Wednesday, 6 May 2015

BUY THIS NOW: Pur Minerals Pout Pen in Fuzzy Navel & Cosmo

Fuzzy Navel

I remember when Cover Girl launched their Outlast Lipstains - chunky markers full of lip stain, sadly not available in the UK, but brought back from the States by many a beauty addict for friends and family alike.  They were pretty popular for a while, until we realised that they were actually pretty drying, and kinda hard to apply, and went back to traditional lipsticks and glosses.

Pur Minerals are bringing back that trend with their Pout Pens, £14 - they feature a lipstain saturated marker (albeit with a much finer tip) at one end, and a chunk of slightly tinted balm at the other.  The premise is that you colour in your lips with the stain, and then apply the balm on top to keep the lips moist.  Nothing particularly new, but it is nice to have both products in the same packaging, and the addition of a slightly tinted balm means you can use it alone too.

The major appeal here is the lasting power - and wow, does this stuff last.  I've been wearing Cosmo a fair bit recently (I'll never turn down a good red), and so long as I apply the initial stain evenly and precisely, I can get through the entire day with perfect red lips which don't fade or smear or budge or anything.  And then when I get home, I have to fight to remove the stuff, ending up with lips which are still stained a subtle red.

THAT'S lasting power, people.  If you have to fight your makeup to get it off, it's a good 'un.

There are exceptions, of course - if you eat a super oily meal, it'll loosen a bit, although you'll still end up with a stained pout, if not a full intensity pout.  And if you try to layer it up too much, it'll be both incredibly uncomfortable and look a bit patchy.  But still, get the application right and you're set for the whole day.  If you love a good strong lip, you're lazy about reapplying, but can be bothered to smush on a bit of lip balm, this stuff is definitely worth a try.

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