Friday, 24 April 2015

Kiko Cream Crush Eyeshadow in Pearly Violet and Pearly Electric Blue

Kiko have released a new line of cream eyeshadows, Cream Crush, which comes in a staggering sixteen shades and claims bold colour and long wear - ten hours of wear, in fact.

Pearly Violet and Pearly Electric Blue certainly look bold in the pot, but looks can be deceiving...

Swatched, they're not actually as insanely pigmented as I'd feared - and indeed, a single application dabbed on with a finger and blended out gives a soft wash of colour.

Being impatient, I applied Pearly Violet over the top of a shimmering neutral shadow I was already wearing, and you can see that Pearly Violet isn't actually all that shimmery - it's got a slightly glowing finish, but blended out it's certainly not sparkly.

You can, of course, build up the colour by applying it in layers, and by using a firm bristled synthetic brush to paint it on, rather than sheering it out with your fingers.  But actually, I quite like the more subtle sheered effect, which makes these colours more wearable, particularly next to pink eyebrows (although that problem might just affect me!).

The creamy, almost mousse-y texture isn't likely to last long on anyone with somewhat oily lids, but luckily primer helps save the day - with primer, I get the promised ten hours and then some.  My only gripe is that the pots are a little on the small side - it's not a problem of being stingy, as there's plenty of product per pot, but it does make it slightly harder to get your finger into the pot to pick up colour, particularly if you have longish nails.  Easily solved with a brush, though.

As usual for Kiko, these little pots of colourful joy are very reasonably priced at a mere £6.90 each.  Perfect for a little colour experimentation for spring.  Find them now at the Kiko website.

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