Saturday, 4 April 2015

Erborian Sleeping BB Mask

Hybrid French-Korean brand Erborian is making a big splash on the skincare scene at the moment - and from my experience dabbing all their products onto my hands at the launch, I can tell why.  The products are universally light in texture, leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated without any heaviness or residue - I layered five or six products from toner to serum to cream on my hand, and it still felt soft and natural.  This philosophy comes from the fact that Korean ladies often use ten products in their morning and evening routines, requiring a lighter formula from each to avoid overloading the skin.

Anyway, general ramblings aside, this Sleeping BB Mask is an unsurprisingly light gel texture which melts and becomes super silky as you work it into the skin.  Applied over serum or over bare skin twice a week, it provides a shot of hydration overnight - I go to sleep with a fresh feeling face, and wake up with a bright looking face, with skin that feels soft, incredibly smooth, and very well hydrated.

It's not an essential skincare product by any means - but if you're looking for something to pep up your face overnight - before a big day or just because you want a bit of pampering - without the heaviness of traditional night creams, this is a great option.  Find it now at Space NK, where it costs a spendy £32.

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