radiant, revitalised skin.  I've been trialling all five products in the range for the part six weeks, and I'm impressed - very impressed.  No other skincare range has caused such a complete change in the texture of my skin - it's peachy soft and so incredibly smooth that I've been using half the foundation I normally use.  Here's the low down on each product in the range.

The range has two moisturisers - one for day, and one for night.  The day cream, £30, has an added benefit of a very subtle pearly glow to it, making it a moisturiser and glowing primer in one.  It comes in two shades - Rosy Glow for cool skin tones, and Golden Glow for warmer tones - I've been using Rosy Glow, which definitely boosts radiance in a subtle way, alone or under foundation.  The texture is light and easily absorbed, and despite the ultra-silky texture, I've not found it to be a problem with silicone based foundations.

The night cream, £36, boasts a thicker, more velvety texture, and sits on the surface of the skin a little longer.  I wish it came in different packaging - I've grown accustomed to having my skincare protected from bacteria, and a pot format just won't do that - but otherwise it's a perfectly serviceable night cream, leaving skin looking bright and feeling soft in the morning.

Ah, the power products - the serum, £37, has been around for a fair while, and I've tried and loved it before.  This thin liquid absorbs super fast, leaving the skin feeling incredibly smooth and velvety - it makes for a great base for makeup.  For something with such hydrating properties, it's also surprisingly good at keeping the skin matte during the day - despite layering both the serum and the moisturiser, I found that I didn't get oily around the forehead and nose at all.

The treatment oil, £30, is a new product, and it suffers from bloody awful packaging.  The top screws off to reveal an open necked bottle and a pipette style dropper - pretty, yes, science-y, yes, but also a nightmare for clumsy people - I'm terrified I'm going to knock it over mid-use and waste all that product.  Packaging woes aside, it's a lovely oil - more of a dry oil than a heavy seed oil - which feels very silky and absorbs much more quickly than other oils I've tried in the past.

And finally, the occasional treat - Instant Facial, £35, is a five-minute mask which boosts the skin, exfoliating and hydrating for a temporary burst of brightness and smoothness.  It's got a relatively gritty texture thanks to the tiny scrubby granules within it, and it definitely makes my skin much more smooth in one use - you do have to be careful with it though, it's easy to overexfoliate if you're too vigorous massaging it into the skin as you rinse off.  It's more of a special-occasion-prep product than it is an everyday skincare product.

So there you have it, the complete Turnaround range.  Each piece is mid-priced for a premium skincare line - £30ish, on average - which isn't bad, but adds up to a lot of cash if you're interested in the whole range.  My picks, then, are the serum - past and recent experience tells me this is the texture-changing powerhouse of the bunch - and the day cream, for it's multi-purpose glow-giving and lack of oiliness even when combined with the serum.  The oil is also a good pick if you find traditional facial oils too heavy, but it loses points for that terrible packaging.  You'll find more info on the whole Turnaround line at the Clinique website.

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