Thursday, 30 April 2015

Models Own Hyperlips Lipglosses and Semi-Matte Lipsticks

I generally equate Models Own with bang on trend cheap nail polish, and while I've tried a couple of their makeup offerings, I hadn't realised quite how big their lip range is.  I've got four shades each of two of their core lip range - Hyperlips Lipgloss and Semi Matte Lipstick.  Both are £4.99 a pop, making them pretty cheap even by high street standards, and both are available in ten shades.

First, let's take a look at the Hyperlips Lipgloss.  I like the simple square tube, and the coloured cap makes it easy to find the right shade if you own a few.  The application is pretty simple - just a standard, firm doe's foot applicator.

Fuchsia Flush
Fuchsia Flush isn't actually all that fuschia - instead, it's a milky, blue toned pink.

Ruby Red
Ruby Red is lovely classic red, leaning a little bit raspberry.  It's fairly pigmented, as you can see from my top lip, where I appear to have applied the gloss rather haphazardly onto my actual face.

Warm Orange
Yes, orange.  Very orange.  Also quite pigmented.

Premier Plum
Premier Plum is actually a my-lips-but-better shade on me, probably because my cool skin and slightly blue tinged lips make any plum shade look like a neutral pink.  Either way, this one is pretty light on pigment too.

Texture wise... these are the stickiest glosses I've ever tried.  Well, maybe apart from MAC Lipglass, when I was having my MAC Obsession (I think everyone has one of those at some point).  Anyway, if you like your glosses plush and smooth and silky, this isn't for you.  If you like your glosses stickier than glue and very long lasting, they're definitely for you.

The Semi-Matte lipsticks are also pretty cute in their tubes, with brightly coloured bottoms and a clear casing which shows you the colour at the base.  Initially, I was very, very put off by the way the lipsticks look in the tube - rather than being glossy and pretty, they look a bit dry and rubbery, and Miami Heat on the right with the yellow cap looks a little sweaty and oily.  Still, I took one for the team and tried them out.

Burgundy Wine
Burgundy Wine is a lovely vampy shade, saved from being overbearing by a good amount of red in what's otherwise a deep plum shade.

Hot Fuchsia
I'm beginning to think Models Own have a very variable idea of what fuchsia looks like - this is much more of a cool mid-rose pink on me.

Flamingo Red
Flamingo Red is a really pretty low key red - it's a bit muted, and leans slightly pink to boot.

Miami Heat
Miami Heat has a more orangey red vibe, and a little more shimmer in the finish than Flamingo Red.

Pigmentation on all of the Semi-Matte lipsticks was surprisingly good - two passes over the lips left them with beautifully opaque colour, and a glorious finish - it's not too matte, and not at all glossy.  The lips are left looking like healthy lips wearing a lovely rich colour, nothing too overblown in the finish at all.  Add a really plush, silky texture to that finish, and we're on to a winner - I've been surprised by how much I've enjoyed wearing these lipsticks, and that's saying something for someone who has a bit of a thing for expensive lipstick.

The only downside is the wear time - I get a good few hours, but after that they're pretty faded and the finish is a little dry and less vibrant.

So, the verdict?  If you like a good lipstick, the Semi-Matte lipsticks are a great budget bet - they definitely punch above their £4.99 pricetag.  I personally hated the glosses because of the stickiness, but if you're prepared to sacrifice your hair, anything you eat, and possibly any kisses from your other half in the name of gloss, they really do last the distance.

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  1. I love the look of the semi matte lippies. Im not really a fan of lipgloss so think the lippies are more my thing


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