Sunday, 17 May 2015

Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Claret Pink and Poppy Red

Claret Pink, Poppy Red
Burberry's latest Kisses lipstick release promises a weightless, hydrating texture and a buildable level of pigment which makes for multiple looks from one bullet.  Being a lipstick addict, I had to try them out.

The packaging is identical to Burberry's other Lip Mist and Lip Cover products, which makes for a pleasing symmetry on the dressing table and a bit of a scrabble through your makeup bag if you're carrying multiple types of Burberry lipstick.  It's weighty, solid, and has a satisfyingly strong magnet to keep the lid firmly attached to the base.

Claret Pink, Poppy Red
The lipsticks are embossed with an intricate pattern, as are the others in the range, and the bullets are gently shaped.  

Claret Pink
Claret Pink is a sheer coral pink - this is one swipe from the bullet.  It's possible to build it up stronger with additional swipes, but I quite like the subtlety and juiciness of a single swipe.

Poppy Red
Poppy Red is much more pigmented - a single swipe gives rich, full opacity, although it can also be built up for even more intense redness.

Texture wise, these lipsticks are everything that Burberry promises:  weightless on the lip once set, comfortable and hydrating to wear, and very easy to apply evenly.  Wear time is pretty reasonable:  four hours before the colour and the hydration fades away, leaving the lips slightly stained.

Overall, then, these lipsticks are a lovely addition into any lipstick addict's makeup bag - but they don't really offer anything new in a world where lipstick formulas are universally comfortable and well pigmented.  Still, if you like a touch of Burberry, you'll find them at Debenhams, where they cost £25 each.

Disclosure: Purchased by me.

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